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Ok, so I'm going to write Into the Wild, following the same story but different... So this is the prologue.

As a young tortoiseshell she-cat stalked meaningfully across the clearing, she dodged two young, tabby kits that were play-fighting carelessly. Their mother, a beautiful, white she-cat rushed up, herding her kits back towards the nursery.
“Sorry, Spottedleaf,” she stammered apologetically.
Spottedleaf stopped for a moment and looked back kindly at the queen. “It’s OK, really. They need their practice, after all. A Clan wouldn’t exist without its kits.”
“Yes, but kits need to...
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Chapter 5

“You are in a coma until the selanjutnya gathering.” Meowed hazel. Sun dew was shaking in shock and fury. “Why would mist strike do this!? I thought she was loyal!” Spat sun dew. Antler dusk began to open his droopy eyes as well and saw sun dew pacing. “Star Clan!?” “Yes this is bintang Clan,” meowed sun dew. “But we aren’t dead. We are in a coma.” Antler dusks eyes were very wide. He looked down and sighed. “H..how did this happen?” He questioned. “We were poisoned, there must’ve been something hidden in those mice.” He growled. Antler dusk jumped up and spectated...
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Chapter 2.

“Today there will be two new apprentices! Mist kit, and Sun kit! Step meneruskan, ke depan please.” Sun kit kept his excitement deep down and knew he would be a true warrior quicker if he was. He trotted infront of rubah, fox Star, but mist kit bounced around in circled before she arrived. “Sun kit, from this hari forward, anda will be known as Sun Paw. White Path will mentor you.” Sun paw smiled, he padded over to the deputy and greeting him. He then sat oleh him with their tails curled together. He then noticed the jealousy in mist paws eyes when she received her mentor.
“Meeting dismissed”...
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