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pilihan fans: All the time
All the time
If I got to
pilihan fans: Sure!
pilihan fans: Yeah, I’ll pm anda right now
Yeah, I’ ll pm anda right now
Nah, I’ m good
pilihan fans: Yea!
pilihan fans: Yes
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lizzy_dizzy1 berkata …
hey i'm new here anyone want to rp with me? diposting ·2 bulan yang lalu
heart-of_love berkata …
Its Sad that this place is dead..like..RIP acak Roleplaying. I will remember the good old days when all anda had to do was refresh the page and see 3 responses waiting for you. diposting ·2 bulan yang lalu
-Universe_COLA- komentar…
Right though! This place used to be great xD ·2 bulan yang lalu
tastycakes berkata …
Wow, this place has changed since I was last here... If anyone is still around, let me know if you'd be interested in a pirate atau circus rp - I've had an idea for both, and it's been a significant amount of years since I was active here, and I recently stumbled over a handful of my old forum from the account I deleted. So, if anda ever rped with BlackPetals, tis I! Probably not going to start back up with any of those, because it's been so long, but I'm down for new adventures! Let me know :3 diposting ·4 bulan yang lalu
-Universe_COLA- komentar…
New adventures :D I'd be up for a RP if anda are ·4 bulan yang lalu
tastycakes komentar…
@Universe Did create a new thing, if you're interested in some spooky scary circus adventures! ·3 bulan yang lalu
-Universe_COLA- komentar…
Joined! ·3 bulan yang lalu