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pilihan fans: I don't like/know any of them.
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pilihan fans: Ellie Sattler
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pilihan fans: emma watson
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Mauserfan1910 berkata …
Looks like I'm going to have to take a break from fanpop for a while. Not because I have a problem with anda (mostly) wonderful people, but because my phone met the business end of a tractor's hydraulic lift diposting 1 jam yang lalu
BlindBandit92 komentar…
:feelsreallybadman: 1 jam yang lalu
THaSlimJim komentar…
tezt me thot 路45 menit yang lalu
THaSlimJim komentar…
o wait u cant nvm 路45 menit yang lalu
Mauserfan1910 komentar…
I might be able to borrow my husband's phone, we'll have to see 路40 menit yang lalu
springely berkata …
I like cokelat milk. diposting 路20 jam yang lalu
legend_of_roxas komentar…
S铆, and I like potatoes. 路20 jam yang lalu
KataraLover komentar…
I like cereal 路10 jam yang lalu
Seanthehedgehog komentar…
Who doesn't like cokelat milk? 路9 jam yang lalu
disnerdtobe komentar…
me too 路2 jam yang lalu
noRAP berkata …
Sadistic Alert: Riku14 says "Ive been ignoring anda cause Im a sadistic menggerutu, jalang that finds it funny"

She also call me Shit/Crap....her words "
look like utter crap dude. Ive seen better looks at the bottom of my shoe that one time I stepped in dog crap :,( diposting 路21 jam yang lalu
wantadog komentar…
I always knew that Riku had a good head on her shoulders. 路20 jam yang lalu
8theGreat komentar…
Yes, coke and Blind, anda are already very honoured members of #TeamDarkness. 路35 menit yang lalu
BlindBandit92 komentar…
^ *bows* All hail queen NomyCake. 路20 menit yang lalu