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(Decided to combine the two to make sure the artikel was lone enough to post.)

Chapter 1: Viggo Thanatos

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Western Pack

Chapter 3: Rest and Relaxation

Chapter 4: Return of the Crimson Pack

Chapter 5: Dawn of Destruction

Chapter 6: Refugees

Chapter 7: The detik Battle of Jasper Park

Chapter 8: Return of a Hero

Unofficial Soundtrack (to give a better sense of mood)

1. Viggo's Theme (Chapter 1: Viggo Thanatos)

2. Welcome to the Western Pack (Chapter 2: Welcome to the Western Pack)

3. Jax and Jonas (Chapter 3: Rest and Relaxation)

4. Return of the Crimson Pack (Chapter 4:...
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getting close to complete all 8 movie reviews on Dumbsville’s reviews
alpha and omega
It's been five years since the lone survivors has been formed thanks to lara oscar starting to have self doubts about himself and worrying the safety of his new pack after johnny was nearly killed during scouting their's territory oleh jill buck's girlfriend became pahit and vengeful finding out buck was gone forever in her's life johnny ending up losing his right leg cause of a beruang trap jill set up oscar had decided to leave the lone survivors and wandered into the western pack's territory then spotted a male dark brown bulu serigala who have tan eyes and a v scar on the left side of his face among...
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alpha and omega
Oscar have gain some fighting experience from his training thanks to the lone survivors unfortunately some wovles don't fully trust him yet as brutus had the most experiences than lara and johnny helping his leader teaching miles clementine aj and the other members how to be stealthy during on hunts also scouting out on their's territory for any human's camp and her's rival's territory that will pose a threat to the lone survivors while lara is hunting some food to feed the younger pups in her's pack a adult male deer in the herd spots lara in the glass crouching then all deers in the herd...
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