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So this is my very first romantic one-shot! Well, honestly, I don't know how romantic this one is going to be, considering the theme, but I'm pretty sure I can squeeze something in. This story was requested oleh BlueColor, so, the couple(s) in this story will be: Layla/Roy, Layla/Nabu. This will be written in first person point-of-view (Layla's). I hope anda like it!

"Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction,
Whatever happens in my dreams,
I know it can't be worse than this,
So I prefer to sleep." -Epica


"I don't know about...
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"Millions of songs, all those years in my soul and when we met, I just knew they're for anda now your voice is bernyanyi them all your wings at mine, we will never fall."

Of all the millions of fairies, witches, and specialists in the universe that she could have fallen in cinta with...Icy's jantung had to choose that one. Frankly Icy didn't believe she had a choice in the matter. As if she wasn't being judged oleh the public enough already. Falling in cinta with the enemy wasn't exactly the most normal thing a witch could do. In fact it was probably one of the strangest, and oleh all means, witches did...
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* READ the prologue before anda read this chapter and any other chapters that will come. Thank you
------------------------------------------------------------Charlotte’s p.o.v---------------------------------------------------------
Today was my last hari at Linphea Preparatory and word had gotten out due to my group of friends. Everyone nicer to me than usual and I didn’t mind it because my friends got me going away present and my boyfriend berkata we could make the long distance thing work; but I berkata yes at first and then later...
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posted by lovebaltor
Author's Note: So I wanted to enter storyteller9's link but my answer was way too long to put it into the small confines of that answer box so...I had to put it here XD Anyways, I think it will give everyone a chance to see who my favorit characters are and why I like them so much.


1. Tecna:

~To me, Tecna has always been my favorit character. I have connected and liked her ever since I first started watching the show. Personally, I am most like Tecna. We are both nerdy and have different interests than our friends. (Though now I know lebih people with...
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posted by Rainflowers
hey Guys! I have so many artikel in the works for not only this club, but others too. But, I decided to finish all Winx Related stories first. I decided to write them be populer demand. First, I'm going to finish Personality. selanjutnya I'm going to finish Winx V.S. W.I.T.C.H. Last, I am going to finish up Hatred. I urge anda to read any of these artikel and become a fan of them so lebih readers will see them. For my selanjutnya Winx artikel I am thinking that I will write a artikel about a spell that the Trix places on Flora and Musa that make them act like four tahun olds. For those of anda who didn't...
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Apparently the episodes Nick had released were back to back, making for some form of a one jam special. The upside to this is that I won't have to wait to tear this episode apart, limb from limb. The downside...? Well, it's having to watch two of these in a row. But apparently everyone else get their Bloomix transformation in this one, so let's see how this goes.

Of course we start off at Limphea...again. Okay, I know that a few seasons have had episodes go off of each other (Like when Tecna fell into the Omega Portal) but I don't think they have spent over three episodes in the same location,...
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posted by Zmidy313
1st, Leader of Jinx Club: Lilly: Fairy of the Moon

Hi, my name is Lilly and as anda know, I am a fairy! I was born Dec. 7 1995, a hari the moon had a halo, and I'm the princess of Lunaria, and the Fairy of The Moon! While my older sister Stella is the Guardian Fairy of Solaria, that leaves me the Guardian Fairy of Lunaria! The halaman awal of the Moon! Ya see I was actually born in Lunaria, but I was kidnapped oleh Mangrin, this evil villain. And I was trapped in the Dark Realm, forced to be taught powers of dark magic, and be a slave of Mangrin and Dakar. It was horrible. But when i was 14, The Winx...
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 Trinx Club!!!!!!!
Trinx Club!!!!!!!
(Hey all,ready for my ff,then here it is)

