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Humphrey: take a left! 30 degrees!

Humphrey: Salty! Giver some sail draft!

Salty: i think I taste the wind.

Salty: No, just a bug.

Humphrey: Mooch! Get ready! Lower the boom!

Humphrey: Guys! We really need to work on the breaks!!!

The guys: the breaks?

Mooch: serigala pile!

Shaky: get your butt out of my face!

One of the guys: What did we hit?

Salty: spring!

Humphrey: Look who's back from alpha school.

Salty: Forget about it Humphrey, Kate's an alpha now. And you're an omega.

Humphrey: We're friends!! Ok?

Mooch: Exactly! Just friends. End of story.

salty: anda better set your sights over there, Reba and Janice,...
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Scene 1:
(Movie starts out at the den. Everyone is there, Kate, Humphrey, the pups, and Garth and Lilly. It's Father's hari and Winston and Eve and Tony will soon be arriving. Humphrey is watching the pups to make sure they don't get into trouble.)
Kate: Humphrey, could anda and Lilly help me finish up Dad's gift? I want it to be perfect.
Humphrey: But Kate, what about the pups?
(Marcel and Paddy arrive.)
Marcel: That is where we come in.
Kate: Marcel, Paddy!
Humphrey: Guys, we're so glad anda could make it.
(Marcel and Paddy look around the den.)
Paddy: Well, it looks like everyone's here.
Lilly: And...
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 The family getting ready for a night of sleep.
The family getting ready for a night of sleep.
September 2010- Alpha And Omega AWESOME

October 2013- Alpha And Omega 2 EHHH... IT'S OK

March 2014- Alpha And Omega 3 WTF?!

September 2014- Alpha And Omega 4 OH... MY... THERE IS A GOD!

Alpha And Omega 4: Legend Of Sawtooth Cave fixes a lot of the mistakes done in the first sequels as well as very nearly improving upon the original. Not saying that the original wasn't the best of the series because it still is but the way that the fourth film was written was just unbelievable, plus the animasi was near spot-on to the original's and the new characters were actually likable. The original characters...
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posted by Willersmunk
It was a not so peaceful hari in Jasper. It was some time in the fall, and there was a serigala that went missing. No one knows who though, that's the thing.
"Hopefully it was that idiot, Candy, atau Sweets, atau Both of them." Lyle berkata to him self, ungu hearing him.
"Honey, now I know we hate them, but do anda really think who ever would take an 'Idiot'?" ungu asked.
"Ok, good point." Lyle said.
"But where has Rosemary been?" He thought, then figuring out it was...
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posted by jason74633
I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

One menit I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can't explain
Once anda go there was never
Never an honest...
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(3:44 A.M.)
(July 5, 2011)

By this point, Bolt and I had laid out the plan, me to the humans and Bolt the animals. We'd figured out contingencies, plan B's, C's, D's, and E's, and laid out which team was doing what.
Teams Alpha, Bravo, and Delta were the main assault force, Team Echo was backup, Foxtrot was the sniper support, and Gamma was meant as a distraction. Trudy, being the only pilot that wasn't part of the assault force, was the taxi. She'd drop Alpha, Bravo, Foxtrot, and Gamma off at the compound, then return to my house and keep the chopper on 5 menit standby with Delta and Echo....
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(12:41 A.M.)
(July 5, 2011)

After I had hung up the call with Scar's captors, I sat for a moment, thinking. Kate was selanjutnya to me and the rest of the rescue party was still in the living room.
A menit atau two later, a thought occurred to me. I picked my phone up and dialed a number, hoping that she was still awake.
I sat bolt upright. "Pen, it's Colby."
"What's up, bro? I haven't heard from anda atau Scar in a while. How is she, anyway?"
I chuckled humorlessly. "Yeah, that's what I'm calling about, Pen. She's gone missing."
"Oh no! What happened?" she asked.
"I left the house for a bit to go...
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posted by EightySix
Name - Tough
Appearance - Plain, shaggy mantel comprised of a mixture of gray and darker gray fur. Brown eyes. Very large body build, quite muscular.

Tough, like his older brother Cowboy, is quite the fighter. He is a force to be reckoned with in every way, from his hard hits, his massive jaws and his very large body. He is the largest member of the family, and is the largest serigala he atau any of his siblings have come across.
Tough can tangle with the best of them and take them (or even fairly large game) down on his own.
Though his fighting prowess might be well known, he rarely fights with no valid...
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Chapter 7: The detik Battle of Jasper Park

Viggo and Robert had made themselves at halaman awal in the Western Pack. His men had long since settled in, with Viggo turning Kate and Humphrey’s old sarang, den into his own personal abode.

As Viggo and Robert were heading back up to the den, they passed oleh two men playing a simple game of chess. Robert looked at them with annoyance as he walked by.

“Chess,” he berkata with a hint of disgust, “childish nonsense.”

“Never any good at it?” Viggo asked, smiling a bit.

“Why kill pieces of marble when anda can kill serigala instead?” Robert asked casually.

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Chapter 19: serigala Fight

Back at the sandstone cliffs, many, many years later, Adam had become a great leader. One of the greatest in the region, in fact. He was almost a fully grown wolf, just entering his twenties. He had led the pack for eleven years and things had been fairly peaceful since Steven left and the dens were complete.

But all of that changed one hari when word began to spread of a human who had recently gone on a killing spree throughout Canada. However, he hadn’t been killing other humans. He had been killing wolves, wiping out entire packs. The only name he was known oleh was “The...
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Chapter 27: A Noble End

Viggo, Humphrey, and Kate were calmly walking through the woods as the sun rose higher into the sky. Humphrey looked over at Kate.

