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Canada24 berkata …
What do most people see in Daryl? He's never been that interesting too me diposting ·7 hari yang lalu
Canada24 komentar…
I'm honestly curious.. This isn't hating ·7 hari yang lalu
Canada24 berkata …
I feel like Steven Ogg will probably be type cast as these kinds of characters.. First he was a murderious, sadistic, crime lord.. Now he's a murderious, sadistic, Savior. Who might be worse than Negan.. diposting ·12 hari yang lalu
NoLoser-cret komentar…
He's perfected that mindset so it isn't a surprise. He's good at being bad lol ·10 hari yang lalu
Canada24 komentar…
Regardless, the dude is still awesome ·10 hari yang lalu
kkikoak17 berkata …
I'm curious about Carl grimes bite I just wish that they didn't did that diposting sebulan yang lalu