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posted by musa123s
Sorry I haven't been menulis for 2 months. Everyone was in the movie theater watching the movie. The guys kept watching till the last part but the girls kept hiding especially tenca even Timmy kept laughing when she kept hiding. After the movie was finish the guys took the girls for ice cream. Layla - omg I think I won't be able to sleep tonight. Riven- um anda guys did musa came in the movie theater cause I didn't see her . Bloom - I thought she was with u after she. Finish calling Stella . Riven- the kursi were full where we were seating. Tenca - maybe she went to cari for Stella. Brandon...
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posted by LilyBeanie04
bloom: i'm sorry about what happened with helia yesterday.
flora: sniff, i know, but that's my problem.bloom, do anda ever get the feeling someone its taking your boyfriend
bloom: yeah.
suddenly,the door was aisha.
aisha: i heard flora crying, flora anda ok??
flora:yeah, i'm just sad about what happen with helia.

later outside of alfea.

Krystal: so what's the plan?
icy:we are going to capture flora
Krystal: sounds great!!!!!!
icy: we will have to do it at night.

that night

flora: i hear something.
she went out of the room to look around alfea.
suddenly,somebody grabbed flora oleh the arms.
she was dragged to a portal.
suddenly, she vanished.

to be continued...
posted by MissAngelPaws
Sorry, I almost forgot about this story! I'm going to continue it. For those of anda who haven't read the first two parts, anda can read link and link

~The selanjutnya morning, the Winx were eating breakfast~

Stella: So how was yesterday?
Layla: Huh?
Stella: Did anda enjoy your time with Roy?
Layla: Yeah.
Musa: Well that's great because today we were going to the pantai and Roy was going to be there too so we were wondering if anda wanted to come with us.
Layla: Sure.
Bloom: Really? I thought anda hated Roy.
Layla: I never berkata I hated him. He's actually really nice.
Tecna: So are anda coming with us?
Layla: Sure!
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posted by florasedge31
The group, minus Flora, came up with a plan to trick Darkar. Now all they had to do was get Flora and open the door of Melody for Darkar. The group went on their way back to shadow haunt where they had assumed Flora was. BTW the winx aren't in their sirenix anymore. What they're wearing is at the bottom.

He tied Flora to a chair and waited until she woke up, which was about 5 minutes.
Flora was very groggy.
"Your up about time. Do anda mind helping me get that fairy to open the door of Melody?" Darkar asked. Flora was about to say something but Darkar interrupted.
"Of course anda don't!"...
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posted by florasedge31
Darkar was about to yell at Musa but he let her go and took off the bebek tape.
"One lebih time will anda open the door of Melody atau not?" Darkar saud while walking over to Bloom slowly.
"No I'll never open the door of Melody for you." Musa stated even though she knew what her consequence was gonna be.
"Alright." Darkar said. He grabbed Bloom oleh the hair and stood her up on her feet. He backed up. He made a black sphere in his hand and threw it at Bloom. Bloom feet started sinking in the floor. She sank until only her upper body was above the ground.
"Not cool!" Musa yelled and threw magic at Darkar....
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posted by florasedge31
"BLOOM, FLORA!!" The winx yelled.
Stella flew closer to the monster.
"LET MY friends GO!!" Stella yelled while making 2 spheres in both her hands.
"STELLA DON'T THROW IT AT THE MONSTER!" Tecna yelled. But she was too late Stella threw the spheres at the monster. The monster wasn't affected. It actually laughed.
"What the?" Stella berkata to herself.
The monster stopped laughing and opened it's mouth. He lifted the arms that it had Bloom and Flora in and he threw them it it's mouth.
"NOOO!" The winx yelled.
"Stella that's why I berkata don't hit the monster!" Tecna yelled.
"Well I didn't here you!" Stella...
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Flora sat inside the small, humble house of the girl called Tatalena. She found it a pleasant place. It had wooden planks on the floor and a small kitchen, a living room, a couple of bedrooms, one small bathroom, and a little sunroom up front. But what she liked the most was that pots of colorful Irisian bunga bloomed on every windowsill, and silverbell bunga covered the entire rooftop.
"Thanks again for letting us stay here," Helia berkata to Tatalena's mother, who was called Lemsey. "But we must leave as soon as possible."
Lemsey had dark hair like her daughter and eyes that held a motherly...
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posted by florasedge31

