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Lanalamprouge berkata …
i find that i actually watched a lot of foreign animated film this year...or just non-disney/pixar. other than WIR 2 and incredibles 2 they didn't release anything this year... diposting ·4 bulan yang lalu
Lanalamprouge berkata …
it's blowing my mind that Kenneth Branagh is the voice of Miguel diposting ·6 bulan yang lalu
ajotma komentar…
I cinta Kenneth Branagh, he's one of my fave actors (love his Shakespeare stuff) and Miguel is also one of my fave CAMCs :) ·6 bulan yang lalu
Lanalamprouge komentar…
he directed my favorit mcu movie and was phenomenal as poirot so that's why i was mind blown! like the the voice akting for miguel is amazing too so just w ow !! ^.^ i really cinta miguel too so that's why it shocked me! like his voice actor is someone i'm semi-aware of! ·6 bulan yang lalu
KataraLover berkata …
Does anyone else think there should be lebih Non-Disney characters in the banner? The only Non-Disney character there is anastasia and I feel that this club shouldn't have the banner pretty much dominated oleh disney characters. I mean, add Shrek, Odette, Littlefoot, Thumbelina, Jack Frost, Moses, Miguel, and just anybody. I hate to seem like a pest but it makes the club look unbalanced with only one Non-Disney character in the banner. Also, not to be rude but the banner looks kind of blurry to me. diposting ·7 bulan yang lalu
Lanalamprouge komentar…
that's actually a good point! maybe we should change it to include lebih non-disney characters ·7 bulan yang lalu
ajotma komentar…
I agree! ·7 bulan yang lalu
Lanalamprouge komentar…
should we do one of those vote to change things? and menyerahkan some new ones ourselves? ·7 bulan yang lalu
cruella komentar…
I’ve thought that for a while. ·6 bulan yang lalu