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pilihan fans: No
pilihan fans: No, I prefer the original fairy tale
pilihan fans: Royal female with nonroyal male
pilihan fans: Walt disney Limited Issue DVD Release (1999)
pilihan fans: Ariel
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BB2010 berkata …
My husband and I saw Glass today and we both have different feelings for it. I thought it was kinda boring and the ending disappointed me a little bit, he thought it was as great as Unbreakable and Split. The twist was great though and I’m thinking that maybe if I watched the movie again I might enjoy it a little lebih but Glass didn’t grab me like membagi, split did. diposting ·7 jam yang lalu
deedragongirl berkata …
Sad news guys, my dad's ex-colleague's wife has unexpectedly passed on of cancer. Please pray for the family during bereavement period. diposting kemarin
deedragongirl berkata …
Hi guys, are any of anda are watching the Crown? I just started watching it. diposting kemarin
324anna komentar…
I recently watched the first two episodes and I liked them! kemarin