Andrina:Wow,this place is cuuuuute!
Rosalind:Ummmmmmm,excuse em ya(MEXICAN FOR EXCUSE ME),can u tell me where miss faragonda's office is?
Adnrina:Sorry,I am new!
Musen:Coincidence,i am new too!Hey,i am musen.
Andrina:I am andrina!
Rosalind:Well,hi i am Rosalind,Rosa for short.
(Suddenly they see a wave outside)
Rosa:Is there any lake nearby?
Rosa:I don't know but i think we shud run!!!!!
Andrina:Why shud we....(Rosa holds her hand quick and runs)
Musen:That was close.
Nadia:Sorry all,just getting powerful.
Andrina:Its cool.
Nadia:U all must be new,i...
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The Scene
Tecna and Calypso left the underground hideout and went back to Alfea. They ran straight to Ms. Faragonda's office.
"Ms. Faragonda!" Tecna yelled while busting in the room.
Ms. Faragonda looked up at the two.
"Tecna, what's wrong?"
"The winx, the specialists, their...their gone. They've been kidnapped!" Tecna yelled.
Ms. Faragonda stood up.
"How did this happen?" She asked.
"Yesterday after Flora and Helia were kidnapped we all and Krystal decided to go find them. We thought that maybe Lydia and Darko took them. So Krystal took us all to their hideout so we could try and rescue them....
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it was freshman tahun at alfeya collage and a young, taned girl was walking to her locker where she got destracted oleh here best friend aisha
"hey flora"
"hey aisha hows things going"
aisha lookes away to reveal krystal and her gang comeing
"hey flora watch out krystal and her demonds are comeing"
soudenly krystal apeares behined them and startled them
"hey look who here the nature loving freak, she is just who i wanted to see, ive heard that anda was hanging out with my boyfriend so what do anda have to say about that then" krystal berkata with her fist in anger
flora looked scared then krystal orded her friends to go bet up flora up but before they could a young, darkhead boy apered behind them.

sorry for short chapter new at this selanjutnya one longer but thanx for reading
 Princess-Flora's icon
Princess-Flora's icon
hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I finally got it. Here's the FOTCOTM Interview with Princess-Flora, the biggest Flora fan:

1. Congratulations for winning FOTCOTM! How do anda feel?
I feel really happy about this and shocked
2. What is your favorit thing about Flora?
I really cinta that Flora is always willing to help those in need, and cares for her friends. I find that putting others before yourself is a very admirable trait in people.
3. Is there anything anda dislike about Flora? If so, then what is it?
I guess it would be since Nick took over they make her say “don’t hurt the plants”...
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Author's Note: will be in Flora's p.o.v unless otherwise stated.

I looked out my takhta room mirror that overlooked the East side of Linphea that has now blossomed again after the curse was removed. As I watched, something didn’t feel right, so as I pressed my hand against the glass and it was freezing. I called for the captain of the guards, and he came quickly. He berkata what is it your highness? I placed his hand on the glass before saying do anda know why the temperature has dropped here on Linphea in June? He berkata no your majesty I do not. I nodded and berkata then could do me the favor of...
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 "It takes a strong jantung to cry, but a stronger one to say why."
"It takes a strong heart to cry, but a stronger one to say why."
The snow danced it's way down the windowpane, reminding the fairy of musik that natal was just around the corner. The night was silent, but not the sweet, sleep lulling kind like in the carols she loved to hum to herself. It was a rather sad silence, a lonely one. Her dad was currently taking a trip to the store, for there was no hot coco mix left and the man really wanted his coco. Musa couldn't deny that it made her laugh, but it also tugged at her jantung in explainable ways. Her father's silly goof-ups reminded Musa of her mother. She knew her dad did his best to provide for them and...
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posted by 101musastella
AN: My detik song-fic right after the song “The Way” oleh Ariana Grande. I keep wondering to myself why I haven't done this three weeks ago, and save this as a draft for two weeks..right after I watched “Frozen” I just have to do this :P! Idina Menzel's “Let It Go”.

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen.

