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yorkshire_rose beri saya props untuk my images
Your icon looks beautiful <3 diposting ·18 hari yang lalu
disnerdtobe komentar…
Thank you. I got it from the best. ;) ·18 hari yang lalu
yorkshire_rose komentar…
How lovely....lovely Snow White aesthetic poling too <3 ·17 hari yang lalu
Sparklefairy375 beri saya props untuk my comments
Wow your komentar in "the-one-who-claim-rapunzel-as-waifu" poling was very surprising, but yeah tbh I think so too. Unless I try to don't care with most of things she did in the DP spot. diposting ·23 hari yang lalu
disnerdtobe komentar…
Thanks for the prop. Yeah I'm not really proud of it but I guess I just got mad and let it out. ·23 hari yang lalu
missdoney beri saya props untuk my answers
Great answer about feminism/princesses. diposting sebulan yang lalu
disnerdtobe komentar…
Thank you! sebulan yang lalu