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ToriKelly5 berkata …
I saw Captain Underpants: the first Epic Movie ! I loved it diposting ·15 hari yang lalu
noRAP berkata …
so excited for this movie.
susah dipercaya and beautiful visual with an outstanding story.
OMG!!! Can't wait for this movie

Guys see the trailer here

https://youtu.be/Dq6Il_RmMRE diposting ·26 hari yang lalu
noRAP berkata …
Film Festival 2017 is tampilkan Gravity (2013) in my city

I missed this movie in 2013, because I didn't have money and time that year.

I thought I would never get to see this movie in cinema and everyone used to gossip about it's beautiful visuals/story.

I am so glad that finally I am going to see it in cinema.

Going tomorrow / so excited.

Let me know if anyone interested in going out with me.

❤❤❤ diposting sebulan yang lalu