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posted by Courtneyfan6
(It all started after TD Series ended. Duncan and Courtney are back together. Now, Duncan is taking out Courtney to get some ice cream.)
Courtney: Thanks for taking me out, Duncan.
Duncan: Anything for you, ba... Courtney.
Courtney: But you're still not my type for this.
Duncan: Whatever.
(They entered the ice cream shop.)
Duncan: anda like ice cream, princess?
Courtney: Yeah, I like ice cream and stop calling me princess.
Duncan: Kay, I'll order your dessert, princess. (smirks at her)
Courtney: Ugh.
(Courtney was waiting for Duncan for 8 menit and she's getting irrated.)
Duncan: All ready....
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Courtney's POV

I was sitting in court. No sign of Duncan. I knew he'd never take this seriously.

Judge: well since the husband is not present Im assuming full custody of your soon to be new born child goes to the defendant. Do anda have the papers and the signature from your spouse.

Courtney: yes mam.

Judge: perfect, well if there are any objections to this divorce atau reasons for the defendant to deny claims to the divorce.
(I have no idea what that means I just made it up.) please speak now.

Duncan: OBJECTION. what ever that means.

Judge: would someone remove him!

Duncan: wait I have something...
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Bridgette walked up to Courtney

Bridgette: Come on court don't be a stick in the mud. Have a beer. Bridgette said.

Courtney: Look I anda know why I can't.

Well get this anda u can't get drunk off one beer. She noted

Courtney: Well I guess your right about that plus I have been craving one so bad today. Ok I'll have one.

Bridgette walked back over to Duncan.

Bridgette: So what did anda want me to give her one for.

Duncan: when we were still together I read her diary and it berkata when she gets super drunk she acts like a stripper. So if I could get her drunk I could get us back together and get a...
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After all the Montegues and Capulets had left to get cleaned up, DJ and Geoff had decided to go looking for Duncan, who had not shown up to the fight. Upon walking down an alleyway, they found Duncan breaking another innocent girls heart.

Girl:But why Dunky, why*sobbing*

Duncan:Because, I'm bored with you, I need to find another sweetheart to please me. It'd be best if anda just find another guy.

Girl:*runs away crying*

DJ:*walks up to Duncan with Geoff*Breaking another girls jantung the 5th time this week huh?

Duncan:Yeah, she was really starting to annoy me.

DJ:You know, anda really need to think...
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Courtney skipped into the schoolyard merrily. She loved school. Most pople she knew always hated school, but to her hateing school is like hateing your future.
Wel, then again, now thinging about it, when the future thing comes about, she could see why Duncan Caliver hated school.
Duncan andher had a hate, arch nemisis thing. But there were moments were it became "I'm so mad at anda that it makes me cinta anda at this moment", but those are rare. However, it seemed like Duncan wanted one of those today.

Duncan's P.O.V
Uniforms. Uh, I HATE uniforms. I have to wear a TIE to school, it's like school...
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posted by dxcprincess
Courtney pov
He laughed and shook his head.He had a really great smile...Wait!What am I thinking!?!

I couldn't help but smile back.

"So,Courtney.What made anda change your mind?"He asked with a giant smirk.

"Excuse me?"I berkata breaking away from my thoughts.

"You berkata anda wanted nothing to do with me.So what changed your mind?Was it my muscels?Was it my charming good looks?"He joked.

I rolled my eyes and blushed,as his grin grew bigger.Me and Duncan were actually getting along.Which makes it hard to belive those bad things about him are true.

"Duncan,are those rumors about anda true?"I asked.
"The rumors...
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posted by reyfan01
Its been three years since total drama world tour.And where is Duncan?In an old apartment,in montreal.He still has green hair,but in scruffy streaks mixed with his black hair.His eyebrow ring is gone and his unibrow has been shaved to become two brows.Why?To change how he looks so the cops don't recognize him.

