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leader: Echostar(tom with grey bulu and black and white markings with blue eyes)
deputy: Fallingleaf(she-cat with a dark brown tabby pelt and green eyes)
Medicine cat: Daydream(albino she-cat)
core: Treeleaf(pale brown tabby tom with green eyes)
Meadowflower(tortioseshell she-cat with green eyes)
Raindrop(light brown tabby she-cat with deep blue eyes)
Robinrush(deep russet tom with amber eyes)
Keenthorn(light brown tabby tom)
Fernstem(dark brown she-cat)
Raccoonshade(pale ginger tom with distinct black markings around eyes, paws, and thick stripes on tail with pale amber eyes)
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ok, so I have always liked reading, writing, activeness, pets, pretty much all of the things in warriors! I want ti be a writer, and I figured this is my chance! Please give me some names of warriors, kittypets, kits, queens, leaders... atau anything!!!!!!!!! also, anda can give me Ideas for the book... I am usually full of them.. but, anda never know, anda might have a good idea.. XD lol, ^_^ so, PLEASE help me with this book. I have lots of ideas for the beefy middle... but.. I dont know where to start. ...

Wow... I wrote that much ^.^
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this is a vid that i made about Scourge
warrior kucing video
warriors video
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