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  • Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who,Sherlock,Spongebob,Broadchurch
    Favorite Movie: A Hard Days Night, Help
    Favorite Musician: Michael Jackson,Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Adele, Sam Cooke, Lady Gaga,Imagine Dragons,Green Day,The Beatles
    Favorite Book or Author: The Flappers Series,Doctor Who? Book Series
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whatsupbugs beri saya props untuk my comments
Thank anda for your wonderful support. You're a true friend and a great person. diposting 路4 hari yang lalu
ktichenor komentar…
You're welcome 馃槉 And thank anda for the kind words! 馃槉馃槉 路4 hari yang lalu
ktichenor berkata tentang Ktchenor
Surprise tornado warning, last night! Everyone's fine turned out to be just thunder and rain but WOW! Was NOT expecting that! Really scary! 馃槰 diposting 路4 hari yang lalu
ktichenor komentar…
I don't even think the weather channel was prepared! 路4 hari yang lalu
ktichenor komentar…
And lebih thunderstorms tonight! Yay! *Sighs* I swear my hair is going to snow white after this mess is over! 路4 hari yang lalu
ktichenor komentar…
Hopefully, it'll just be rain, tonight and no lebih severe weather surprises. 路4 hari yang lalu
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Joined! 鉂 diposting 路5 hari yang lalu
GDragon612 komentar…
thank anda my babe kirsten<3 路4 hari yang lalu
ktichenor komentar…
You're welcome! 馃挄 路4 hari yang lalu