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WolfFreeland berkata …
Can’t believe there’s only 8 Seasons :o diposting ·2 bulan yang lalu
Canada24 berkata …
Don't read the comics as a Carol fan.. Her orginal counterpart is a frggin idiot. diposting ·5 bulan yang lalu
Simmeh komentar…
That's true. Her comic version was suicidal and her TV version is a badass psychopath. sebulan yang lalu
Canada24 berkata …
What do most people see in Daryl? He's never been that interesting too me diposting ·6 bulan yang lalu
Canada24 komentar…
I'm honestly curious.. This isn't hating ·6 bulan yang lalu
Simmeh komentar…
I used to like Daryl... but not so much anymore. I don't hate him, but they're ruining his character. They're ruining the entire tampil and making major characters want to leave. The tampil really IS The Walking Dead now. sebulan yang lalu