He sloppily enters his apartment room.Dirty yellow walls with the paint ripped out, a busted out 1990 tv set,a small gray dipan, sofa and old armrest chair he took from the junkyard, and the dapur whic h is basically one meja and chair with a ugly tile counter with empty cabinets and an...
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[Okay I saw Megamind and thought of DXC.Weird right,but its true.If anda watched it anda know what I mean.]

Everyone is celebrating their last hari together beforethey go separate ways. tRENT AND gWEN Are talking oleh the pool and Duncan is sitting in a lawnchair with his arms crossed and with a puzzled look on his face. Geoff walks up to him.

"Dude what's the deal?You look all serious and stuff?"Geoff asked."i DON'T kNOW anymore.I mean Ya know that Caleb guy?"Duncna asked.

"Courtney's super boyfriend"Geoff said.Duncan looks annoyed."Yeah him,I can't stand him.And Courtney,I can't stop thinking about...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I stood there watching as they walked past me.She won.She always was a step ahead of me.I never stood a chance.They're alike.They're be together forever.

"Hey princess" he berkata as he kissed my cheek.

"what was that for?"

"Princess..you're my girlfriend.i'm going to ciuman you"


"Duncan i don't think anda understand..i broke up with you...it's over"

I started to walk away when he stopped in fornt of me.

"Princess...i don't think anda understand...i only kissed Gwen to.."

"I don't want to here it duncan"

Everyone started to walk in oleh us.Everyone stared.

"Princess..look..you have no idea why i kissed...
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posted by sugarsweet076
After the party i took princess home.

"Josh that was a great party but i didn't know any one there"

"You did"

"What do anda mean i used to know everyone at that party"

"..You were on...three tv seires..total drama island action and world tour..........."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"princess look i have to go"

"Ok..give me a hug!"

I gave her a hug.Then got in my car.

"You lost anda perfect girl i wonder why diuncan" harold berkata as he walked way.

I got up and grabbed him oleh his collar.

"Don't anda dear get in my life with princess...or gwen because i have regets..i mean i donb't have any regets...
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posted by sugarsweet076
In the morning i got up and got dressed.When Gwen come over.

"Hey Gwen"

"What's wrong?"

"nothing i just got to see princess and she doesn't even rememebr me."

"..Do anda want me to come with you?"

"Do anda want to?"


"fine lets go"

no body was there.

"Hey courtney how have anda been?"

"Who is this Josh"

"Gwen started to look around.

"Josh..wjo is that?"

"Josh anda know him...the dude with the green mohawk..duh"

Gwen pulled me out of the room.

"JOSH! she lied to her..."

"Gwen anda don't understand..the doctor berkata not to bring up bad things..and anda merory will come back slowly..and i don't want her to freak...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN: Sorry I haven't updated, went to my grandma and no computars. Anyway, this chapter hs Gwen bashing in it and it tampil Courtney's new persective on life, enjoy.

P.S. Courtney being blind is just to add a bit lebih drama and guitl on Duncan's part.

Duncan couldn't believe his eyes, Courtney, his ex girlfriend who he cheated on with Gwen and the cinta of his life, is blind.

"Hello everyone, anda probably want to know how this happened right. It happened 3 days after I was voted off. I was driving home, suddenly this storms comes in. I trying to watch where I'm going when suddenly there is this crash...
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posted by Depressed671
This takes place after the wedding challenge, Duncan and Courtney are in first class...
Duncan's POV:
I sat in my seat, awkwardly, nervously and for some reason guilty... Courtney was sitting in the kursi across from me, staring out the airplane window, akting as if I wasn't there, but at the same time, on the verge of tears... Her eyes were shining, not just with tears about to burst out, but to me, her eyes were always shining... Yes, I still loved her, I mean like, oh, Dammit, who am I trying to fool? Of COURSE I still loved her, I ALWAYS did,...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Courtney's place:
Courtney:i dont feel so well i think ill call in sick today.
*picks up phone and dials number*
Melissa:Hello this is Melissa speaking
Courtney:Hey Melissa its Courtney i dont feel good can anda tell that to the boss
Melissa:sure feel better
Courtney:Ok thanks*hangs up phone* Hmmm *gets up and walks to the bathroom* wow my face is lebih puffy than ever. hmm *sniffels* I just couldnt face Duncan yesterday! how did he find me? Ugh! *starts crying again*

