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I GOT A LETTER FROM ERIN HUNTER!!! I WROTE TO HER A FEW MONTHS yang lalu AND THEY RESPONDED! Apparently the Warriors Movie screenplay is being written (i asked if there was a warriors movie coming out) and there is a super-edition about SquirrelFlight coming out soon! I AM SO EXITED! I cant believe i actually got a letter from her! I write letters to my role models/companies as a hobby, and Erin Hunter was one of my lebih recents letters. The last paragraph seemed like computer response, but NOT THE FIRST 2! There is no way the first 2 paragraphs were computerized! I also asked about a Warrior kucing Video Game, but no mention about that.
posted by Spottedtail139
Firepaw had just become a warrior, his warrior name was

Fireheart. Beside him he heard a soft whisper "Fireheart" and to

his surprise there was the cat he thought was dead

'Spottedleaf'."Spottedleaf is that really you?" he berkata with wide-


"Yes my love" she whispered

" Oh, Spottedleaf how I've miss you! We must tell Bluestar -"

"No, Fireheart I've come to ask anda something" she said.

" What is it?" his asked.

She stared at the ground, than she berkata in a soft whisper "Will

you run away with me Fireheart?" He was surprised that was

what she wanted to ask him. Than he berkata " Yes, anda know I

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