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okay Have no words but to the story
Mya, Prince,Paige and Roc are at the pantai they chucked anda guys in the water and mya got revenge and all of anda are soaking wet and just as anda are about to leave Prince pulls anda aside…..
Prince:Hey I have something for you
M:really ?
He pulls out a black boxwith butterflies: link
Mya open them n a tears start to well up
Prince:You like it ?
M:No…….I cinta it and anda ! Kisses him
Prince:Good he puts the ring on mya finger
m:Thank anda Kisses him
Prince:Kisses back

Prod:Ray why anda dressed so fancy?
Ray:because I’m taking Jamilah...
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hey guys I am so sorry I have been so busy thinking about making a new artikel and membaca other people's artikel I haven't forgot about anda guys I cinta all my fan so much and I'm close to 50 yayyyyy but anyways yea y'all are gonna see hurt,pain,love lol a lot of cinta making in the selanjutnya part and u can also see my new story well almost new at cari for me cinta u guys!!😘😍❤❤❤❤omg almost forgot my other artikel u know teenage cinta I haven't forgot about that either my boo keke don't worry ur gonna be in it y'all are gonna flip when u read it soo yea
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