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pilihan fans: malaikat
pilihan fans: Esmeralda
pilihan fans: Dodger and Perdita
pilihan fans: Sure!
Tramp- Lady and the Tramp
Dodger- Oliver and Company
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SarahCorine berkata …
I miss the icon contests around here. What if I start one up? Would anda all like to participate? diposting ·6 bulan yang lalu
Angeelous komentar…
I will ·5 bulan yang lalu
chesire komentar…
I'd cinta to! ·5 bulan yang lalu
auroraxaurelia komentar…
I will! I'd cinta to see the club lebih active. ·4 bulan yang lalu
DIAMELA komentar…
i would participate!! i miss doing crossovers ·4 bulan yang lalu
Megara_ berkata …
If i remember how to use gimp/Photoshop im planning on making tons of edits. but its been like a tahun so im gonna be rusty diposting ·8 bulan yang lalu
15sturmelle2 berkata …
I had a great crossover idea in mind if anda guys ever felt like doing it: Ariel meeting Tamatoa (the giant kepiting from Moana) Ever since he made a minor mention to Sebastian, it made me think: "Hmm. What if someone happened to make a crossover image of Ariel in Tamatoa's lair?" diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu