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On the opening hari red carpet for the movie cartoon Iginio Straffi, the first generation of three-dimensional, "and soon a third film and theme park just outside of Rome"
ROME - With "Winx Club 3D - Magical Adventure," Iginio Straffi beat all the time: the magician of our own cartoon, creator of the famous fairy, leads in fact goes up the first three-dimensional feature film made in Italy. At least among the last generation. An interesting challenge that begins here, on this first hari of the Festival with the screening of the film auditorium, complete with a colorful red carpet.

"It 's been...
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posted by Amber0639
Phoenix Adventures- Characters

Name: Princess Amber
Power: Half fairy and half witch (explained later)
Origin: Sparx
Birthday: January 19th, 1987
Fairy Sign: Dragon
Age: 1st Season: 16
2nd Season: 17
3rd Season: 18
4th Season: 19
Personality: Friendly, Loyal, Affectionate, Creative, Determined, Stubborn
Hair: Long (nearly waist length) Black
Mom: Miriam
Dad: Oritel
Siblings: Daphne, Bloom, Carmen, Samantha, Tori
Best Friend: Natalie
Bonded Pixie: Athena
Pet: Ginger the golden retriever
Boyfriend: Prince Nick (Nickolas)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: anjing and horses

Name: Princess Natalie
Power: Moon
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posted by lovebaltor
 Miss Faragonda: Headmisstress of Alfea!
Miss Faragonda: Headmisstress of Alfea!
-The beggining for Alfea's new peri was a happy one!The girls met new,strong and very unique peri on their ways to Alfea.What lies in front of them?Well,let us find out...-

Juliet:I wonder when we're going to recieve our rooms?!

Terra:*Shurgs*Meh,I don't care much for our dorms,I want to know when we get to practice our powers!*Makes ninja noises*

Christina:Ur-Ok?That wasn't-strange...


Leah:*Laughs also*

Stefani:*Giggles*Is that all anda care about Terra?

Terra:*Stops making the noises*Nope! I care about me,my brothers and sisters...

Jasmine:We get it Terra!You care about other...
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 Twinx club logo!
Twinx club logo!
(In the park)
Lisa:So,u guys r really witches.
Liana:Not exactly,our mothers were.
Kristina:But that does not make us witches.
Sabbra:So,u think we shud introduce ourselves?
Lisa:Ok,I am Lisa.Bloom's daughter,i still don't know my history yet but i am a api fairy.
Sunshime:I am the sun,moon fairy,Sunshime!And i am Stella's daughter!
Rosena:I am Rosey/Rosena.My Mother is Musa and i am a nature and musik fairy!
Sabbra:Nice name.
Angel;I am Angelica,i.e. Angel.Flora's daughter and the bunga fairy!
Liana:I cinta flowers!
Siobhan:I am Siobhan,The tecno fairy...
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posted by lovebaltor
 Alfea!: School for fairies!
Alfea!: School for fairies!
A new tahun at Alfea,means new fairies,new friends and new adventures!But of course,a new tahun of adventures means new beginnings...

-It was a gloomy,dark day.The weather was certainly not tampilkan off the happy mood that the new peri of Alfea were showing-

Christina:Oh wow!This forest is just beautiful!And vast too! I hope I'll get to Alfea in time! I just wish the weather would cooperate...

-A clash of thunder errupted from the sky,and soon a bright,ziz-zagy flash of lightning-

Christina:*Brings raincoat tighter around her body.Shivers*OO! Its cold out here!

Juliet:Hey!Excuse me!

