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posted by LA_Griffin
I knew I was missing some words from my cussing key....Here go some lebih of it!!
And.......Okay I got nothing again,but anda gotta let me know nah...
And...Um... Guess what,the choreography that I had put on part 1...It was the wrong one....I got them mixed up...I'm so drained...But I'll just put the one that I was gonna use in Pt.1,here..................
Next Day!!!!! YAY!!!!!
::LA's POV::
I woke up,did all the crap I needed to do,nd I went down to speak to the fam.

LA- Heyy T.T Heyy uncle B
T.T- Heyy lil bit,how anda feelin'
LA- I feel like I can take this...
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ii woke up befor princeton did he was still sleepin on my bed. i went to the dapur to cook my self some unburnd breacfast.. i made scrambeld eggs and daging babi asap, bacon as i put it on the meja and sat down to start eating princeton came in the kitchen.
princeton; whats for breacfast
me; cook it urself im not ur slave
princeton: i cooked it yesterdday
me; did anyone ask you?

he went and made roti panggang and sat in front of the i finished my breacfast i went upstairs and brushed my teeth and had a shower.. i put on musik while having a shower. i sang without care

who oh who oh oh, oh oh, who oh who its always...
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Okay sorry guys i realized i messed up names BUT which is actually my nickname BTW in this story my mom’s name is Angie but thats not really my mom’s name lol so on with the story. ♥

Roc’s POV: we pulled up to Mya’s house in a big black limo. Tuliyah wanted us to pick her up here. me, Prod, and Prince only came to ride in the limo and drink the fancy water it had. Ray: will anda guys stop drinkin all the water! Prince: gulps sorry but its so good! Prod: its like magic water! Roc: magic water?? Prod: yes and it just did a magic trick. it went in up here points to his mouth now it needs...
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posted by Missprinceton1
While i was sleeping i herd my phone ring. the sound of it would wake up the dead it was loud (for Me)

ring tone:
I gotta see her travell all across the world just to see her get me on a flight i gotta see her travell all across the word just to meet her travell to LA maybe to the teluk, da? from the chi-town where she might be out the state book a flight to london book a flight to france can we go to switzerland can we hit japan

Me: helllo
prince: morning babe
me: jacob why are anda calling so early?
prince: just want to hear your beutiful voice
me; where are you?
prince: at the studio
me: doing what?
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posted by abigyal
So diggy caled the ambulans and they took keke

Hes now callin AJ

D:hey i need anda now
A:diggy?....... How did anda get my number
D:keke's phone but i need you
D:where are you
A:mall at work why
D:tel ur boss anda need to go
D:Keke's in the hospital now im coming in a few
A:OMG ok

@ The hospital

Doctor:uhhh Kendra
Diggy:well we call her Keke but yea
Doctor:ok shes pregnant
Diggy:i knw shes fuckin pregnant
Doctor:so why are anda here
Doctor:oh are anda her boyfriend

Teen Nurse:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Your Diggy Simmons
Diggy:look i dont really have time to talkk right now
Nurse:oh so now you...
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The selanjutnya hari at 12:00 I woke up and went down to the dapur where josh was making a very late breakfast for himself
Me: What's for breakfast?
Josh: I don't know what your having but im having(Bla Bla Bla)
Me: well I guess I just have to tell mum how anda haven't been taking care of me
Josh: Fine what do anda want?
Me: Eh nothing*smirking*
Josh: Why are anda holding your head?
Me: I've got a really bad headache!!!
Josh: here take this
He passed me a glass of water with a tablet
Me: What does this do?
Josh: helps your head duh!!
A few menit later I got up and sat infront of the t.v
Josh: Aren't anda going...
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nyje ran out the room .
princeton tried to calm me down .
the doctor ran into the room .
then a bunch of nurses came in .
i would have been nervous but the pain was unbarable.
i shut my eyes then felt a huge pinch on my arm.
i opened my eyes to see a six foot long needle in my arm!!!!
" ahh!!!" i shouted
then all the pain stoped hurting .
they rapped up my arm.
princeton sat oleh me .
" are u ok now??? " he asked
i nodded .
the doctor soon left when they saw that the pain was gone.
there was a breeze coming threw the room and since all i had on was the blue gaun i felt breezey in some...
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posted by abigyal
Anna:prince dont do this
Prince:why not
Anna:please dont do it
He drops the pisau but sinar, ray got so scared he passed out and fell
Anna:Keke call for help
Anna:ray wake up please

