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Butch: where the f*ck are we?
Brick: i don't know. hey! let's go rob that bank over there!
Boomer: yay!
-they rob the bank-
Rowdyright Boys: -punch them-
Boomer: ow! my head.
Butch: who hit us?
Brick: -opens his eyes- WHAT THE FUCK???!!!
Blake: hmph, haven't seen anda around here. must be new to crime.
Butch: hey! who the hell are anda guys?
Blake: we're the Rowdyright Boys!
Rowdyruff Boys: -ROFL-
Brick: WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?! -laughs-
Bash: stop laughing! our name is not funny!
Breaker: can we hit them already?
Boomer: you're name sucks!
Brick: we're the Rowdyruff Boys and we kick ass!
Blake: yeah, right....
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A few years back, I started a fanfiction at Fanfiction.net where The Powerpuff Girls had to face three evil girl counterparts. The first part of the concept was nothing new, but I presented twists that made it VERY unique. This would be a battle unlike any other for the girls, offering them quite the challenge. They have faced tough enemies before, but never something like this.

I don't know why Cartoon Network ever gave the girls this kind of challenge. It would definitely gang quite a few fan just for it's unique story alone. Maybe their return to Cartoon Network marks the coming of new episodes...
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Ok, I'm gonna tampil anda guys how to use a base and make it look cool, different, yet realistic! to start off, you'll need these things:

this base:

and, a image editing program like Paintdotnet,Gimp,Or adobe photoshop.For those who don't have any of these, heres a link to the Paint dot net download website, which as advertisments to GIMP( both of course are free to download)

Now when your done with all that, LETS GET STARTED!

step1: open up your software and open up the base to the image-editing software. it should look like this:

got it? good.

step 2: carefully do your best to fix...
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