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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 15

*Darkness Kingdom*

Virgo Zodiark: *Approaches Princess* Well, well, well...

Princess: Queen...

Virgo Zodiark: *Laughs* I can’t believe that anda mated with a half-wolf! *Laughs*

Claudette: Uncle Wolfe is going to kick your-

Virgo Zodiark: Hmm...Wolfe, huh? That Wolfe is no match compared to me!

Princess: Wolfe beats anda out oleh a million miles! He’s definitely a better person!

Virgo Zodiark: *Sighs* Dear daughter, anda were always a burden...

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Packing supplies*

Garth: Are anda crazy?! anda can’t go to the Darkness Kingdom!

Nick Wolfe: I need to get...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 14

*Darkness Kingdom*

King: *Pulls Clone Kate out of the cloning machine*

Clash: Is that the last one?

King: Yes *Gives Clone Kate the Zodiac Lemon, a lemon with a Aquarius symbol on it*

Clone Kate: *Eats it and becomes the Aquarius Zodiark*

Aquarius Zodiark: *Has blue and purple armor, light-blue water-like hair, berwarna merah muda, merah muda boots, a cute wolf-like mask, and a metal fan named Calypso, goes through a portal to Jasper National Park*

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Petting Zenith Gabu* Who’s a good boy?

Zenith Gabu: *Rolls over*

Stinky: *Giggles* That thing is so cute!

Nick Wolfe: *Nods*...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 14

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Wating*

Aries Zodiark: *Comes out of a portal* Wolfe...It’s time.

Nick Wolfe: Yeah...*Attaches the Zenith Brace*

Zenith Gabu: *Jumps out and attaches to the Zenith Brace*

Nick Wolfe: Henshin...*Becomes Zenith Wolfe*

Zenith Wolfe: *Has light blue armor, a light blue serigala mask with red eyes, a pair of folded wings, and a diamond-like sword called the Zenith Fang*

Aries Zodiark: *Laughs* Change forms all anda like, but it won’t be enough to stop me! *Charges at Zenith Wolfe*

Zenith Wolfe: Shield Block! *Blocks and blasts Aries Zodiark away*

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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 13

*Darkness Kingdom*

Princess: *Hanging from her hind legs in a dungeon*

Claudette: *Struggling* Hey! Let me go! My mom is going to kick your-

Clash: Now now little one...

Aries Zodiark: *Laughs* Now what?

Clash: I want Wolfe destroyed!

Aries Zodiark: *Laughs*

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Attaches the head piece to the rest of the pieces to form the Zenith Gabu, a small winged wolf* I wonder what I can do with this...?

Lilly: *Walks in* Big brother...I’m sorry about what happened...

Nick Wolfe: Don’t apologise...I was too weak to protect Princess and Claudette...

Garth: Don’t...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 11

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Breathing heavily, his cheeks bright red, and sweating heavily, his eyes closing*

Eve: *Grabs some berries off a shelf* I'm not letting my little boy die! *

Princess: *Sits selanjutnya to Nick Wolfe* Wolfe...

Kate and Lilly: *Run in* Big brother!

Humphrey: Wolfe!

Garth: Nick!

Nick Wolfe: *Tries to get up, but feels a burning pain and goes down*

Princess: *Strokes his forehead* your strength...

Eve: *Finishes a concoction of berries and herbs* Here, give this to Wolfe.

Princess: *Feeds it to Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Drinks it*

Eve: Now Wolfe should...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 8

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Kate: *Catches a fish*

Clone Humphrey: *Appears in front of Kate* Kate...Kate...

Kate: *Looks at Clone Humphrey* Oh, hello Humphrey.

Clone Humphrey: Kate...

Kate: Humphrey?

Clone Humphrey: *Roars and changes into the Capricorn Zodiark*

Kate: HUH!?!

Capricorn Zodiark: *Charges at Kate*

Kate: *Runs*

Capricorn Zodiark: *Chases after Kate* Kate! Kate!

*Nick Wolfe and Princesses Den*

Nick Wolfe: *Reading a book, and then ears perk up*

Princess: *Looks at Nick Wolfe* What is it honey?

Nick Wolfe: That thing I fought yesterday...It's back.

