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posted by Princess-Flora
so this is an artikel I've been wanting to write for a long time, and with the tournament theme being strongest I thought it would be the perfect time for it. IN a nutshell I will do how the tampil portrays the power and rank them from weakest to strongest versus in reality weakest to strongest. Remember this my own opinion not the ranking listed on Wiki

Now I know the tampil ranks them Bloom, Flora, Stella, Layla, Musa, Tecna. However based on what I've seen I have a different list, so here it is. Note I'm not hating on the characters at all this is my personal opinion

6. Flowers/Nature (Flora's)...
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posted by Princess-Flora

No p.o.v
It was almost winter because all of Magix had been covered in an unexpected layer of ice, and all of the realm’s nature was slowly wilting as the ice froze off any life source. It had been weeks since Helia saw her, and at this point he was starting to believe that she was a person created oleh his own imagination; however, he thought this sounded crazy yet he learned to expect the unknown. For Stella she left her window upstairs open while she sat there waiting for a visit, but nothing happened at the days passed by. Now for the others the unknown became all they ever known because...
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This story is coming to a close, so that means Betrayal and Change will be back after just spending time brainstorming what I could do with them.

Chapter Twenty One

Flora’s p.o.v
At this point, I was weak but I would never surrender to them. I decided it was time to attack directly and not defensively anymore. I summoned all of the power I had left in me and sent it over to shadowy figure, and on contact a great beam of light burst before leaving the shadow in ashes and so did the minions including Eric. I felt relieved, but just so weak as I untransformed. I fell to my knees but I caught...
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"Go ahead." Icy prompted, allowing time for the girls to lie the bodies carefully on the ground.

Bloom was the first to take her shovel to the ground. She let the shovel slide into the soil and resurface. The ground was surprisingly soft and easy to maneuver.

"I could use a hand guys." Bloom requested.

The girls did nothing at all, they simply stared as she continued the laborious task.

"Alright, fine I'll do it myself." Bloom huffed between shovel fulls of dirt.

As the fairy shoveled away, Ibinu only seem to grow lebih and lebih restless. The air seemed to thicken with every time the shovel slipped...
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Dedicated to rlanaabuawad (don't know if this person is still active though), a Flora and Anagan fan fiction based off of Carrie Underwood's Just A Dream and Bruno Mars' Just the Way anda Are , link and link hope anda like it

Flora ran into the forest to escape from the life she was leaving behind. She thought it had beenjust a dream but it was her life. Helia had left her all alone after his death. The Winx blamed her for being too soft and it was her fault they lost a battle. That had hit a soft spot because it was the same battle she lost her cinta in. She didn’t know what to do except run...
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posted by nmdis
How to make Winx icon
Hello everyone, many people have asked me how do I make those types (which anda can see in this article) of icons. And I try to tell them but couldn’t explain it at that time. And that’s why I thought that I should write an artikel about it, I wish it’ll help anda all to enhance your ability. This is not just a single article. I will upload the detik part too. In first part I will tell anda basic and simple steps from which anda can improve your icon (By using Photoshop and detik oleh using any online editing website) . I decided to do this as when I was uploading...
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posted by nmdis
How to make Winx icon
Hello everyone, many people have asked me how do I make those types (which anda can see in this article) of icons. And I try to tell them but couldn’t explain it at that time. And that’s why I thought that I should write an artikel about it, I wish it’ll help anda all to enhance your ability. This is not just a single article. I will upload the detik part too. In first part I will tell anda basic and simple steps from which anda can improve your icon (By using Photoshop and detik oleh using any online editing website) . I decided to do this as when I was uploading...
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posted by Princess-Flora
For Meeka . A Bloom and Ogron fan fiction based off Ellie Goulding's Burn and here's linkenjoy

Bloom sat in her room. It was a hot July hari and all she could think of was hot the sun burned on her skin every time she step outside; however, she didn’t mind it since it remind her of that day.
It was last August, she and Sky had just broken up after a huge fight. She was mad and heated. She had gone into the forest to escape to a hidden lake in a cave like she did when she was younger before she left for Alfea. When she got there, she froze as she was greeted oleh Ogron. She was ready to fight,...
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[Author's note] there will be swearing in this and a tint of blood and violence, just letting anda all know now.