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posted by AgyJude
Fayne, Fiona and professor Palladium ran towards the bushes. As they came closer, they realized that it was a fairy.
"Oh, no", cried Professor Palladium. "That girl is in great danger, she is" -
"We have to do something professor", interrupted Fiona.
"And fast", added Fiona.
"Okay", agreed Palladium. "Girls, anda stay here, I know just what to do." He raised his hands as he chanted strange magical words. At once, the girl was lifted and then disappeared into purple smoke.
"Professor, did...
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Hi everyone! :) Todays kuis is all about style: Each winx girl has their own distintive one, but which one matches yours? enjoy, please komentar and rate! :)

Q1. What are anda most likely to wear on your average saturday going to a cafe with friends?
A. Some casual, jeans and puncak, atas with just a few acessorys....Nothing that itches atau is too tight...Usually. ;)
B. A designer puncak, atas and mini skirt, with that LUSH bag anda were saving with your haired brushed, conditioned, shampooed, combed, lots of accessorys and all the latest makeup with some cool socks and....Um, a few hundred other things... ;)
C. As...
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posted by CyD12
 winx club again!
winx club again!
Megan: *getting into alfea* wow! this is school is so beautifull!
Haze: hi, im Haze...
Megan: im Megan...
Haze: nice to meet u... is this your first year?
Megan: yeah
Haze: cool! mine too!
Rosella: excuse me, did u know where do we have to check us?
Haze: i thing is over there...
Rosella: with that teacher?
Haze: yep! over there....
Rosella: thanks! *walks to the teacher*
Megan: we should go and check us too....
Haze: sure! lets go *they leave*


Haze: hey! our rooms are conected!
Megan: thats cool!
Rosella: hey! i see anda again!
Megan: oh hi! im Megan
Haze: and im Haze
Rosella: im rosella, nice to...
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posted by ElephantGirl2
It was very cold that night at Alfea everyone was sleeping that night they're was a unknown storm the news did't anounce it so everyone was scared.
When Musa woke up in the middle of the storm she was so suprised of how dagerous it looked.

-"What could've coused this"she wispered.

Right after she berkata that Tecna woke right up and said

-"What the heck...Wha..Musa!"

-"I did nothing to the weather Tecna stop blaming me!"

Then Stella,Bloom,Flora and Layla woke up and told both of them that it was neither of them that coused it it was Icy Darcy and stupid Stormy then they transformed to they're Enchantix and flew out of Alfea looking for the guys.

-"They're not in there rooms"said Musa.

-"Not in the forest"said Flora.

-"And there not at the mall"said Stella.

-"Where could they be?"said Bloom.

They were all worried so they had to check the Whitches.

"sorry that the chapter had to end so soon ill write lebih if anda want"
So first off it's been a while since the first episode of season 6 and today's was a one jam episode to fit it all. I am excited it's a new season filled with new episodes I haven't seen before so that makes me happy no matter how the season turns out.
I do like the theme song, but it doesn't compare to seasons 1 through 3 atau 4 but it does puncak, atas season 5's theme song in my opinion.
In the first few menit we find out that Daphne will be a new teacher at Alfea, yay! The Winx get new outfits and I really like them even though the warna don't really tampil each girl's unique personality, but...
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Okay this is probably gonna be one of my lebih controversial--in a manner of speaking--article. I would like to discuss a few double standards people/characters seem to have when it comes down to Bloom and other characters atau just the protagonists and antagonist in general.

I'll start with the double standards within the tampil first.

This is where the huge good vs evil double standards lie. Icy, Darcy and Stormy break into Alfea constantly and get expelled. Yet the Winx girls (more specifically Bloom) have been shown to break into awan Tower--without permission from either head mistresses--on...
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posted by hatelarxene
I've wanted to do this for a while, but I never had the chance to. I cinta this tampil and I've decided to write an artikel listing the six Winx girls in order from least favorit to favorite. Also, I'm not including Roxy because she's not technically a Winx, since she was only a main character for one season. I'm going to do this daftar on the official Winx girls. However, I do really like her. Please leave a komentar telling me what anda think.

