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Kevin: Duncan did anda get her to tell us were the diamond was?

Duncan: nope, I need lebih time.

Kevin: if we wait any longer the cops will find us. Just threaten to kill her.

Duncan: I did. But she's strong and for some reason I don't scare her.

Kevin: fine! We'll find some one else to tell us. Just kill her.

Duncan: I... I can't

Keivin: wait a minute. anda FOOL YOU'VE fallen in cinta with her!!!

Duncan: NO! Only a idiot would fall in cinta with a prisoner.

Kevin: then why won't anda kill her?

hey I haven't been on fanpop for a while and I just wanted to write a new article. School starts in September so I Probley gonna be Alot before I start. Any way if your alittle confused I'll just tell anda the plot of the story

Courtney the princess of Elbracka knows were every diamond in the entire kingdom is. Includeing a very rare diamond that is hidden on her necklace. She lives a life of luxury until some criminals from across the world come to steal her diamond from her.
posted by crystalpotato
 Jason hit me
Jason hit me
I sat selanjutnya to Duncan on the hospital bed.
As much as I hate to admit it I loved him 

Courtney: I'm so sorry it's all my fault.

Duncan: it's ok ( cough cough) I deserve it.

I looked at him puzzeled then I frowned.

Duncan: didn't anda take a pregnancey test?

Oh no oh no oh no!!!

Courtney: Duncan I can't be pregnant. I'm getting Married!

Duncan: I know stop rubbing it in

Its been almost a tahun since duncans been jealous It was nice to know he kind of still cared.

Courtney: I have to get back to the kabin Jason's there.

Duncan: Jason Jason Jason that's all anda ever talk about.

I knew he wanted me...
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posted by crystalpotato
i was so frustrated with duncan i couldnt think strait. again i thought of the proposel i couldnt believe Jason wanted to marry me then a thought came into my haed what am i waiting around here for i should be telling bridgette what happened i picked up my phone and dialed her number.

courtney: hey bridge

bridgette: hey courtney whats up?

courtney: oh nothing except Jason asking me to marry him!!!

we both squeled like idiots for a couple seconds

brigdette: so what did anda say?

Courtney: i berkata i would think about it.

Bridgette: anda what?

courtney:i said....

bridgette: girl i know what anda berkata but...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
 What Courtney wants to do
What Courtney wants to do
When a Boy Meets a Girl Book:1
    “Gwen anda look amazing!” exclaimed Destiny my best friend she turned to me “Courtney what do anda think?” As much as I didn’t want to answer I did anyway “Great!” I tried to sound as enthusiastic, I continued to sewing Gwen’s dress.” Two lebih weeks till the wedding of Gwen and Duncan!!!” exclaimed LaShawna friend of Gwen and another person I could do without seeing it wasn’t what she berkata that really bothered me it was the way she berkata it that ticked me off. I sighed trying to concentrate on sewing for the millionth...
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the crowd goes nuts the tampil comes back on.coURTNEY IS BEHIND the screen on the stage anout to tampil the video she has.Gwen is in the front while DUncan is behind her.

"This was taken 9 weeks yang lalu at the local movie theater in Tronoto.So for those of anda who don't realize this she was cheating on him before he even came to New York!"Courtney says grinning evily.Gwen gulps and Duncan glares at Gwen burning a whole behind her head.

Teh vidoe comes up and Trent is tlaking with Gwen near the restrooms.You can understand what they're saying.

Trent says."Gwen this was really great seeing anda again,and...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I"m about 6 months pregnant.I'm fat.Our wedding hari is in 5 days.I hated i was going to be pregnant on my wedding hari but it was worth it.

"Duncan going over lindsay's"

"Hurry back babe!" he yelled from the back room.

"I won't" i berkata teasing him.

I drove to her house and opened the door to hear

"Welcome courtney tpo your bridal shower"

"Thanks guys!"

I hugged everyone there (Every gilr from tdi was there)

"Courtney i want to congrats anda on this amazing night.and i want this to be the baby's first PJ"

It was a kemeja that had Chris's face on it and under it,it berkata uncle chris.

"I cinta it Chris thank...
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posted by dxcfan
I woke up with a giant head-ache. My legs were shaking, my stomach rumbled, and everything felt weak. I felt a breeze between my legs. I than realized I had no clothes on!

I quickly grabbed the covers and covered my self. I looked to the left to and saw Duncan laying selanjutnya to me, and I screamed. He jumped and covered my mouth."Shh, princess, it's okay."

I hit his hand off my mouth and screamed,"WERE BOTH LAYING NUDE IN MY BED, anda CALL THAT OKAY!?"

He smirked."Yes."

I groaned and rubbed my head."Why is my head hurting so much?"I asked.

He got up and put his boxes on."Well, last night we both went...
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Three Months Later...

I sighed as I tried to pull my already short, kastanye, chestnut hair into a tight ponytail. It held… but just barely.

Frustrated, I left my hair in the lousy ponytail and went over to the kitchen. I stumbled and pushed around for something to eat when it suddenly hit me. When was I going to tell my parents about the baby?! Wait, that doesn’t exactly matter… The pertanyaan was how the hell I’m going to tell them.

I nervously walked over to the dipan, sofa and sat down selanjutnya to Duncan. He put an arm around my shoulder and wrapped his other arm around my stomach. It already supported...
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I woke up in tempat tidur and felt a cool cloth on my forehead. I gingerly lifted it off my face and greedily drank the cup of water that was beside my bed.

“Courtney, anda okay?”

I held my breath until I saw that it was Bridget walking through the door. I exhaled, and sat up.

“Is Duncan halaman awal yet?” I asked nervously.

She shook her head no. I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest.

“Bridgette, what am I going to do? How am I going to tell Duncan?”

She came and rubbed my shoulders as the waterworks came down.

“Courtney, Duncan’s not that heartless. Sure, he might be upset at first, but after he...
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This is my first story!! I hope anda like it!! Sorry It's short the selanjutnya one will be longer and better! In this story total drama island, action, and musical never happened.

Courtney's POV
Courtney was walking back from her part time job at Jamba Juice, it was getting dark out the sun had just begun to set. It was also get cold so she decided to take a short cut through the ally way. "There is nothing back here..There is nothing back here" she kept on whispering to herself. She kept on walking and she saw two guys.
One had brown hair, brown eyes, pale white skin was wearing black jeans and a black...
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posted by Firestar3440
TDWT fan Script
Remaining Contestants
Team CIRRRH (Chris is really really really hot)
Alejandro, Duncan, Owen
Team Amazon:
Courtney, Sierra, Heather, Cody
(This episode is set after Gwen and Duncan kissed, Courtney found out, and Gwen went home)
OK I know that this script is going to be BORING and KINKY but, HOPE anda ENJOY!!! :)
[P.S. G+D fans, DO NOT READ!!!
I AM A D+C fan!]

(Team CIRRRH in loser class)
Alejandro: ( In confession cam )
"Loser class again! I need to figure out a way to get winning again!......... Wait......Courtney...
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I wanted to say that everything spoken in the first person will be Duncan but only for this part of the story so any if's and i's will be dunacan. Sorry for the interruption. Enjoy!

Courtney walked into the room. I could tell she was disappointed with me. I'm such an idiot all I ever wanted was the best for her.

Courtney: Duncan! What Are anda Doing Here?! What happened?

I couldn't help but tear up a little the cinta of my life was in the middle of an important decision that I shouldn't get in the middle of I can't lie any lebih I'll tell her the truth.

Duncan: it started like this......

Jason was...
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