Karolina Grelik

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  • Female, 30 years old
  • Warszawa, Poland
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no problems thanks for the add back :D diposting ·16 hari yang lalu
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Hello there, thank anda for adding me! How are anda doing these days? I really like your name... Karolina.... it's so pretty and cute-sounding. =) diposting sebulan yang lalu
aundomiel komentar…
Hi! Thank you, this name is quite populer in Poland. Recently, as it happens in adult life, I have a lot of work ;) And how is it going to you? sebulan yang lalu
Karoii-chan komentar…
You're most welcome. I've been good, oleh God's grace, thankfully. <3 sebulan yang lalu
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anda are always welcome 🙂 Thank anda for add back. diposting sebulan yang lalu