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posted by IloveDxC
Total Drama Revenge of the Island is coming out in 2012. V. Soon. Some of the old contestants would make appearances (fingers crossed). See there is still hope, no point in giving up in the 1st place. Hopefully they might invite all the old contestants in the last episode.

They are also making a Season 5 which would have the old contestants and the new contestants. I don't know when that one is coming out, but I'm really happy that there is a chance DxC might be back together. Again.

It is berkata in a deleted video that Duncan + Courtney were kissing. But I missed it. This video was supposed 2 be in either season 4 atau 5. I'm not sure. But I'm very happy though.

Post your opinion in comments.
posted by crystalpotato
After my world got turned upside down Jason hitting me and Duncan being the good guy my mind kinda exploded. I been hanging around Duncan Alot mainly for protection and Duncan deserved to be with his babys mother. Unfourtunetly Jason dosen't know about that part. I'm starting to get a tummy. So I've been lying to Jason lebih freqeuntly saying I've been putting on weight and promisiesing him I'd get rid of it after atau before our wedding. That's when my baby was due.
Poor Duncan after I got married and left the series he might never see his baby again. Stupid T.V. i wish i didnt meet that wonderful...
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posted by reyfan01
Its been three years since total drama world tour.And where is Duncan?In an old apartment,in montreal.He still has green hair,but in scruffy streaks mixed with his black hair.His eyebrow ring is gone and his unibrow has been shaved to become two brows.Why?To change how he looks so the cops don't recognize him.

He sloppily enters his apartment room.Dirty yellow walls with the paint ripped out, a busted out 1990 tv set,a small gray dipan, sofa and old armrest chair he took from the junkyard, and the dapur whic h is basically one meja and chair with a ugly tile counter with empty cabinets and an...
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Its early in the morning at Camp Wawanakwa everyone is in their old caibns.IN the Killer bas, bass cabin,Courtney sneaks off for a quick mandi, shower before there's a line.Little did she know that her ex was up after doing his early push ups.He followed his ex until she closed the door behind to the washrooms.He didn't follow inside because well HE WANTED TO LIVE!

So he waited behind a semak, bush outside till she walked out.wHEN SHE CAME BACK she was in her sleepwear,but of course Duncan didn't mind.He walked behind her and tapped on her shoulder she jumped and slapped whoever touched her.When she looked to...
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