6. Bloom
Okay, I'm just gonna be brutally honest here. I HATE Bloom! She's a total Mary-Sue! Everyone falls at her feet and worships her. Plus, her boyfriend...
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Author's Note: I know starting another fanfiction might be a bad idea considering that I have to write the upcoming chapters for two other stories, but I needed to write this one, I guess. The other two will come out eventually so...yeah. This story will mainly be about Tecna, Musa and Layla. (But others will sneak their way into the story) It will have a lot of violence and be set in a post-apocalyptic world. It will be in an alternate universe (Or AU), taking place 2,000 years after the downfall of Magix. lebih will be explained in the story so, I hope anda enjoy this.
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posted by Princess-Flora
We all went our separate ways on our horses. For once I was enjoying the feeling of the frosty air hit my lungs. We passed oleh the kabin I lived four years of my life in. I asked them if we could stop real quickly just to say goodbye to the place. They nodded as I got off my horse and went inside. I walked inside and was soon hit oleh a flood of old memories. Flashback: It was my sister’s eighteenth birthday. I missed the palace with everyone, but I left for their own good. Ever since I moved out here the letters stopped coming. I looked at the api burning and realize how much I missed everyone....
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posted by Princess-Flora
I was out today and didn't have time to write a chapter of Haunted oleh the Past but I wrote this chapter last night so just for this week I am switching the two and selanjutnya week everything will return to it's normal days.


We worked on cleaning up the Autumn kastil, castle since this was now her’s and Daniel’s halaman awal because everyone was right where they belong. Within a few hours, the place was back to its former glory. I looked at my older sister who was talking to Jake. He looked over to me and looked slightly upset, but mouthed it’s okay. I smiled because he knew how I felt about Helia, but as...
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Sorry I forgot to post last week and also I leave for Nationals on Tuesday, so I'll try to get a chapter of Betrayal up earlier because I'm gonna have very little free time.

Chapter Six

In the morning the three of us woke up early to get ready to visit Miele. I had to admit I was scared because something in my gut was telling me someone else started this disaster. We hopped on the kuda and left. I was cold and soon enough it seemed like my sisters were further ahead of me while I heard a horse behind me. After that I remember falling and everything turning to black. When I woke up, I was in...
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posted by Princess-Flora

I looked at my locket that each of us have. I took it off and opened up and what I saw is exactly what I thought. Summer was starting to freeze because the snow was sticking, so in fear I flipped my locket over. It read 84 days. I looked up to see Jake with an outreached hand. I took it as I berkata I need to talk to my sisters alone. Everyone nodded as the three of us walked down the hall while the others were shown to their rooms. In her room we each touch a kursi on the edge of her bed. Asher put her hands over mine and berkata please don’t tell me there is a number on the back of your locket....
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posted by Princess-Flora

I tied my horse to the post and quickly ran up to greet my older sister Ashlyn Eira; we all called her Asher for short. She berkata to her stable boys take the kuda to the stables for my guest please. They nodded as all of us went inside. Once inside everyone asked who this was, I replied this is my older sister and also the guardian for the winter sector of Linphea her name is Ashlyn Eira but everyone calls her Asher. Everyone seemed shocked especially Krystal who berkata we have a sister mom and dad never told Miele atau myself about? And what about this whole guardian thing? I looked to my...
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posted by Flora_xx
SORRY SORRY SORRY It’s sooo late!
Last time Flora re-earned her Sophix and the Atherial peri told her all of Diana’s secret and that Flora is the first ever Fairy Of Nature. Diana joined Flora and berkata that she berkata if she couldn’t have the power of nature then no-one could. Flora flew after her aware of what she meant but the others were clueless. But then Helia realised and he ran after them…


Layla: Now can anda tell us what’s going on?

Helia: Fine, Diana’s going to destroy her bud

Layla: Who’s bud?

Chatta: Forget that! What bud?

Helia: Diana’s going to destroy her own...
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Musa: what should i do? i dont want to leave for ever!
Bloom: Musa! anda have to go!
Layla: yeah! this is all anda ever wanted!
Flora: anda cant give up to your dreams!
Musa: yeah, but my dream was become a famouse singer and be with my friends!
Stella: stop talking and start to get ready!
Tecna: Stella!!! Musa needs help! she doesnt know what to do!
Stella: Musa look! a lot of people want this opportunity! and now that anda can have it anda are saying no?!? whats wrong with you?!?
Layla: STELLA! anda are not helping!
Musa: i have to think about it...
Flora: and anda have to tell Riven!
Musa: yeah... im going...
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