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SwordofIzanami berkata …
OMG, taking an exam yesterday was a huge stress for me since I only studied about 4 hours. But I managed to passed it, phew! diposting 路2 jam yang lalu
BlindBandit92 komentar…
nj 路40 menit yang lalu
Mauserfan1910 berkata …
Thanksgiving is one of my favorit holidays if only because it's the only time of the tahun i can work with Mom on anything without fights over religion and lifestyle diposting 路6 jam yang lalu
Mauserfan1910 komentar…
I have about a hari I can pretend my mother cares lebih about me than she cares about my religion 路6 jam yang lalu
Mauserfan1910 komentar…
Why is having a mother who loves me too much to ask 路6 jam yang lalu
BlindBandit92 berkata …
.........................I am immensely happy. I am going to play one of the Tomb Raider games that I have putting off since forever. I am going to beat the shit out of everyone in this fucking game. Yippee ki-yay Motherfucker. Too much will be had 'tis day. Too much fun I tell ye. diposting 路14 jam yang lalu
BlindBandit92 komentar…
And I was in a good mood....until I read a post on imgur. Ya I am going to playing this game and not be bothered oleh the post. linkYa membaca the komentar along with the posts. It's kinda saddening. 路14 jam yang lalu
BlindBandit92 komentar…
W/e I'll focus on other things as to not allow me to be bothered oleh it. 路13 jam yang lalu
BlindBandit92 komentar…
^:^) 路6 jam yang lalu