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I was bored earlier and made up this House MD personality quiz...not sure how good it is, but I hope anda enjoy it! (Answer key at bottom)

1. Your favorit type of patient is...
A: One that I don’t have to break bad news to.
B: One whose case lets me use my skills.
C: I don’t have to deal with patients, thank god.
D: One who won’t ask me too many pertanyaan about myself.
E: One who’s impressed oleh me.
F: One with some freakishly rare disease.
G: One that I can use the defibrillators on.
H: One that I can talk to.
I: One who won’t make fun of my height.

2. How many hair care products...
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House Season 1 Episode 20: cinta Hurts

Full Recap

At the clinic, an Asian boy, Harvey, is waiting to be treated while House is catching a game with a patient and discussing Cameron's return with Wilson . . . and the fact he has to take her on a date. When House comes out he (literally) runs into Harvey, who panics then has a stroke as House tries to apologize (to avoid a legal complaint).

Cameron shows up to the joy of her fellow doctors and is greeted with the new case. She immediately figures out he has a metal plate in his jaw from a prior injury, preventing a MRI. They come up with alternate...
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House Season 1 Episode 12: Sports Medicine

Full Recap

Baseball player Hank Wiggen is making an anti-drug commercial and notes he himself has taken drunks. But when Wiggen winds up for a pitch, his right arm snaps and he collapses in pain.

At the clinic, Hank is undergoing treatment and the diagnosis is osteopedy – thinness of the bones. Wilson can't figure it out and calls in House, since Hank's body won't withstand the treatment he needs to pitch.. Meanwhile Foreman is going to tempat tidur with Sharon, a pharmaceutical representative. When he arrives late (with a "my car broke down" excuse), in the...
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Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
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