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This daftar will contain minor spoilers for all of the characters on this list(I’ll be explaining the plot/role of the character)So, if anda don’t want any spoilers for a certain movie/tv show, I suggest skipping the paragraph.
For those of anda who may not be familiar with Mary-sues/Gary stues this is a term used to describe a character that is treated perfect oleh the writer.

Now before getting into this daftar let’s make some rules:
*The character doesn’t have to be completely perfect in every way to make it in the daftar .They just have to have some characteristics of mary-sue/gary-stue to be...
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coming soon to a computer near you: hit new cartoon from the producers of The Sevanth Galaxie!! introducing Chicken Scratch!!! the cartoon about your crazy, funny chicken and friends. check it out! =]
chicken scratch
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