Anna hears sirens
The ambulans came in and brought sinar, ray to the hospital

Anna:you see prince this is all your damn fault
Prince:im sorry babe
Anna:im not your babe anda gon make him die *she starts crying*
Prince:we need to talk
Anna:i dont wanna talk to you
Prince:i'll do the talkin just come
He brings her into Diggys room
Anna:why are we here
Prince:why wont anda forgive me
Anna:cause anda really hurt me
Prince:i berkata i was sorry...
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posted by abigyal
Anna stops crying and goes downstairs
There was a knock at the door
Keke opens the door
Keke:diggy how did anda know I was here
Keke:so why are anda here
Diggy:take some of your things anda sleeping with me tonite
Keke:I'm sleeping with diggy tonite
Diggy:sorry anda had to see that today
Keke packs a medium sized side bag and she leaves with diggy in his car

That nite

In diggys room

Keke:so why did anda bring me here
Diggy:cause I wanted to enjoy being a teen
Keke:oh so anda wanna get freaky
Diggy:gurl anda know me so well
He starts ciuman her...
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posted by Mrz-Princeton1
 The other boiis outfits
The other boiis outfits
In the sebelumnya chapter Jazzy had told me bout JacobL and only me so we went down to the living room


// My POV

Princeton: yall good
Us: yea
Princeton: i told them bout the madea movie night
Me: at least anda remembered her name
Princeton: yea * rolls eyes *
Me: ill pop them out
Princeton : * shocked * yu didnt even look at me
Me: im good lik tht
Princeton: ORRRRR yu saw me in the mirror
Me: so i still saw it
RayRay: yo Jazzy yu gud
Jazzy: yea overall
Roc: sure
Jazzy: positive
Me: jazzy yu gotta put this on yu need help doing tht * handing her the medicine *
Jazzy: yea
Prod: allow...
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posted by Princetonlove01
(your at the recording studio)

Mia: Great Job! Now anda have a photo-shoot for your album cover

(BTW Mia is mya manager)

M: okay cool ! 1 detik my phone is ringing (you answer it)
P=Paige M=You Phone convo
P=hey it’s Paige
M=oh hey whassup ?
P=nun do anda wanna come shopping with Lydia jamilah n me ?
M=bummer I got a Photo-shoot
P=Can me n the girls come PLEASEEE?
M: Mia can my friends come to the photo-shoot ?
Mia: how many?
M: 3
Mia: okay
M=yeah anda guys can come
P=okay meet anda at 10
M=at diamonds bye

(END Of Phone Convo)

(at Diamonds)

(mya took about a zillion pictures and...
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(The reason why prince hasn't told leah and dosen't want to)
Prince was rehearsing for the tour then he gets an unknown call from someone, he still answers...
A guy with a very manly voice was on the phone
????: I heard your going on tour lucky boy
prince: Uh yeah who is this
????: Your worst nighmare
????: anda haven't told your girlfriend about this yet have you
Prince: No
????: Well don't when anda go on tour, i'll make her mine and don't try and stop me, If anda do tell leah about the tour atau me actually any of this the selanjutnya time she'll see anda will be at your funeral
The guy hung...
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Prince:i came to apologize but u seem to not miss me so bye
Aidan:what was that about
Anna:oh nothing
Aidan:so what were anda saying bout not liking me that way
Anna:sorry that was an accident
Aidan:dont apologize i kinda like it
Anna:i berkata i dont like anda that way
Aidan:im hungry what anda got ta eat

his cell phone rings

Aidan:wat up
???:the sky
Aidan:not funny
???:ok ill be there in 5

Aidan:shaniah shud be here soon

A Few menit after........................