"Long time no see winx." The three figures said. Everyone gasped besides Ike and Autumn when they saw who it was.
"The trix!" They yelled. (Again minus Ike and Autumn.)
"Who?" They asked.
"Oh i see anda have newbies." Icy said.
"Let's tampil them what we're made of sisters." Icy continued.
"VOLTAGE SLAP!!" Stormy yelled while pushing her palm in the direction of Ike. When he got hit he right oleh Flora. He was still moving but very slowly.
"PSYCHIC BLAST!!" Darcy yelled while pushing her palms toward Autumn. Autumn got hit a against the dinding selanjutnya to Flora. She however,...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Flora: isn’t it spirit which involves seeing the past and future, talking to people through your minds, moving objects with your mind, see what people are thinking, and the spell
Ms. F: yes
Bloom: what’s the spell? (Uses air quotes)
Flora: the spell is…..
Ms. F: have anda ever heard the phrase “if looks could kill”?
Musa: yes, why?
Flora: because this spell is basically just that anda can kill anybody anda want with that spell when anda look at them...
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posted by limited9906
A few days later after brandon and stellas break up......
Stella: girls i dont care about brandon dating that girl anymore..
Bloom:are anda sure?cause anda dont seem sure i know your upset but just try to forget about it (smiles)😊
Layla: bloom its hard to forget about something thts upseting u.
Bloom: i know but i care about stella i dont want her getting hurt!
Stella: its ok bloom i can handle him myself i have to talk to him.
2 days later.........
Brandon:(gets a call) oh just wait a sec...oh....ok....bye
Kaitlyn:who called anda ur ex girlfriend atau what?😁
Brandon: yeah.. she asked me to meet her tommorow alone...
Kaitlyn:why cant i come with you!?(almost cry)😢
Brandon:i dont know..she berkata to not bring anybody....
Kaitlyn: well ok then if anda really have to but DONT N NEVER!
Brandon: well ill try not to fall in love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kaitlyn: ok then its settled....
Brandon welll ok
posted by musa123s
One afternoon at the winx dorm
Bloom- hey anda guys
Musa -hey bloom are u ok u look worried
Bloom- I am
Tenca -why
Bloom- I can't find Stella anywhere and I look everywhere
Layla- u try calling her
Bloom- I try maybe she left her phone here
Roxy comes in
Roxy- hey u guys
Flora - hey roxy did u see stella?
Roxy- yeah she went walking into the woods a while go
Bloom- let's look for her it's almost getting dark
Everyone - ok
Everyone went outside
Layla- how we going to find her in these woods
Roxy- let's membagi, split up me bloom and musa cari on one part and the rest of u cari I the other side
Everyone nods their...
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The crunching of leaves sounded off as the heavy boots made their way across the dead and battered terrain. The boots were leather, with steel plated toes; making the owner seem far lebih intimidating. Yet, at first glance, the owner wouldn't seem intimidating at all. She looked as though she should only be seventeen years old, but her face was worn, her eyes tired and her body heavily tattooed in scars. Her red hair, which seemed like it had had better times, had been pampered and loved, was now tattered, and cut; now only being a short, roughly cut pixie-cut.

She walked briskly past the make-shift...
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posted by Mariolka
THE lost HEIR:

Chapter 5:

The women clapped her hands together, "Well, now that we've got that out of the way, I believe anda all are tired from your journey. Come we'll give anda supper, and then we'll get anda rooms." Suddenly they all realized just how hungry, and tired they were.

"Thank-you um. . . ." Bloom said.

"Please call me Andromeda." The women said.

"Why are all our names Greek?" Artemis asked.

"Oh, and for the first few days try to ignore any of Artemis's sarcastic atau unlikeable komentar . . ." Andromeda said.

"They should, I'm the only one with good judgement around here." Artemis...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"WHAT?!?" Everybody exclaimed.

