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Prince; what is it baby
Me; the sugar ran out *baby voice* can u be a gowd bowy and get me shome?
Prince; anything 4 my malaikat
Me; awww thanks sweet jantung *kisses him*
as he went out the door prodigy and a boy i never seen befor walked in *BTW she is cheating on princeton*
Prod; hey sugar prem is princeton here
Me; no he went to the store
Prod; good *goes and ciuman me*
Me; whos this
Prod; my brother
Me; the one u talked to me about JOJO rite?
JOJO: yeah hi prodigy has told me alot about u
Me*looks down*; awwww thanks baby *kiss*
JOJO; um ur kinda kute
Me; *blushing* ummm thanks JoJo *hugs him*...
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They finally released the musik video a bulan after the cuplikan of it
mindless behavior
princeton omg
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