“Are anda okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she replied nervously.

“The symptoms won’t come on for another hari atau so,” Viggo said, overhearing them. “By the time we’ve concluded our business, Kate will have the antidote.”

Humphrey shot Viggo a dirty look.

“Oh, don’t be like that, Humphrey,” Viggo said. “What did I tell anda about ruthlessness?”

“You killed my son and poisoned my wife, Viggo,” Humphrey replied angrily....
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Chapter 28: Humphrey's Decision

It took two days for Kate and Humphrey to return to the valley and they were greeted happily when they arrived.

“You’re back!” ular berbisa, viper exclaimed when she saw them.

“What happened with Viggo?” Oscar asked.

“He’s gone,” Humphrey replied, beginning to explain their entire ordeal.

“Viggo’s dead?” Stinky asked when Humphrey was finished.

“They’re all dead,” Kate replied. “Viggo, Robert, the survivors of the battle; they’re all gone.”

“It’s finally over,” Humphrey said, smiling a little.

Word quickly spread that Viggo and Robert were dead...
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Chapter 29: Last hari Together

The sun rose on the morning of Humphrey’s fiftieth birthday and the group of everyone closest to Humphrey gathered in the valley to start their last hari together. Kate, Humphrey, Stinky, Claudette, Adam, Kenya, Steven, Jax, Jonas, Martin, Garth, Lilly, Arnold, Gerald, and ular berbisa, viper were all there, gathered in a big lingkaran in the middle of the valley with no one else around.

“So,” Stinky said. “How should we start this thing?”

“Well, I’ve heard so much about this great trip to Idaho,” Arnold said. “How about we start there?”

“Alright,” Humphrey said,...
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Chapter 26: Deadly Encounter

In the months after Viggo’s defeat and Runt’s death, life finally started going back to normal for everyone. Humphrey and the others would go on long expeditions, desperately searching Jasper for any sign of Viggo, but it was as if he had just disappeared. They had no idea if he had survived Viper’s bite atau not. But whether atau not he did, it didn’t seem to matter. There was absolutely no trace of him.

By the time winter came, they and many of their allies had searched the entirety of Jasper Park, but he was nowhere to be found. Humphrey decided to call off...
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Chapter 25: The Betrayal

Viggo had just barely gotten back to his base in time. After escaping from the valley, he ran as fast as he could through the woods toward what remained of his campsite in the Northern Region. oleh the time he finally arrived, half of his upper arm was swollen and the skin was just starting to turn dark.

He stumbled into his tent and immediately began digging through the chest behind his meja tulis, meja where he kept the antivenom he had specially gotten for this very scenario. The antivenom did the job and for a bulan atau so afterward, Viggo took the time he needed to recover from...
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Well hello there everyone l am making plans for my each oc
characters tampilkan what l'm having in the future not just only of mine oc lara's future development now give anda tampil some info.

The Lone Survivors:The revenge of the hunter:Atfer the events of The Final War Lara and her's few pack members before they went back to their's halaman awal seeing the three hunters lara had encounter back in the winter season
while she was a lone wolf.

Birth of Prowler:Before she was named the Prowler Vitani was a warrior in her's cain her's mother Alvie teaches her the ways of the prowler.

Alone Wolf:When Viggo raided The New Frontier Johnny was forced out of his home.

The wise Warrior:A week later after Kenny's death Lara and Johnny are dealing with his death when they meet a strong serigala named Brutus.
Chapter 13: The Protectors of the Forest

The group immediately set out and began walking through the forest, heading northeast toward where the red dot on the map was. They traveled slowly and carefully, always keeping their ears and noses open for any sign of Viggo in case this was a trap. It was early morning and the sun was beginning to rise when they stopped. Stinky smelled a pack of serigala nearby and Runt climbed up a pohon to try and see farther into the trees.

“Now remember,” Humphrey was saying, “Viggo is a master of deception. We need to stay one step ahead of him, atau it’s game...
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Chapter 6: A Friendly Competition

Back at the Western Pack, Viggo and Robert were enjoying some much needed and exceedingly rare free time. However, it wasn’t entirely for fun as Viggo felt the need to enhance Robert’s sense of strategy since his sebelumnya plan had failed so spectacularly. The hari was young, and the temperature was perfect for relaxing outside.

Viggo leaned back in his lawn chair, the strands of bulu on his serigala pelt vest slightly blowing in the wind, his grey hair doing the same. The two friends then began their game of chess, which had taken some convincing to get Robert...
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Humphrey woke up in a strange place. As he opened his eyes and looked around, he couldn’t figure out where he was. He couldn’t even remember how he had gotten here. The place was fairly large, but enclosed. There were various weird items sitting all around him and he was laying on something soft and fuzzy. Slowly, it all came back to him. It was a little less than a bulan yang lalu when he, along with Kate, his pups, Garth, Lilly, Daria, Marcel, and Paddy had set out to find his parents.

After finding out they were dead, the group had learned that the valley had been taken over oleh the Rogue Wolves...
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(Note: This chapter will be membagi, split into multiple parts because it's so long)

Chapter 7: The lost Tale

“Yeah, just a minute,” Gerald replied.

“What’s going on now?” Humphrey asked.

“Territorial dispute,” Gerald answered. “We can’t decide who gets the lake. I live on the west side of the lake, he lives on the east side.”

“Okay,” Humphrey replied casually, “so just membagi, split the lake. anda get the west half, he gets the east half.”

“Oh,” Gerald said, a little embarrassed. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Clearly,” Humphrey remarked. “Now, we need your help.”

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