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I never thought that I would have kits so soon after my warrior ceremony. Especialy with Tigerheart. My jantung has been always looking up onto Bumblestripe since I left Tigerheart. But I had never realized that I had stayed with Tigerheart for too long. His face always popped up into my mind.

It was the time where Dawnpelt gave her thoughts about Jayfeather, accusing accusing him of murder. This made me lebih nervous then ever, and I couldn't possibly understand why Tigerheart agreeded whith her. Yes, they were littermates, but when Tigerheart had warned her about the threat before the Gathering,...
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Chapter 3.

Mist Paw felt upset. White path looked at her saying, “Begin!” Sun paw leapt Over To Adder Hills and caught a king cobra. He began to stalk a sleeping adder when he felt pinched in his left hind leg. He began to ignore it and he leapt onto the adder puncturing it with his teeth. Sun paw did not feel too good so he trotted to mouse valley before anything else could get him.

It was dawn and the apprentices were trotting over to their mentors. When sun paw noticed his sister, he saw she had only been able to catch a small finch. “Excellent sun paw!” Meowed gray whisker. White...
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Leader: rubah, fox bintang (Tom) Red Tabby
Deputy: White Path (Tom) Black cat with white paws
Warriors introduced in story!

Chapter 1

Sun kit squealed when he saw his sister, mist kit was biting his tail. His head raised from his toes and he bit her ear. “Ow! Hey!” Hissed mist kit. “Your biting my tail and it hurts lebih than a ripped off ear!” He snarled. The older kit got up and flung mist kit onto the high stump. “YOWWW!” Screamed mist kit. She stumbled to get up. She darted to the nursery with tears drooping from her eyes. Sun kit began to worry about the consequences. He was becoming a paw...
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