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Yo! How are you?

I know anda don't come on here, neither do I, but yo, anyway. diposting ·20 hari yang lalu
Riku114 berkata tentang acak
Honestly I only really come on here and post these days if its to shit post atau be an idiot tbhhh diposting ·3 bulan yang lalu
BlindBandit92 komentar…
Pretty much like Nomy lol ·3 bulan yang lalu
Riku114 komentar…
Yeah Nomy converted me ·3 bulan yang lalu
TheLefteris24 komentar…
She could make a Religion out of this. And so she actually did !!!! ·3 bulan yang lalu
PrincessNomy komentar…
^This ain't my first rodeo making a religion about shitposting here don't fuckin tempt me dude ·3 bulan yang lalu
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I'm not around here much lately but miss anda and the other fanpop folk, hope you're well and all the best for the new year! diposting ·4 bulan yang lalu