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whatsupbugs berkata tentang acak
Happy Monday. I hope that anda have a wonderful day. diposting 路8 jam yang lalu
SwordofIzanami komentar…
Today is Tuesday, idiot. 路8 jam yang lalu
Mauserfan1910 komentar…
^ anda shut your damn mouth. If bugs says its monday, it's fucking monday 路6 jam yang lalu
2ntyOnePilots komentar…
Whoa ya! 路2 jam yang lalu
whatsupbugs berkata tentang acak
RIP Stan Lee. I may not be a Marvel fan, but someone who made such a big impact on millions of people of different generations deserves to be honored and respected. diposting kemarin
CokeTheUmbreon komentar…
I hate that for him. RIP :( kemarin
BlueDopamine komentar…
I was afraid of this. :( kemarin
legend_of_roxas komentar…
It's very unfortunate, but at least he got to live a long and fulfilling life. kemarin
whatsupbugs berkata tentang acak
I hope that anda all have a wonderful weekend. diposting 路4 hari yang lalu
RTS2000 komentar…
Weekends are always wonderful :3 路3 hari yang lalu