"Umm how come anda never told us this?" Stella asked.

"Because we met like five menit yang lalu and I dont like to brag about how I'm a princess and all that..." Autumn replied.

"But that is the whole MEANING of being a princess... Well, that and SHOPPING!" Stella berkata as all the guys face palmed and girls giggled.

"So, anda guys want to go out in magix? To get some makan malam atau something?" Riven asked.



"So..." Flora berkata once the got to a place in Magix.

"So..." Everybody berkata in reply.

The waiter came to take orders.

"Alright what would anda guys...
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posted by tecna535
Here is the interview with our FOTM nmdis!

How do anda feel about being FOTM?
I am really feeling very much ownered and I am feeling "On puncak, atas Of This World" truly! It's an awesome feeling. I haven't thought that I will become FOT. I wanna thank all fan who voted for me and those too who didn't. ( As they choose others so I got competition lol XD) .

Who is your favourite character?
My favorit winx is Musa, I cinta her because she loves musik and dancing which I do too. I cinta her personality ahe is just perfect!

What is your favourite transformation?
My transformation is Magix as it was the first...
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Flora was not at all happy at the situation. At the moment, she was perched on puncak, atas of the truck with a grumbling Irisian girl who was chewing sugarcane. The only other things she had for company were bales of jerami, hay that were being eaten oleh a black buffalo that was tied to the edge of the truck.
Flora had been zoning out, staring at the scenery that was rushing past her.
Tatalena took a big bite out of her sugarcane and chewed loudly. "'Ey," she called out to Flora.
Flora jumped a little bit and looked at her. "Sorry, you're talking to me?"
Tatalena nodded vigorously. "You from Magic?" she asked...
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 The topic now, that the poling is not out, is bloom magic winx
The topic now, that the poll is not out, is bloom magic winx
I was thinking somebody should take over Isabellagirl033's pic contest
On the comments, say I want to nominate your self to take over the pic contest
There will be a poling and people will decide
The winner will start a new forum called "Isabellagirl033's picture contest" so they can ubah it
And the contest will go on!

Do anda like the idea!!!!!!?

Please komentar and give your opinion

And are anda sad that Isabellagirl033 is gone
She was the fan of the bulan September

And how is she going to take the interview

And again, PLEASE PLEASE komentar and think if anda want to do that picture contest!!!
 Do anda want the picture contest back
Do you want the picture contest back
posted by AngelUchihaNeko
 Himari in her sirenix
Himari in her sirenix
Chapter 1:Naruko and Himari

A blonde girl around 16 went through Alfea College. "Aw man,again I am disoriented!"she said. Her cerulean eyes went around. "where is my room?" on her cheeks there are whisker marks. "Can I help you?" a girl with tan skin asked her. her brown long curly hair fall over her shoulders. "um...yes,I am looking for my room,its this roomnumber",the blonde girl saiid and showed the girl a sheet of paper. "Oh! It's my room too! We could be friends! What's your name? I am Himari,fairy of diamonds! I am also the Princess of Diamondix. And you?" "I...I am Naruko,fairy of Kyubi!"...
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posted by ForeverHope
The Trix are at it again with a new villain aiding them. Now the Specialists must figure out a way to save the Winx from captivity and stay alive at the same time. Meanwhile who is this mysterious benefactor thats helping the Winx and Specialists. Is this all just the beginning of something much bigger than anything the WInx could have imagined.

Knock knock. A banging sound echoed through the Winx’s dorm. “The guys are here. Come on girls lets go!” Stella cheered as walked over to the door. She opened the door to see Brandon leaning against the doorframe.
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posted by lovebaltor
Author's Note: So, yeah. I know this seems kind of strange for me to be re-starting a fan fiction like this, but, I just really wanted to finish this story off. One of the people who joined (They will remain nameless) asked me to continue this story on another site; since I kind of gave up on it here. I accepted, but last night is when I began re-reading the sebelumnya chapters...I forgot how much fun I had menulis these, and I also forgot how good I thought this whole idea was. I've decided to continue with this story, so I hope the original readers will enjoy this.

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