Princess: Are anda sure?

Nick Wolfe:...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 7

*Darkness Kingdom*

King: *Takes the Clone Humphrey out of the tube* It’s done!

Clash: Are anda sure that this is a good idea?

King: *Nods and holds up a Zodiac Lime, a jeruk nipis, kapur with a Capricorn symbol on it* Come on, eat it.

Clone Humphrey: *Eats the Zodiac Lime, becoming the Capricorn Zodiark*

Capricorn Zodiark: *Has grey armor, a goat-like mask, a spiky electric gitar called Thaletas, and a black cape*

King:, destroy Jasper!

Capricorn Zodiark: *Goes through a portal*

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Sitting selanjutnya to a river*

Claudette: *Sits selanjutnya to Nick Wolfe* Uncle...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 5

*Darkness Kingdom*

King: *Checks the cloning machine and sees a developing clones of Kate and Humphrey*

Clash: My’ve made copies of them.

King: Clones. I shall use these bodies to make new Zodiarks.

Clash: Which ones?

King: I can’t tell you, Clash. But here’s what I can tell you. Get me lebih samples! I need Lilly and Garth’s hair samples.

Clash: Yes father.

King: Yes, sir.

Clash: Right. *Calls over the Pisces Zodiark*

Pisces Zodiark: Yes Clash?

Clash: Come with me. I need lebih samples.

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Lilly: *Sleeping selanjutnya to Garth*

Pisces Zodiark: *Sneaks...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2

*Darkness Kingdom*

Scava: *Body is pulsating with dark energy* Find...destroy...find...destroy...

Clash: What’s up with him?

King: He’s growing stronger, that’s all.

Scava: *Roars and eats another part of the Zodiac Kiwi and becomes Cancer Zodiark*

Cancer Zodiark: *Goes through a portal*

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Practicing with a sword*

Humphrey: *Watching* Wolfe, you're really strong.

Nick Wolfe: Thanks. Ever since that thing attacked us yesterday, I knew I needed to train again.

Humphrey: Well, I know anda can defeat that thing.

Nick Wolfe: Again, thanks.

Kate: *Runs...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Summary: Kate made it back to Jasper in time to stop the packs from starting a war, which is what she wanted the most. Now she's set on marring Garth and uniting the packs to keep the peace. All should be well but there's one thing that she just can't get her mind off of...

A/N: This is another song inspired one shot, this time featuring "Changes", an electronic track oleh Eminence & RedMoon. Listening to it is optional of course, enjoy.

It was just past midnight in Jasper Park, the moon shined above and a few clouds passed...
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"the creatures still is in a deep slumber still.. for now" a deep voice echoed slowly, fading away as another voice touch the end of my skull; I wasn't too sure where was I know nor did I ever wanted to. the motion around me slowly stopped as I figured I was trapped into a portable metal meja and right selanjutnya to me was a half life human corpses as i shrug to escape it from screaming, but the metal locks held my paws and legs from releasing myself.
the hallway I thought. I was in a dark place with lights barely Shining through the floor but
making it harder to see.
"Y-your.." the half human spoke...
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Note : Humphrey is an Omega but he knew how to hunt and fight.

It was a beautiful hari in Jasper Park. Humphrey as the grey Omega woke up in his den. He was still brokenhearted since he knew Kate will marry Garth. And finally he made up his decision to run away as the lonely wolf. He walk to his friend, Shaky, Salty, and Mooch to tell this.

Humphrey's POV

I think this is it. I went to the bukit, hill as I saw all my Omega friends was there. "Hey guys" i berkata to them. "hey Humphrey" salty said. "why do anda look so sad ?" berkata Mooch. "well guys I have to tell anda thet I will leave this pack. I can't see...
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posted by westernunit-211
Here is the selanjutnya part of my idea. Hope it's good.

Present day
21:30 hrs

We returned from the flashback and I spoke to Frost. "After the jump into to ocean we all regained conscious and were stuck in the car and couldn't get out. Truck and Nomad were trying to get West unstuck from the passenger kursi that kept him tight and he wasn't able to pindah at all. The only choice he did was he handed me his M9 and told me to api at the front window to escape from this mess. Truck refused to let it happen, but West told me to do it now."

