I'm M4RSH4DOW now. RIP my old alias UMBR3ON

fanpopping sejak April 2016

  • Male, 21 years old
  • Beaumont, TX
  • Favorite TV Show: Pokémon, Regular Show, We Bare Bears, Loonatics Unleashed, Danny Phantom, My Life As A Teenage Robot, Steven Universe, tupai Boy
    Favorite Movie: Black atau White, Pokémon, Django Unchained, Pitch Perfect (I and II)
    Favorite Musician: Dirtcaps, Gianni Marino, Blasterjaxx, Bassjackers, Wiwek, Munchi, Noizekid, Junkie Kid, Getter, Quintino, JAUZ, etc.
    Favorite Book or Author: Does Wikipedia count?
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CokeTheUmbreon berkata tentang acak
Here's to having nothing to celebrate. diposting 1 jam yang lalu
CokeTheUmbreon berkata tentang acak
Shooting jokes? I sleep.
As for... "I nutted on my waifu."... I wake. diposting 1 jam yang lalu
TheLefteris24 komentar…
No Nut November is already over so feel free !!!! ·55 menit yang lalu
CokeTheUmbreon berkata tentang acak
lebih dating tips XD (to clarify: just a joke):

How to tanggal a Hispanic chick? Find one that cleans. Your life will be made!
How to tanggal an Asian chick? Be successful XD
How to tanggal a Native American chick? Get her a frybread taco... atau smoke the peace pipe. diposting kemarin
CokeTheUmbreon komentar…
How to tanggal an islander? Buy her a pineapple. How to tanggal an Alaskan Native chick? Know how to ice fish. kemarin
CokeTheUmbreon komentar…
I think I covered all the races. I think. kemarin