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posted by kicksomebut23
I remember there use to be a Fanpop app in 2013...but I believe this tahun they should be capable to make one. I mean we have AI, Multiple lebih easier way to market, and lebih people on the internet than the 20th century. I also feel like Fanpop is underrated in my opinion. Most females like me would be expected to use Tiktok and Instagram lebih but unfortunately I am not one of them. I created my Fanpop Account since I was 10 years old....I enjoyed my first experience in social media. I only made true peers in 2010 to 2013...but eventually they gone away . Now I just receive people who becomes...
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fanpop is a awesome website that's lots of fun. This place has several talented people. This is about the fanpop members that I recommend the most. I hope anda check out their work.


Rupsa is a girl who's a big anime fan. She has made some reviews about anime shows. She's a very talented writer. I think anda should check out her reviews. She has plenty of fans, but that doesn't mean she can't have lebih so I recommend becoming her newest fan.


RainSoul is another anime fan who's reviewed some anime songs. She's a good writer. Also she's a very nice person. She also has plenty of fans,...
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posted by rookyboy
Do anda ever find when anda make a spot it is always anda adding all the time with the odd add from another user? That even when anda get over 100 fan to the spot its can still be just anda adding all the time. Till one hari anda can't add any lebih atau anda don't want to. I have found this a problem with a few of my spots where it is just me adding page after page of video and links.

So basicly this is just me asking every fan please just go to a spot that hasnt been updated in a while and just add one thing to it please !!! (and i know this sounds like a charity advert lol)
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