Frost spoke. "You had no choice. anda fired at the window and it flooded...
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( we left off with kate giving birth to her pups, a week has past the pups are growing up and learned how to talk, not great tho, but it is time for the gathering and kate feels un easy)

"garth!!" humphrey yells. " its time to tell everyone to get ready for the gathering".

"Humphrey quiet down are trying to wake up the whole pack" lilly says angrily. " well anyways good morning humphrey how are you"

"good good anda know Kate had her pups last week." Humphrey giving tthe impression he is nervous. " im not sure should i go to the gathering Lilly what if i coyote atau beruang atau anything comes to harm...
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now all there is left is 4 wolves.
1. humphrey
2. kate
3. garth
4. lilly

the only ones that are surviving. now starting part 5.
so they are trying to get to jasper in time atau the creature will kill them all. but they are pretty close to jasper. they're only 30 miles away from it. "lilly anda need to stay awake." garth said. "im just worn out...dont worry about it." lilly said. "that thing is gonna come sooner atau later." humphrey said. "i know but if one of us falls asleep we might slow each other down. " garth said. "hey guys look!" kate said. they were almost there....
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humphreys pov

later we began the hunt and we were alreaady half though it and me and kate had our share but i still think we are unprepared for something so i diceded to take a walk "see anda later kids im going on a walk' berkata humphrey "okay buy" berkata everyone i was walking around the cave when i saw someone go into the main storage kubah, vault i waited until they came back out to see that my parents were stealing the food "wait what are anda donig mum and dad" humphrey asked "ohh son yeah were just stealing and running off to our homr okay okay' humphreys dad berkata "what your what wait why" humphrey...
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posted by yoj123
When Kate returned halaman awal she was greeted oleh Humphrey who was curious about where she was the other night and day, so Kate told humphrey the whole story about what happened with the beruang and after Humphrey just stood there wondering how she survived, "well, I know anda would not have" Kate berkata jokeingly and they ate makan malam and had a very exiting night.

They both woke up in the morning feeling exhausted from the past night, Kate got out of the sarang, den and went to go tell lilly about her experience with the beruang and after she told lilly she had the same expression as humphrey wondering how she survived...
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A week went oleh and the pups were playing tackle tag while Hutch, Kate, Eve, Lily, and Humphrey watched from the entrance of Hutch and Kate's sarang, den Eve:" oh I remember that you, Hutch, and Humphrey used to play that when anda were pups" Hutch:" if only we were pups again" berkata smiling from the memory.
Hutchinson:" come on dad come play tackle with" Roxy:" yeah come play with us" as they did a playing stance Hutch:" oh alright I'm coming" Kate:" how sweet" Hutch went over and kissed Kate then ran towards the pups Hutch:" ok who's it?" Billy went up selanjutnya to Hutch and berkata " anda are" tackling him...
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Sorry that I haven't diposting lebih of the series but I am back on the series.

I woke up from the shine of the sun. I looked at Alyssa, the light was shining so beautifully on her, the sheets were off and she was a little revealing. I smirked and laughed a bit. I walked out of the room down the hall, I felt a little sense of disturbance like a feeling in my stomach that something was bad had happened. I didn't mandi, shower after last night's swim and took a shower. I put my iPod on a few songs low enough so it doesn't wake anyone up, I got a towel and wash cloth and put on some hot water. The steam...
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These are all just guesses and aren’t actually confirmed, let me know what anda think.
Humphrey - 22
it’s obvious that he is young
Kate - 20
it think she is younger than Humphrey because when they are kids she sounds less mature
Lilly - 18
Lilly is defiantly a few years younger than Kate
Garth - 20
due to an arranged marriage I would guess Garth is the same age as Kate.
Marcel - 47
I would assume Marcel is middle aged
Paddy - 40
Paddy is also probably middle aged
Winston - 54
Winston is Kate and Lilly’s father so he would have to be at least 40.
Tony - 64
Tony is Garth father so would also have to be at least 40, however he seems to have back problems something that old people get a lot
Eve - 47
Yet again Eve would have to be at least 40, but I think she’s probably slightly younger than Winston.