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I hope anda cinta this video & please put komentar & please no bad komentar & thank anda & have a nice day!!!!!!
mindless behavior
jun 13 2012
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posted by RayRaycutie
-___- sorry u guys...schoolwork....homeowrk....writeoff's...EVRYTHING!!!! *eye roll* mayne i swear!!! UGGGG!!! n hav u guys ever seen that cideo "single ladies backwards" freakiest ish ive EVER seen!!!! bey is luminotic...or howwver u spell it. if u guys hav the strength enough 2 look it up...dnt freak. lol i was scared 2 go 2 sleep last night!!! ANYWAY...story time cuz i havnt been writng but ive been busy so sorry!!! HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!!

my pov
prince iz jacobe??? jacobe is prince??? u got 2 be kidding me!!!

at school the selanjutnya day

me-HE'S WAT??? R U KIDDING?!?!?! DNT U DARE LIE 2 ME DEE!!!! TF?!!!!...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
Keke looks at me then Diggy then i looked at her then Diggy
Jenna:y..yea sure
Keke:I'll be outside
Keke leaves then Diggy slaps me.And i fall to the floor
Diggy:Thought i forgot and was gone let anda just walk out huh?
Jenna:I am sorry i made a big mistake walking out that door just don't hit me ok?
Diggy:Baby I'm not gonna hit you,come here
I go and sit on Diggy's lap and he starts ciuman me hard
Diggy:You know anda like it
Princeton walks in and looks at my red face then Diggy
Jenna:Diggy stop
Diggy:Bitch i berkata nawhl
He see's Princeton
Diggy:Wassup Bro
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posted by Ilu-princeton
While we though everyonelse was sleep, diggy and Janae stayed up talkin allnight. They gave eachother their number, told secrets, asked questions, and then their eyes met. They started ciuman uncontrollably and then they stopped. Diggy took off his kemeja and janae took hers off. Dont worry, she had a tank puncak, atas on and stuff. They kissed and then he berkata " i like anda alot and i wanna be with you, will anda be my yes! She berkata cutting him off. They kissed and fell asleep in eachothers arms. The morning came and everyone was woke except janae and diggy. Mimi looked at them and berkata awww, my bestie...
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