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 Tassy was wearin thiis!
Tassy was wearin thiis!
Tassy:cmon nae were gonna be late!(btw im Tassy!)
Nae:im comin
Tassy:not 2 fastly!*start the car up*
Nae:icnt belive we are at the mb concert!*walkin in 2 the concert*
Tassy:ikr *liddo scream*
SM:(stage man)r u ready 4 mindless behavior!
Fans:*screaming loudly*
Nae:look at princeton hes so cute!
Tassy:i cinta yu roc *he makes a jantung at her*
Nae:princeton i cinta yu*he makes a jantung at her *
Narroter:its after the konser and Tassy n Nae was gonna leave but roc royal caught them and told them 2 follow him
Nae: where is he takin us?!?
Tassy: wait i think hes takin u back stage! she whispered
Roc royal: hey so we caught yu guys so we cn hang out!
part 2 comin soon!=)
 Nae was weari thiis!
Nae was weari thiis!
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