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Here is Some Supernatural kutipan Not Any kutipan Only the Funniest xD
hope anda like

1-Dean:“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.”
2-Andrea To Dean:“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
3-Dean:“Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help yoga crap.”
4-Sam: "Why’d anda let me fall asleep?"
Dean: "Because I’m an awesome brother. So what did anda dream about?"
Sam: "Lollipops and permen canes."
5-Dean:"Your half-caf, double vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis."
6-Missouri to Dean:“Boy, anda put your...
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 An example of a black-eyed demon
An example of a black-eyed demon
This artikel is a guide for all young hunters who want to learn how to handle some of the world’s most dangerous supernatural creatures- the demons. Please take advantage of some of the tips and suggestions outlined in this text. It could save your life.*

First, the basics. How can anda recognize a demon? Demons can be recognized oleh looking at their eye color when they get angry. Most demons have black eyes and wreak havoc either for fun atau as part of the orders they receive from higher-ranking demons. Red-eyed crossroads demons make deals, giving people whatever they want in return for their...
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Sam Winchester, once the moral compass of Supernatural, has lost his way. He is lebih susceptible than ever to outside influences now, having lost his center; his brother. When Dean died, he lost his guide. Without Dean's direction, he gave way to his darker impulses. He cut himself off from Bobby, the one person who cared about him, and started down a path that he knew could lead him to ruin.
Sam has a greater tendency to be ruthless when left to his own devices(i.e. Mystery Spot, Bedtime Stories). Dean helps to keep him on track. Take Jus in Bello; Sam was definitely considering cutting...
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Let’s first set the background here Sam Winchester: tall, kind, caring, cute and very smart (did I miss anything? I think that about covers it). For this blog, I want to focus on Sam’s intelligence and how that carries out in his family life. Sam is very smart I mean he keep up his grade regardless of how much he moved around, he was in the mathletics, he went to Stanford, was good with Latin and research since he was a child. oleh any standard, anda would say Sam is lebih than just smart; Sam is gifted.
A parents dream come true right? The perfect child right? The one that won’t give him...
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1. Kripke’s original concept was a series which centered around a pair of reporters who travel across the country investigating urban legends for a newspaper column. In fact, the series wouldn’t have even been named supernatural – early drafts were written under the judul Unnatural.

2. In the original draft of the supernatural pilot, Kripke’s plan was for the brothers to find their dad dead on the ceiling – not their mom!

3. The truth is that Ackles initially auditioned for the role of Sam Winchester, not Dean! As it turns out, it wasn’t until Padalecki auditioned for the role of...
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100 In A 55 - Pop Evil (Dean)
Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy (Destiel)
We Don't Belong - Black Veil Brides (Team Free Will)
Wrong Side of Heaven - Fiver Finger Death meninju, pukulan (Sam)
Face Everything and Rise - Papa Roach
This Is the Time - Nothing lebih (Team Free Will)
Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (Dean)
Fight the Silence - For Today
Forever Til The End - Framing Hanley
Life Cycles - The Word Alive (Team Free Will)
Confession - Red (Sam)
Save Yourself - My Darkest Days (Destiel)
O God Save Us All - Disciple
Someday - Disciple (all of the sad scenes)
You and Not Me - Devour the hari (Sam...
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