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pilihan fans: Only when that content relates to a specific user.
pilihan fans: I just got the idea randomly...
I just got the idea...
I took my favorit attribu- tes...
pilihan fans: → hey! i'm here
pilihan fans: Dave
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NemesisPrime92 berkata …
I'm being harassed oleh this user, please laporan him!
Thanks in advance. He has this weird obsession of constantly calling me out due to the nature of my malaikat fanart and it's gotten really annoying! diposting ·2 hari yang lalu
KataraLover komentar…
Care to tampil any proof of this? Because you're really the one doing the harassing. I'm trying to do all I can to avoid you. kemarin
sadleech berkata …
why isn’t there an app for this site? 👀🙄 diposting ·6 hari yang lalu
sadleech komentar…
like what fucking tahun is this site living in? 2012? ·6 hari yang lalu
2ntyOnePilots komentar…
Yep ·6 hari yang lalu
ktichenor berkata …
Question: Are the people that run fanpop even here? diposting ·23 hari yang lalu
ktichenor komentar…
Seriously, there's a glitch of some sort and it's like crickets when we complain. Where are they? ·23 hari yang lalu
GDragon612 komentar…
maybe they are in the underground atau spooking for halloween around here XD ·20 hari yang lalu
ktichenor komentar…
Possibly atau maybe their playing hide n' seek? (lol) ·19 hari yang lalu