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posted by missdada15
lol i was board xD

Fairy tales that i think the winx characters would fit in:

The Snow Queen:

Snow queen -Icy

Snow White:

Snow white-Musa


Princ- Helia

Sleeping Beauty:


The frog princess:


The Little Mermaid:

Sea Witch:Ogron(I know hes a guy but it fits…lets say sea wizerd?)


The nice lady- Morgana
posted by winxlove2
 Becca Gloomix
Becca Gloomix
School of witches! the spooky awan tower! Freaky and scary place! But not to our witches! Let’s go to our story!

One witch: yha!*jumps of black dragon *
Second witch: HEY! Watch it anda idiot!
First witch: 1.stop screeming! 2. I am not an idiot!3.get out of my way! I will be late!
Second witch: ah!*makes a ghost*hey! Look at my!*the first witch turns beck*
Ghost: bu!
First witch: ah!*goes pale*not funny! Dragon attacks her!
Third witch: stop it!*everybody stops*let’s go to awan tower hall and after that anda can fight! oleh the way I am Laira witch of Fear!! Tnx for feeding my
First witch: I am...
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posted by Alifya
In the connection hair style - appearance, harmony takes toll over contrast. When choosing a hair style anda should always consider whether atau not it will suit your face shape! The basic rule that applies is: the sharp and angular features of the face should be covered and not emphasized!
Round face - short hair: the characteristic of this type is that the face is as wide as it is long. The features are soft with no sharp edges. The short and voluminous hair styles fit best as they slim the face and the cheeks appear smaller. Two good choices would be: the chin length straight hair with a fringe...
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Grizelda: ok girls get ready to train
Terra: and what are we going to do today?
Grizelda: today we will do something different...ok form couples
Anlexandra: Angelina and I are ready!
Nova: same with Bukke and I!
Artemis: Agnes and I are another couple!
Gwen: Terra and I are ready!
Sara: Katara and I are ready too!
Lisa: so that leaves Raven and me!
Raven: (sarcastic) oh how great! (rolls eyes)
Grizelda: ok then lets start! (claps 1 time and they teleport to a forest)
Angelina: whoa! where are we?
Grizelda: this is the place where anda will train
Agnes: I thought it was at Alfea
Grizelda: yeah but here is...
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This is Winx Club fanfiction i named it 'FAIRY ADVENTURES'. Each episode of this fanfiction will be published every two weeks atau IT CAN TAKE lebih TIME COZ I WON'T BE HERE FOR A FEW DAYS. anda can add your komentar and also give suggetions if anda want but please email it to me(to my fanpop account).I give credit to pandawinx, she is the one who told everyone about my fanfiction. Thank anda pandawinx (phoebe)! In this story i have chosen the 5 charachters which i thought were the best. And the best character among these five is, well i'm not telling you.You will get to know who it is as anda read...
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posted by tslol99
Musa just got knocked out oleh the rubble of the ship and Riven is well freaking out

Riven: Musa! Musa! Musa can u hear me! Musa!
(Riven thinks that the only way to get Musa help is to get her halaman awal first so he jsut drives the ship back to Magicx)

When he gets there Riven walks out of the ship with Musa in his arms

Bloom: Riven what happened to Musa
Riven: The ship started to shake from something outside and she fell and hit her head pretty hard
Flora: Lets take Musa to the clinic

at the clinic

Layla: Nurse is she going to be ok
Nurse: I don't know Layla I really don't
(turns to Flora and starts crying)
Stella: Bloom
Bloom: Yeah Stella
Stella: Don't u have the Dragan Fire
Bloom: Yeah I do what about it
Stella: Well u can heal her with it can't u
Bloom: Yeah I can
(Layla turns back around and wipes her eyes)
Layla: Then y don't u already

Bloomtrys to heal Musa but cant

Bloom: I can't my power isnt strong enough atau something

To Be Continued...
 when Riven came out of the ship
when Riven came out of the ship
"Roxy!" Called Bloom instantly.
"B...b-bloom?" Roxy steadily rose from the floor. The others crowded round her anxiously. (Excluding the trix of course!) "Are, are anda okay dear?" Asked Flora, putting her arm round her. "NO! THATS IT, IM GONNA BEAT THOSE FLIPPING FREAKS!?!?!?" Snapped Roxy. "Creature features!" She chanted, summoning a unearthly glow green ball of power on the trix, the end result turned out to be lebih of a laugh than a decent form of defence. Icy seemed to have a lion main and tail,
Stormy was all of a sudden elephant-ear and bagasi, batang bound and darcy seemed to been drinking too...
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Roxy shuddered as she arrived halaman awal and rode to cinta and pet on her bike, Artu swiftly trotting beside her. 'Trap my friends?' Thought Roxy. 'I must be mad. What if the sisters were lying? After all, I hardly know them, yet alone trust them! But i guess its too late now.' She parked her bike outside the winxs toko and current home.
Tiptoeing though the double doors with Artu whimpering (which was probally a plead to forget the the three witches claims.), Roxy once again found that no one was in the main entrance, except this time their were the guardian peri pets who were hovering about Roxy...
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posted by naturefairy777
Tx to AngelUchihaNeko and ruxi23, i will continue now!!!

