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pilihan fans: Little mermaid
pilihan fans: beauty and the beast
pilihan fans: Hiro (Big hero six)
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pilihan fans: Nani
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Lanalamprouge berkata …
it's blowing my mind that Kenneth Branagh is the voice of Miguel diposting ·27 hari yang lalu
ajotma komentar…
I cinta Kenneth Branagh, he's one of my fave actors (love his Shakespeare stuff) and Miguel is also one of my fave CAMCs :) ·26 hari yang lalu
Lanalamprouge komentar…
he directed my favorit mcu movie and was phenomenal as poirot so that's why i was mind blown! like the the voice akting for miguel is amazing too so just w ow !! ^.^ i really cinta miguel too so that's why it shocked me! like his voice actor is someone i'm semi-aware of! ·26 hari yang lalu
KataraLover berkata …
Does anyone else think there should be lebih Non-Disney characters in the banner? The only Non-Disney character there is anastasia and I feel that this club shouldn't have the banner pretty much dominated oleh disney characters. I mean, add Shrek, Odette, Littlefoot, Thumbelina, Jack Frost, Moses, Miguel, and just anybody. I hate to seem like a pest but it makes the club look unbalanced with only one Non-Disney character in the banner. Also, not to be rude but the banner looks kind of blurry to me. diposting sebulan yang lalu
Lanalamprouge komentar…
that's actually a good point! maybe we should change it to include lebih non-disney characters sebulan yang lalu
ajotma komentar…
I agree! sebulan yang lalu
Lanalamprouge komentar…
should we do one of those vote to change things? and menyerahkan some new ones ourselves? sebulan yang lalu
cruella komentar…
I’ve thought that for a while. ·6 hari yang lalu
Lanalamprouge berkata …
So like was Ferdinand good? diposting ·8 bulan yang lalu
MissCinico komentar…
It was okay. ·8 bulan yang lalu