Duncan's place:
Duncan:Why did she run? i cinta her *walks to computer types:total drama island: Courtney*
Computer:Total Drama's Courtney:...
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i dont own tdi/tda atau tdwt

right after the fight Courtney ran into Duncans car. then Duncan ran after her and went in to the car too.

so what did anda mean oleh not comming back asked Duncan

im not comming back if i cant be with anda berkata Courtney

really berkata Duncan

yeah Duncan anda mean lebih to me then anything. i cinta anda berkata Courtney berkata blushing and looking down

Duncan took her chin in his hand. i cinta anda too he berkata with a smile on his face.

she smiled at him

do anda have anywhere to stay he asked

no she berkata and looked away from Duncan.

do anda want to stay with me he berkata looking her right in the...
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"She did?"Asked the blond surfer girl, as she took another sip of her coffee.

After the devastating discovery, Courtney's mother and the man had left. She let Duncan out of the closet, and decided to let him stay a couple of hours before leaving. She would have already expected Duncan telling his big mouth about her and Duncan's short make-out session. The just couldn't keep his mouth close.

Courtney sighed and didn't look up. Just sat and look at her coffee that didn't even move."Yeah....."She stopped and looked up at her shocked best friend."....I just can't believe she would do this to my...
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posted by 232dxc
Courtneys pov.

So I was walking down the halls of school,I wasen't talking have not been talking ever scens I found out about Duncan I'v just been...speachless.I walked to my locker and I did not see Bridgette so I geuss she ethier has not been to her locker atau has already been to her locker. I open my locker and grapes my english book and closed my locker and left for class.I saw Gwen and Bridgette sitting in class across from each other talking about something I sat down in front of Gwen and selanjutnya to Bridgette.they both trun to me and smiled,I looked and them confused and said,"what".
"we heard...
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posted by 232dxc
My pov.
IMPORTAN! READ: ok this chapter has another smut but this one has lebih in it so I will warn anda when it is here and that's what I will be doing for now on, I won't tell in the begaining I will tell u in the middel of the story when it's there anda HAVA BEEN WARNED!!

Courtneys pov.

I laid there in my tempat tidur thinking of what i should with Duncan,I looked at my clock and it berkata '3:26'am "damn I need to get to sleep"i mumbled getting comfortabel.I was flattering my eyes close almost falling asleep,til i got that feel of someone whatching me, I prop my self up on my tempat tidur to see a black figer,I...
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Duncan's P.O.V
I can't believe I, Duncan Caliver, to tanggal Courtney. I'm Really exited.
No one's P.O.V
"DUNCAN" His father shouted,"where do anda think your going?" Duncan knew his parents wouldn't let him go if he told the truth. "To see a friend, I'm going to a party." Then Duncan mumbled, Stupid uptight brat won't bring Alcohol" He made sure it was just loud enough for his dad to hear. "Fine, but be back oleh 10, Got it?" "Whatever" Duncan berkata nonchalantly.

Court's P.O.V
UH, why am i fussing over my hair and outfit? ITS DUNCAN! When i told my parents I was going on a tanggal they were lebih than happy...
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We got off the plane, and we all stood and waited for Chris to meet us here. He arrived in a monkey suit/Tux. He spun around and stopped on his heels, and smirked at us evily."So now that anda all have choosen your dancers and your singers, anda will now be performing for me. The two will have to waltz and sing at the same time."

I gasped, and groaned."What! anda never berkata that!"I yelled ay him.

He just stood there will annoying glance."I know, I twisted it so that it would be harder."He exclaimed.

I scold at him, as I walked back to my team, and sat down on the naked ground. I waited until Chirs...
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