Icy, leader of the Trix led the way into a dark room. A male voice berkata "about time anda showed up." Stormy was about to make a reply but Darcy stopped her. Darcy replied "sorry to keep anda and Lust waiting, we had some things to do." Lust asked "did anda find Fullmetal?" Icy shook her head and replied "no, but don't worry. We will find him." Envy berkata "but don't kill him he's an important sacrifice." Darcy rolled her eyes and berkata "we need to make a deal." Lust nodded and replied "we will help anda destroy the Winx once and for all, but anda can't let them help the brat find The Philosopher's Stone." The Trix nodded and Icy berkata "Don't worry we help you." Icy shook Lust's hand and the deal was made.

[Chapter one will be longer than this]
posted by Princess-Flora
here's the song: link
and what is is the lyrics atau reference to the lyrics
We were all on the ship in the middle ocean then out of nowhere the ship membagi, split into pieces in an explosion. Once the water calmed down and I could see again. I saw wood scattered all over the surface and I couldn’t see any of my friends I was panicking. After I calmed myself down I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye, it was one of my friends. I swam quickly to her aid because with such rough waves it was easy to tell she would drown soon in her own tears...
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 Kadaj berkata "and maybe not"
Kadaj said "and maybe not"
[Author's Note- Forgot to mention that there will be swearing in this, should have berkata that in the last chapter]

As awan drove on, he wasn't aware of the presences Bloom felt. Nearby three silver haired men arrived their names were Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz. Each of them represented Sephiroth because they were remnants. The long haired one Yazoo berkata "Hey Kadaj, is that where Big Brother lives?" Kadaj replied "yeah" Yazoo asked "do anda think he will be glad to see us?" Kadaj answered "not a chance" Loz smirked "don't cry Yazoo." Yazoo berkata "but Mothers with him." Kadaj berkata "and maybe not."
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To all those people who wanted me to continue :) So, here's Chapter Three!

Ms. Faragonda: Flora, are anda allright?
Flora: Yeah... No...
Ms. Griselda: What's wrong with you? What's in that letter?
Flora: It... It says.... (sighs) My parents aren't my parents....
Ms. Faragonda: But... But that's terrible my dear! I think anda might need your friends now. Go ahead and go to them. They might be worrying right now.
Flora goes to the rooms, where Layla/Aisha already woke up the others because it took Flora so long to get some water.
Layla/Aisha: Flora, there anda are!
Stella (yawns): See, she's back. Can...
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posted by jinxclubcreator
hi guys this is jinx_club123's cousin,she moved to another city and she berkata to me " Delia, i will leave my laptop to you, i want anda to continue my fanfiction. so i did that, so here's my continuation of it...................
Bloom: Winx, Sirenix!!!!
Flora ( in Sirenix ): Petal Hurricane
Musa faints because of Flora's power.
Techna: Musa!!!!
Bloom: Stop it Flora,this is too much now!!!
Flora: bunga of Sirenix.
Bloom Faints.....
Flora: hahahaha ( teleporting back )
at Ardin's lair........
Ardin: Good, Flora, Good, anda are starting to take revenge and start of are ruling, hahaahaha.
At Alfea.....
Layla: girls, can anda believe it, Flora is turned evil and she thinks we abandoned her.
Roxy: it's all because of Ardin.
Bloom: Let's ask Ms. F tommorrow.
To be continued..........
posted by musa123s
Sorry I haven't been menulis for 2 months. Everyone was in the movie theater watching the movie. The guys kept watching till the last part but the girls kept hiding especially tenca even Timmy kept laughing when she kept hiding. After the movie was finish the guys took the girls for ice cream. Layla - omg I think I won't be able to sleep tonight. Riven- um anda guys did musa came in the movie theater cause I didn't see her . Bloom - I thought she was with u after she. Finish calling Stella . Riven- the kursi were full where we were seating. Tenca - maybe she went to cari for Stella. Brandon...
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posted by LilyBeanie04
bloom: i'm sorry about what happened with helia yesterday.
flora: sniff, i know, but that's my problem.bloom, do anda ever get the feeling someone its taking your boyfriend
bloom: yeah.
suddenly,the door was aisha.
aisha: i heard flora crying, flora anda ok??
flora:yeah, i'm just sad about what happen with helia.

later outside of alfea.

