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princesslullaby beri saya props untuk my comments
"you're like ariel because she's my least favorite" diposting ·3 hari yang lalu
princesslullaby beri saya props untuk my images
hey, i just noticed your icon was tulio. i adore el dorado (i've probably watched that movie lebih than any movie ever) and I actually cosplayed tulio at my last convention! i had a map, a dice, and a miguel! i couldn't walk 20 feet without someone going "stars....not in position!" haha. diposting ·12 hari yang lalu
UnholyNoise komentar…
omg i've been wanting to cosplay tulio forever! (rted is my second-favorite animated movie ever after the prince of egypt) but all of my miguels have been super flaky so it hasn't happened :( thanks for the prop! ·11 hari yang lalu
princesslullaby komentar…
I can send anda some pics if anda want! Yeah duo cosplays are hard anda have to find someone who can actually committ. My original Miguel flaked, and I got a replacement one and she was AMAZING ·11 hari yang lalu
UnholyNoise komentar…
yeah, sure, i'd cinta to see those if anda want to share 'em. of course a miguel would be hard to pin down lmao ·5 hari yang lalu
MaidofOrleans beri saya props untuk my comments
Thanks for sticking up for me against the trolls! <3 diposting sebulan yang lalu