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Winxclubgirl202 berkata …
So I survived wisdom teeth extraction, mouth still hurts but I'm hanging in there. Any soft foods that could I eat in the meantime? diposting kemarin
BB2010 komentar…
anda can't eat dairy for a while but some foods I remember I ate after getting my wisdom teeth removed I had some scrambled eggs and some sup kemarin
Sparklefairy375 komentar…
I think sup and oatmeal would not hurt your mouth. kemarin
deedragongirl komentar…
Wow! That must be painful, I even did same thing when I had braces on many years ago. Except that extracted out 4 wisdom teeth and it was painful! One of them had a looong root!!!! kemarin
ApplesauceDoctr berkata …
Air quality has been poor in Northern California due to the fires. School has been cancelled every hari this week for me, and tomorrow, several colleges and school districts are closed. Best wishes to all those affected oleh these conditions and of course to those directly impacted oleh the fires. diposting kemarin
MaidofOrleans komentar…
Stay safe! Hope anda and your loved ones are not in harm's way. kemarin
deedragongirl komentar…
Will pray for California, I hope everyone is fine. kemarin
Sparklefairy375 komentar…
I hope everyone would be okay, and stay aman, brankas 🙏 kemarin
disnerdtobe komentar…
Stay safe, and enjoy the time off from school if anda can! kemarin
BB2010 berkata …
40 days til Christmas! diposting kemarin
phalangeregina komentar…
So far away but so close!! kemarin