Layla was resting herself on the mountain. It was snowing cold, and Layla was crying. oleh that day, it has been three years since Nabu died. She knew she couldn’t...
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Author's Note: hey readers! So sorry that this had to come out so late. anda might have forgotten about this story but hehe—don't. I plan on finishing it, and even though I haven't updated this in forever, seeing "Thor 2" really inspired me to finish this up. So without further ado, here's chapter three.

"I still don't understand how you...four are going to help us fight those monsters out there. I mean, I don't want to be rude atau anything, but you're non-magical folks and don't have powers." Stella whines, causing Stark...
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posted by maxsteel
hey i have taken the idea of interview from dragonwinxbloom so i am taking one with famous shine stella

me; tell us about your family
stella; please dont ask about them anda all know when i wished my sirinix wish to get them along but still there are some problem
me; tell us about your best friend ?
stela ; well my best friend is bloom anda all know she is sweet but she really need to get her mind off sky and need to focus on her looks
me ; ohhh lets hear about your fashion magizine anda started
stella; oh about that i issue my lattest disngne every one is loving it
me ; what anda feel about techna
stella ; techna to technical cant say lebih
me ; tell about brandon
stella ; he is sweetest person i know i like him
me ; thank anda for your time
stella ; its ok and maxsteel anda dont own winx club
me ; i know

-----------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE komentar AND I DONT OWN IDEA I TOOK HELP FROM MY COUSIN DRAGONWINXBLOOM
I would have diposting my drawing of Bloom much earlier but I'm scared that someone might steal my drawing. Therefore I ask anda to please not take credit for my drawing. I've taken over an jam on it so I hope anda like it :) please excuse the left eye, I couldn't get it right :)

 My drawing of Bloom
My drawing of Bloom

I promise this hasn't been traced. If anda don't believe me I can post evidence :p

Here's a little story for anda guys, :) well...
I could never draw, my drawings always sucked, I am a person who needs every last detail to perfection. So when this drawing came out I was seriously ecstatic. I then tried doing the others and failed at every single one. I then tried the one with Bloom and Stella, also failing, I now just stick to other things :) I am, however, in complete awe that I was able to accomplish it. I may go back to it, maybe :)

I hope anda liked it :) shout out to FloraorStella who specifically wanted me to post it ;) :) thanks.
Hello I'm the Winx-Critic. I remember it so anda don't have to! So here is part two of the girls mission to Andros in their Harmonix. Let's hope that it turns out to be actually decent and not complete crap.

The episode starts with us going back to Andros to see that the big scary thing in front of Layla, Stella and Bloom was just the guardian of the Andros gate, Lemmy. She and Layla bond, Lemmy's powers then being restored because of this. Confused as to why they would be gone in the first place, Layla asks what happened to her powers; Lemmy explaining that Tritannus took them.

Back at Alfea,...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic. I remember it so anda don't have to! So, apparently, this episode was viewed as the "first" episode that aired of the supposed fifth season...and it shows. This story has nothing to do with the secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan plot of the actual season and is just a waste of time and money. It has nothing to do with Tritannus; Sirenix; The Trix attacking's just about some dumb flower. Now, I don't even understand how Nick can screw up their airing schedules so bad. When they released this episode, everyone thought it was the first but then they quickly released "The Spill" as the...
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posted by florasedge31
*Pictures will be at the bottom so don't worry*
~The selanjutnya hari May 1st, 5:30 p.m~
"Ok winx let's go get our shoes." Musa reminded.
The winx headed out to the the magix shoe store.

~Meanwhile with the trix~
" we rally have to wear dresses Icy?" Stormy complained while picking at a light berwarna merah muda, merah muda dress.
"Yes if we're going to capture the winx we need to blend in." Icy snapped.
"Or would anda rather get caught right off the bat?" Icy put in.
"No.." Stormy growled.
"Ladies I think I found the perfect dress for each one of us." Darcy yelled across the store.
Icy and Stormy walked over and saw the dresses...
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