there was a knock at the door

Anna:*opens the door*hey girl
Shaniah:hey how r u
Shaniah:i heard something...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
While they were in the backroom, with no one else with them........
Mimi closed the door and lead diggy to the couch. He sat down and she crawled on puncak, atas of him and berkata " i want anda now". And he berkata "shit, oh. Im yours shawty. They kissed and touched. He held her and rubbed her in the most pleasuring way. It turned her on. And he was just as horny as she was. He picked her up and pinned her on the dinding and touched her, her body shivered with excitement and pleasure. She got on the dipan, sofa and pulled him on puncak, atas of her. She paused for a detik and diggy whisperd "u ok bae, wats wrong?. She said...
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And they see a dead body

Prodigy Roc and Ray:woah
Girls except Anna:ewwwwwwwwwww
Anna:wait a menit that looks like my sister
Princeton:are anda sure
Anna:of course I'm sure
Prodigy when was the last time anda saw her
Anna:I don't know she went missing a bulan ago
Ray Ray:well I guess she's found now*laughing*
Chelsey:dude y u gotta makes joke out of every damn thing that happens
Ray Ray:well I'm sorry I guess
Anna:so how did she get here
Princeton:maybe she killed herself
Anna:but why
Roc:maybe she didn't like her life
Brianna:she had all a girl could ever dream of
Dana:Anna's parents always gave...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
Everyone was sleep. The morning came and everyone woke up. The boys stayed downstairs and played the xbox360. The girls went upstairs and started cleaning up. Someone knocked on the door. It was a mail man with a packge for janae from her dad. She signed the paper and grabbed the box and opened it. Her dad travels the world. He got her this cute out fit and it wasnt even in stores yet. It was too freakin cute. Shes lucky but mimi get the newest clothes too and she even share em' with shay, tookie, d, janae. They always share clothes cause they cinta eachother like sisters. Janae loved the outfit...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
While everyone was making out, they heard a noise of jingling keys. It sounded like janae's dad was about to walk thhrough the door. Janae berkata "oh shit, everybody hide in the basements tv ares downstairs. Everyone ran and janae was ablue to pick up the covers on the floor and mimi helped her clean up the mess. Janae's dad was coming to get his business suitcase for his 4 hari business trip. He berkata honey. Where are you. Janae says yes dad. He berkata i was just coming to get my business bag and laptop. Im sorry anda have to be in the house for four lebih days oleh yourself. He looked around. Why dont...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
While we though everyonelse was sleep, diggy and Janae stayed up talkin allnight. They gave eachother their number, told secrets, asked questions, and then their eyes met. They started ciuman uncontrollably and then they stopped. Diggy took off his kemeja and janae took hers off. Dont worry, she had a tank puncak, atas on and stuff. They kissed and then he berkata " i like anda alot and i wanna be with you, will anda be my yes! She berkata cutting him off. They kissed and fell asleep in eachothers arms. The morning came and everyone was woke except janae and diggy. Mimi looked at them and berkata awww, my bestie...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
Remember: Mimi like prince, tookie like roc, shay likeprod, and D like ray. (Nicknames).
Mimi: ray?
Ray: hmmmmmm. Truth.
Mimi: is it true that your fave color is purple?
Ray: yeah.
Ray: shay?
Shay: dirty double freaky sevin menit in heaven dare. (Shes a freaky lil miss nasty).
Ray: i ..... what anda just berkata dare anda to whisper in prod's ear and make him smile.
shay: alright then.
so she whispered in his ear and at the end, licked his cheek with flirtyness.
prod smiled so freakin hard yo.
It was funny. :)
Shay: D?
D: dare
It got quiet.
Mimi got on her phone and pulled up pandora.
the song bands and make her dance came on.
D berkata "oh this my jam" and started twerkin.
mimi paused the phone and D still dancin like she retarted. So we laughin at her and then get back to the game.... lebih coming soon....
me and princeton were in our room laying on puncak, atas of eachother.
" baby i need to go to the store" i said
princeton locked me down on the tempat tidur and began ciuman me.
" babe.... i ....wanna go to the store" i tried to say. him ciuman me drowned out
my talking.
i pulled away.
" jenet i dont want u 2 go to the store!!! i want u 2 stay with me" he berkata in a baby voice.
" awww!!! get off of me " i said
he got of the tempat tidur and looked at himself in the mirro.
i went to the door.
" ok baby i'll talk to u later!!!" i berkata as i was about to leave.
" wait " he called out.
" what????" i asked
princeton took...
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