Krystal: so what's the plan?
icy:we are going to capture flora
Krystal: sounds great!!!!!!
icy: we will have to do it at night.

that night

flora: i hear something.
she went out of the room to look around alfea.
suddenly,somebody grabbed flora oleh the arms.
she was dragged to a portal.
suddenly, she vanished.

to be continued...
posted by MissAngelPaws
Sorry, I almost forgot about this story! I'm going to continue it. For those of anda who haven't read the first two parts, anda can read link and link

~The selanjutnya morning, the Winx were eating breakfast~

Stella: So how was yesterday?
Layla: Huh?
Stella: Did anda enjoy your time with Roy?
Layla: Yeah.
Musa: Well that's great because today we were going to the pantai and Roy was going to be there too so we were wondering if anda wanted to come with us.
Layla: Sure.
Bloom: Really? I thought anda hated Roy.
Layla: I never berkata I hated him. He's actually really nice.
Tecna: So are anda coming with us?
Layla: Sure!
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posted by florasedge31
The group, minus Flora, came up with a plan to trick Darkar. Now all they had to do was get Flora and open the door of Melody for Darkar. The group went on their way back to shadow haunt where they had assumed Flora was. BTW the winx aren't in their sirenix anymore. What they're wearing is at the bottom.

He tied Flora to a chair and waited until she woke up, which was about 5 minutes.
Flora was very groggy.
"Your up about time. Do anda mind helping me get that fairy to open the door of Melody?" Darkar asked. Flora was about to say something but Darkar interrupted.
"Of course anda don't!"...
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posted by florasedge31
Darkar was about to yell at Musa but he let her go and took off the bebek tape.
"One lebih time will anda open the door of Melody atau not?" Darkar saud while walking over to Bloom slowly.
"No I'll never open the door of Melody for you." Musa stated even though she knew what her consequence was gonna be.
"Alright." Darkar said. He grabbed Bloom oleh the hair and stood her up on her feet. He backed up. He made a black sphere in his hand and threw it at Bloom. Bloom feet started sinking in the floor. She sank until only her upper body was above the ground.
"Not cool!" Musa yelled and threw magic at Darkar....
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posted by florasedge31
"BLOOM, FLORA!!" The winx yelled.
Stella flew closer to the monster.
"LET MY friends GO!!" Stella yelled while making 2 spheres in both her hands.
"STELLA DON'T THROW IT AT THE MONSTER!" Tecna yelled. But she was too late Stella threw the spheres at the monster. The monster wasn't affected. It actually laughed.
"What the?" Stella berkata to herself.
The monster stopped laughing and opened it's mouth. He lifted the arms that it had Bloom and Flora in and he threw them it it's mouth.
"NOOO!" The winx yelled.
"Stella that's why I berkata don't hit the monster!" Tecna yelled.
"Well I didn't here you!" Stella...
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Flora sat inside the small, humble house of the girl called Tatalena. She found it a pleasant place. It had wooden planks on the floor and a small kitchen, a living room, a couple of bedrooms, one small bathroom, and a little sunroom up front. But what she liked the most was that pots of colorful Irisian bunga bloomed on every windowsill, and silverbell bunga covered the entire rooftop.
"Thanks again for letting us stay here," Helia berkata to Tatalena's mother, who was called Lemsey. "But we must leave as soon as possible."
Lemsey had dark hair like her daughter and eyes that held a motherly...
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