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There are a ton of references in the timeline mainly because with the inclusion of dates, I could slip a lot of fun stuff in there. Right off the bat, any time September 17th is mentioned, that’s a reference to the first movie because that’s the tanggal it came out.

First off, we have two fictional character birthdays, August 1st, and December 9th, which are the birthdays of The Joker and Oliver queen (a.k.a The Green Arrow) respectively. selanjutnya is March 15th, 1975 which is the hari that Terror of Mechagodzilla came out in Japan.

The selanjutnya tanggal is another movie release date. Arnold’s birthday,...
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The very first thing that I knew would happen when I first started thinking up ideas for The Final War was that I was going to bring as many characters back as I could and get everyone together to fight Viggo. This was the grand finale and although cliché, I knew it was going to be awesome. So, I made a daftar of all the packs and individual allies from both the film and my stories, so I made sure that I got them all. And there was one character in particular I was excited to bring back, lebih on that later.

The Lone Survivors are not my creation. For the last six months atau so of menulis The...
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When I decided to do Newest Additions, I told myself that I wouldn’t worry about making sure there were a certain number of words in each “chapter”, because that was part of the reason why I scrapped it at first. I had a decent number of ideas, but there was no way I would’ve been able to make the chapters long enough. But now, I dropped that way of thinking and told myself that I would make it as long as it needed to be, whether that was short atau long, it didn’t matter. I would put in what ideas I had and connect it with all the necessary things and nothing more.

I started oleh looking...
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I decided to have a little misdirect oleh having Humphrey saying some worrying final-sounding words to make it seem like he was gonna die again, when in actuality, it was Runt who was going to die. And I decided to rub it in a little oleh having Runt be the one who says they’re all going to make it out alright.

Something I didn’t realize with the dialogue between Viggo and Humphrey when the battle first starts is that even though I didn’t try, I followed up with the quote from the beginning, saying that Viggo didn’t seem to have any weaknesses. That line was mainly just for effect to emphasize...
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I originally intended to have a two-part finale and one lebih stand-alone. The scrapped stand-alone was titled Newest Additions and was meant to explore the time during Kate’s pregnancy between the first and detik film and the origin of the Rogue Wolves. But I didn’t have enough ideas and eventually scrapped it and turned my two-part finale into a final trilogy. However, I still consider the basic plot from Newest Additions to be canon and still included it in my timeline.

I decided to bring Humphrey back pretty much right away since he was the main character, and it wouldn’t feel like...
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Hi guys, I hope you'll like it but before start to reading, I think anda have already seen my advertisement on the tittle.

I cinta this club and I respect his rule. I don't want to provoct you, because I had warned you. If I have some laporan about my story, I'll hapus it. But try to understand that I'm not a pervert atau just a porn fan. It's just a story of cinta and cinta mean sex at a moment, it's just a part of the life and the nature. Off course, I tried to don't use a hard vocabulary, just some feel and details. Just for that you'll be not shocked, the story take place when Runt and the other...
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posted by jbiehl
Humphrey was running for his life from his cinta struck mother-in-law Eve. (you see when we last left the pansy of a wolf. He was asked if Eve and him can have " relations" so to speak...anyways that's where our story begins)Humphrey had to find a place to hide form Eve.who was searching frantically for him under each possible hiding spot she could think of.
meanwhile Humphrey found a kabin overlooking a cliff in the woods behind the mountains of Jasper.he decided to take a look inside of it. the kabin was old and falling apart. the walls had dead bark and old pictures hung on them. there was...
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Kate and Lilly are college roommates who go exploring in an uncharted cave on the beach. But to their surprise, the tide begins to come in and they get lost. They have to think Quick in order to escape cause the water is rising....

"So Kate who told anda about this cave?" Lilly said, following her roommate/sister. Kate, who was a Junior, grinned. "My friend who explores caves all the time, Scar remember?" Kate said. She wore a sports bra and a short sleeve t-shirt with skinny, tight jeans. "Kate, don't anda wonder if guys stare at your pantat, keledai all the time?" Lilly said. "Hell, I want guys to stare...
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Kate woke the selanjutnya morning to sun streaming in her den, at first she was taken back oleh her surroundings, thinking she would wake up in a comfy tempat tidur with Jon's arm around her. Realizing where she was and remembering the night's sebelumnya events, she got up, stretched and yawned. The glare from the sun off the fresh powdery snow outside was blinding, and Kate squinted as she made her way to the mouth of the den. There was at least four feet of snow on the ground and it came up to her neckline. Traveling through this would be rough and time consuming, but she had to find Jon, he was lost out there...
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 cinta train
Love train
That's all the soundtracks I found with the autors and who played/produced them. Enjoy ^^

Me And You
Written oleh John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann

On The Loose Again
Written oleh John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann
Performed oleh Gabriel Mann

When we Stand Together
Written oleh Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, Joey Moi
Performed oleh Nickelback

Written oleh Ryan Tedder & Sam Watters
Performed oleh Jordin Sparks
Produced oleh Ryan Tedder & The Runaways

Written oleh Chester Bennington
Performed oleh Linkin Park

Feels Like Tonight
Written oleh Dr Duke &...
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posted by Silver_Alpha
The Mystery of Alpha Condor

Prologue: A serigala named Condor, was on a regular walk to fetch lunch for his family. He was an alpha, rank B, and he was a tough mutt. When he was in school, multiple guys made fun of him for his bulu color: purple. On that day, those same people pushed him into a caribou running herd, and he was killed. No one cared for his death, and his soul possessed his own body, and killed his wife, and his two teenaged sons. lebih and lebih serigala have disappeared since that day, and that's where the story begins...

