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 Myles Is Not Amused
Myles Is Not Amused
As soon as i get on my tumblr account i see people just talking bout Prodigy on how he ain't mixed and how he ugly menggerutu, jalang anda a lie anda must be out your mind 2 say he ugly he fine as god knows what goddamn he sexy O_O back 2 the point Prodigy is a very talented person i don't see how anybody would just say dat just cause he ain't mixed atau blexican don't mean he ugly so get it straight he don't enough cinta an respect as he should be if it wasn't 4 him to this hari there wouldn't be M.B musik anda wouldn't be listening 2 it i wouldn't be listening 2 it we wouldn't be waiting for lose it 2 come out...
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 Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Character Plot
Craig Crippen Jr.(Prodigy) as himself(18)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal) as himself(18)
Rayan Lopez(Rayx2) as himself(18)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Priceton) as himself(18)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown) as himself(23)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom) as herself(16)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi) as herself(8)

Introduction:16 tahun old Blossom Ariel Brown used to be in cinta with Mindless Behavior until she began to realize they hid somany secrets from their fans.You might say once anda go Mindless anda may never turn back but Blossom does whatever the h*ll she wants.When Blossom visits Mindless Behavior for her little sister Bambi Ariel Brown will she change he mind atau will she hate Mindless Behavior even more??

Name-Blossom Ariel Brown
Eye Color-Hazel Brown Eyes
Race-African American
Height-5'0 feet tall
Weight-100 pounds
Dislikes-Mindless Behavior
favorit Websites-Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr and Kik
 Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
 Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
 Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
 Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
 Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
 Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
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this is drop dead funny
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Okay this story is for all those people who watch the baddest tampil called BAD GIRLS CLUB!!!!! So I already have 2 spots taken and those people are @MindlessSwagged and @rocsboothing !!
If anda would like to be in this story leave it in the comments! Oh and only 10 spots left hurry before all spots are taken first come first serve!! So I need the following things

Name: (made up atau real name)
Age: ( 19 -29 )
From: (made up atau real )
Like city wise
Personality: ( the trouble maker.. instigator ... hothead etc. )

After anda give me that information .. and characters then I will post the results :) ..

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