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Just a recap I'm sonic I went too shadow academy but I died a terrifying death my friends were sad but we'll stay tuned.

I was looking for my friends then I saw tails he berkata SONIC YOUR ALIVE!!I replied yes?Tails showed my other friends.they were excited.I went to school and tails got a A+ and a 300/10 for engineering.I went halaman awal this time without getting killed.I went to bed.When I woke up a terrifying creature was standing in my room I told it to get out it berkata in a scary and deep voice YOU'VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!! I was blasted away and a penyu, kura-kura with a button on his shell berkata hello!!when I went to school a guy berkata EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP! A kue serabi, muffin a beruang and a can of marmite fell on there face.I ran halaman awal and berkata I gotta stop this then a taco berkata WHERE'S MY MONEY!!!!and well this is a cliffhanger so I can't tell anda what happened until the selanjutnya one. The end?
Well, a lot has happened in the past...age that I've been gone from this site.

1. I have been diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome

2. I am now in a kickass wheelchair

3. The condition has also affected my heart, so I'm to stay out of stressful environments and the like

4. I'm still making my game, so theres that.

5. Like I mentioned previously, my OCs have officially moved OUT of the Sonic universe and are now in their own lil universe I created. But they're all still there, Lyssa, May, Alyss, ect

6. I might still post some art if anda guys arent too adverse to humans being diposting (and if anda are I totally would understand)


8. I still don't do art trades atau requests so...don't ask lol.

Have a missed a lot here? I've been semi-updated on the Tak incident (in fact thats why I came back) but is there anything else I need to know?
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Somie the Hedgehog, a brown furred hedgehog. he likes making jokes while fighting. Born in the City of Wood, he was a funny child, likes to do pranks with his wooden abilities. He was sent to the Andromedian Pyrokinetic Academy with 14 other people from the same planet. He was lucky to be roommates with only one person, Jack. Every morning, Somie would pull out a joke which made Jack squirt his toothpaste too hard and it was all over the mirror. Somie did well in the classes though he is fit to be called "Joker". He did some pranks to the teachers growing a fake pohon and filling it with gunpowder...
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Birthdate:may 25
Age currently:14 and a half
Age at beginning of story: same age


Species:fox cat

Primary Color (Main fur/skin):greyish black
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.): white fuzzy mouth

Eye-color:emerald greeen
Other Eye-details:none

Does character have hair?:yes
(If so, the following)
Color of hair:greyish black
Style of hair:bangs parted on side and the bsck is mid back length
Does character have this type of hair often?:2 others some times but yes
If not, what other types/colors are there?:a party up do and pony tail

Weight:30 lb

Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.):two...
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