Chapter 1: A good day

It was a very sunny hari in jasper park, and...
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posted by katelover14
Adrien's POV

It must have been morning when I woke up I hurt all over. I scratched my eyes but my right one suddenly hurt because I just clawed it with something. After I sorted It out my vision cleared and I looked at my hands…They weren't hands they where paws, and when I poked my eye I must have scratched it with my nail. When I tried to stand normally I just fell backwards, so I stood on all fours. Then I felt something new I turned my head as much as it would and saw a tail. Then It scared me I've turned into a serigala for some odd reason. I looked around and suddenly saw serigala standing...
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posted by Hybred98
Ok, just go with me this time, this story is not mine but, the true story is 3 anjing night but im going to change it up a bit, im going to change the really thing into my version, witch is the same thing but with some A&O shit and my very own furry " destroyer" ok the reall furrys are Kaj who will be Garth, Tank who is going to be humphrey, Katia will be kate, Kana will be lilly, and Secret who will be myself being Destroyer, its not A&O but just please just hummor me this time.

Kaj and Kana where setting up the tents while kata and Tank went and got the rest of the stuff.
Kaj: "Well,...
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posted by Katelover13
chapter 1

A grey serigala walked through the halls of the white house. He stepped into a room with a beautiful, young, goldish-tan serigala known as Kate, texting on her phone.

"Hey sweety" The grey serigala greeted.

"Hey dad" Kate greeted.

"How are anda holding up?"

"I'm bored, when can we go home?" Kate asked.


They heard heavy footsteps walking towards the door. Two serigala in black suits walked in.

"Winston, we need to talk".

"Okay, bye Kate. I'll see anda in a little while" Winston said."Okay bye dad" Kate said.

Winston walked with the two serigala down the hall, and through a door. In the small room, where...
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posted by MarvelousAlpha
A/N: I was gonna stop putting these artikel from one of the other websites I have an account on to this one, but I decided not to. Oh and hi I'm Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards. Oh yeah sorry I wasn't actually new to fan fiction. I just didn't want to get populer so fast. That's always annoying for me.

During Chapter 8. The rest of the gangs POV:

When Kate and Humphrey finished telling the story about why Alphas and Omega could be together now, Rose said, "Wow, you've been through a lot."

"Yea, but it was really fun!" Humphrey said.

Kate asked him, "Really? anda thought a human aiming a gun at you...
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Remember that part in Alpha and Omega where Kate finds out she is forced to marry Garth. And notice how she looks like she is about to cry. Why is that. Well, according to a small rumor, there is a scene that lasts about 3 menit that reveals why she is upset, and why Winston never gets angry at her. What anda are about to find out may shock anda and Disturb you. I must say, I could not sleep for a week, and now when I am either over and Jon's atau Phil's (Alphakate21), I get this bad feeling when I am around Kate. I don't know exactly if its fear atau what. But, they have been making me feel...
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Chapter 2: Wolfnapped

“So, how do we fight him?” Kenya asked.

“I-I don’t know,” Humphrey replied. “I honestly don’t know how I survived as long as I did against him.”

“Well, there has to be a way,” Adam said.

“Adam’s right,” Steven agreed. “Viggo may be smart, strong, but he’s not invincible. If he can be hurt, then he can be killed.”

“Now you’re speaking my language,” Mick chimed in.

“You have a point,” Humphrey said. “No matter how clever someone is, atau how good of a fighter they are, everyone has a weakness. That includes Viggo. We just need to find...
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SONG: Perfection
Artist: Pete Ham

There is no real perfection
There'll be no perfect day
Just cinta is our connection
The truth in what we say

There's no good revolution
Just power changing hands
There is no straight solution
Except to understand

So listen to my song of life
anda don't need a gun atau a knife
Successful conversation will take anda very far

There is no real perfection
There'll be no perfect man
Just peace is our connection
For giving all anda can

There's no good kind of killing
Just power taking life
It's all good blood that's spilling
To make a bigger knife

So listen to my song of life
anda don't need a gun atau a knife
Successful conversation can take anda very far
Successful conversation can take anda very far

So listen to my song of life
anda don't need a gun atau a knife
Successful conversation can take anda very far
Successful conversation can take anda very far

Successful conversation will take anda very far
It was midnight, which was way past Claudette's bedtime. She wanted to know what the voices were, the one that kept her up at night. She had to find out. Every night, there were voices coming from outside, down the hill, and oleh the pond.

But as she crept closer, the voices halted, as she stepped on a twig. "What was that?" one of them asked. "I don't know. Sounds like... a pup maybe?" the other asked.

"Oh no..." Claudette gasped.

"Ah ha! It is a pup! A female! Get her!" ordered one, jumping out of the bushes, grabbing her oleh the scruff.

"Ah! Let.. me... go!" she yelled.

"Sorry. Can't do that....
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The battle was over... Most of the rouges retreated from the fight, including their leader, the serigala who called himself "King". But he was anything besides a king. He was the devil himself, as cruel as he was. As he lay dying, as Kate was about to approach him for the final blow, he had a wicked smile on his face because of what he did. For what he did, Kate could NEVER forgive. A part of her heart... a part of Her very soul, along with Humphrey's, was torn away... All because of what the devil himself had done. As Kate delivered the final, gruesome, grisly blow to the cruel alpha, she looked...
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