1 jam later....
Stella: where is she ?
Musa: maybe she was not in her room
Tacna: there is 90% that flora is not in her room
Stella:what about the 10%
Tecna: sleeping atau maybe sick.
Bloom: anda okay helia?
Helia: that's it,i'm going in...(run inside)
Riven: be patient.....
Musa:(hitting riven)
Riven: OW!!!!
everyone laugh except Layla
Riven: haha,laugh as long as anda want
Stella:If that what anda want, OK!!!! HAHAHA!!!!
Layla: stop laughing,let's see what Helia doing
Musa: she's right
Tecna: what are we waiting for ? Let's go !!!
Riven: the last...
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"helia i know it sad but we can save her if the winx say the spell of life and u give the ciuman of life u can save her" berkata professsa s
"thanx grandad" berkata helia
the winx had now return and was saying the spell
what now that has been good and lost
that is dead not alive
bring back to us lebih then just alive
helia had now started to give the ciuman of life to flora saying these few words
come back to us flora

florafluttered her eyes open to reveal her eye colour had change it was not an enmarled green anymore it was a light pink...
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Hello every one.We all knew that season 6 was gonna air on 29th september 2013.And it did. the new tranormation is called BLOOMIX.

Get ready for lebih magical adventures with the Winx Club in these 13 enchanted episodes from season 6! gabung Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Aisha and Musa as they work together to earn their new Bloomix Power! When the evil Trix team up with a new witch, Selina, trouble begins brewing. Selina sends evil Treants to attack the Winx- stripping them of their powers! Will the Winx be able to defeat the Treants and earn their new Bloomix Power? The journey continues as the...
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posted by anniewannie
A/N: At this chapter, Rose doesn't approve of Helia. But read on if anda want to know what will happen selanjutnya if she goes on being like that, especially on her birthday...

Chapter 2: Rose's Change Of Nature

I opened the doorknob and smiled at the person I saw in front of me. It was a guy who had dark blue, spiky hair, dark and mysterious blue eyes and creamy, pale and flawless skin. He was Helia. "Hey Helia," I reached out to him with an extended hand. Helia took it and I pulled him inside. "Hey beautiful," Helia whispered in my ear. I giggled and pulled away from him. "Not when Rose is here." I...
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posted by anniewannie
Chapter 1: halaman awal Sweet Home

"Flora, are anda ready yet? The hoverbus will be here in five minutes!" I heard my roommate Bloom call out from outside our dorm. She was waiting outside in the main room with my friends, Tecna, Musa, Stella and Layla, and I was guessing they were impatient to get out in the Alfea grounds, free from society and onto their hoildays in their planets.

The bonded pixies, Digit, Tune, Amore, Piff and Lockette were going with them to their planets. Unfortunetly, Bloom was going to Earth to see Vanessa and Mike and she was going to stay with them for the holidays.

I was excited...
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Like any club here, we're bound to have thousands, upon thousands of gambar uploaded into each of the three (Screencaps don't work anymore) sections. But what some people don't seem to understand, is what these three sections mean, and just how to correctly use the "credit" space, as well as the titling and "tags". In this article, I will explain some of the issues people still have with this, and how anda can improve in your own labeling of images.

● How do I know where to place my image?

The answer to this is quite simple. Whenever anda try to upload something on fanpop, there is a little...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I know this should be a chapter of Mental Hospital since I didn't post one on Thursday, but to be honest. Currently I only want to write this one, so for now this will be my only fan fiction I post chapters up and it will be every Sunday. Also there will be song fics, it's just I realized with my Junior tahun starting soon I don't want to be overwhelmed oleh two fan fictions and three AP classes. So here is chapter eleven.

Everyone seemed shocked oleh the outfit change that occurred when we set foot onto the edge the only place where all four seasons can coexist. We all looked at each other before...
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I'm leaving for Nationals Tuesday and I decided I would post all the remaining chapters of Betrayal, so that the two selanjutnya fan fictions that I will write can be chosen. That artikel and the epilogue will be up soon.

Chapter 17

The doctor told them they could visit her one at a time. Helia was the first one. I listened as he told her all the times he lied to her. I heard her cry, but what shocked me is she berkata I might not be able to forgive you, but let’s just pindah meneruskan, ke depan because what I’m about to tell anda might be worse. She spilled her secret and berkata how she was feeding two people information...
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posted by Princess-Flora

Outside p.o.v
Her friends were told that she out of surgery, but it’s uncertain if she’ll make it due to the amount of blood she lost, and some traces of lead still remained because of how close to her jantung it was. The doctors berkata she most likely has a week left if that. The friends all cried. Helia asked when can they see her? To which the doctor replied as soon as she wakes up. The group of eleven continued sitting in silence while two lebih text messages were received. Musa received a text message that read green eyed monster much? If I were anda I would tell them what anda did or...
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posted by Princess-Flora
It's finally back and the betrayals are only going to get worse, but just in case anda need a refresher here are all the past chapters.


Flora’s p.o.v
I had him fooled and there was no way he would ever catch on to the plan I had set. I actually had them all fooled. Stella believed that we were friends again. Helia thought I was actually hiding because it wasn’t aman, brankas when the only danger is to actually trust me. Tecna and Nabu believed that I didn’t know their secrets and I would never blackmail them when I was the one running this show. Musa thought...
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posted by Princess-Flora

After my sister decided to stay out there, Linphea became membagi, split into the east and west side. I ruled the west side of Linphea while she ruled the east side. I ended up marrying Daniel two years after my sister’s tragic wedding day. I miss her dearly and wish I could change things to have her back again. However I did learn if anda try to fix the past anda only make things worse for the future. I looked around at all the decorations in the palace and felt a tear roll down my cheek. Today was the detik annual celebration when Linphea split, yet to me it was not much of a celebration because...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Helia’s p.o.v
Ever since the announcement that Flora is still alive, I’ve felt different. I guess anda could say I’m still in cinta with her. However I know she would never forgive me. After all I broke her on multiple occasions. I heard a shuffling sound come from my balcony. I got up and went outside. I felt my jantung beat race at what I saw. I picked her up as she hugged me and berkata I’m sorry. I told her I’m the one who should be sorry, and I realized you’re the one I’ve been in cinta with all along. She smiled before I brought her close as ciuman her stroberi scented lips. As we...
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