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Okay so ima tell u now before u read this.......This imagine is rated R so if anda ain't about that life don't read this then talking bout some I'm nasty.....because anda can't say I didn't warn anda if u want an rated R imagine about u and your favorit MB boy leave me yo name and the boy anda want! ENJOY! :)

Prince:*throws Lana on the bed*

Lana:*giggling* Ooh anda A Supa Freak

Prince:Ya Damn Right *starts ciuman her neck*

Lana: *moaning* Princee ...

Prince:*takes off all her cloths still ciuman her neck*

Lana:Oh Yeshh *giggles*

Prince: *spreads her legs wide open and licks his lips* This finna taste...
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(in Mya room; prince and ali making out)

M: i want it
Prince:are anda shore
M: yes this is gonna be the last for three weeks so i wanna tampil anda what your gonna be missing and what anda have at halaman awal so anda wont be all up on those ***** on tour
Prince: anda know that your my girlfriend and thats all that matters which is why i wanna give anda something
M: what!!
(prince gets on one knee with a ring box)
Prince: will you…
M: Prince, im only 14. i mean dont get me wrong i would cinta to marry anda but we are just too young for all that but it is definatey in the future
Prince: i was going to say will...
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roc p.o.v
Sami: in the dapur with me
( I smiled went straight to the dapur to slightly ciuman sami then grab my baby girl miaya aisa young , ( pronounced mi-yah ai-jah young shrugs)
I put her on the carpet than played with her hands ( Mia slightly)

Roc: Mia baby girl I’m buy anything u want what do u want ???
Mia:( mumbles words)
Roc: huh? Are u trying to say something baby girl?

Mia: ( makes a face then tries to talk)
( samii starts getting annoyed )
Samii: dumb *** Trey she can’t understand u ! ( she yelled as she giggled )
Roc: anda mad??? (I smirk to myself)
Samii: dumb *** I know...
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