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ShadowFan100 berkata …
Hello, all my lovely fanpop friends. How are y'all?

I'm doing pretty good at the moment, just finished my daily 5-minute meditation. It's actually a really neat experience, IMHO. So far, things in my life are going slowly, but I have hope that my goals will be reached in time. Also, I just wanted to let anda guys know that I think of y'all as my own little family. Like, a detik one aside from my own. With each new thing that happened in my life, y'all were sorta there for me in a way. diposting 1 jam yang lalu
ShadowFan100 komentar…
And because I know fanpop likes to our words, I'm going to continue on: And for that, I'm grateful to all of y'all. Y'all have sorta "been there" for nearly each and every change atau decision in my life. anda guys helped me shape my tampilan and for the better. I'm glad I came to fanpop and this club, and met all anda wonderful users. I appreciate all you've done for me, and I send nothing but ❤️ and ✌️ to each and every one of you. Take care, and I hope you're all having a good day. Namaste 😎 1 jam yang lalu
cloudstrifefan berkata …
I told anda I don't know where it is. Don't put things in my butt if anda want them back. -BoJack Horseman diposting kemarin
zanhar1 komentar…
Iconic kemarin
Mauserfan1910 berkata …
Want a challenge, drive a category 8 semi truck through downtown Kansas City diposting kemarin
Mauserfan1910 komentar…
I've been off fanpop for like a week. I had to deliver some fresh meat to the slaughter house for dad and some of his friends. I've been off because I know I upset some respectable people and I'm too much of a chicken shit to apologise to their faces. I know I'm really a terrible person and I'm sorry kemarin
zanhar1 komentar…
If you're talking about me I wasn't upset. I was just trying to debate/have a discussion. Apologies if it sounded to harsh. It's really no big deal. kemarin
zanhar1 komentar…
Also, for the record; challenge denied. I can't even drive my tiny car in a rural area without feeling like I'm gonna wreck it. kemarin
TheLefteris24 komentar…
Lend me yours selanjutnya time I find myself at Kansas City and challenge accepted !!!! ·13 jam yang lalu