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big smile
KataraLover berkata …
Well, I've officially finished my video series of proof that Bella Thorne CAN act. When I first started I thought I'd only do 3 video but it turned into 9 videos. Check them out in the link below if you're interested. I worked really hard on these video and avoiding copyright blocking me worldwide, so I hope to get a lot of views, comments, and likes. Bella is such a brilliant actress! Enjoy, if you're watching them!

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLus9e9vkKoyvh_zxrp9NUwR5WA5_Wh_5N diposting ·10 jam yang lalu
deedragongirl berkata …
Okay, I just watched Captain America: Civil War and I was partially not happy with the detik half of the film. But the ending left me unexpectedly satisfied! diposting kemarin
Swanpride komentar…
Maybe my detik fav MCU movie after The Winter Soldier. I cinta the Captain America franchese. kemarin
gitanita komentar…
My favorit MCU film. I will never forget how much I enjoyed it on the cinema. Thanks to this film I started to buy online the MCU characters lego figures. cinta this film <3 , My 2nd favorit is Avengers 1 and then Cap2: Winter Soldier kemarin
Winxclubgirl202 berkata …
It's been soo bloody hot outside, ugh.... can't it rain already? diposting ·2 hari yang lalu
deedragongirl komentar…
Malaysia is also the same! kemarin
PrincessAyeka12 komentar…
Our rumput needs rain. I’ve never seen it so dry. oleh ‘our’ I mean everywhere in my hometown. kemarin
PrincessAyeka12 komentar…
....and other areas in the rest of the UK, who haven’t had rain for a bulan atau so. kemarin
anya_corazon komentar…
^you live in the UK? It has been very exciting there the past couple of days. ·8 jam yang lalu