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As we left off Humphrey, Winston, Garth, Tony, Lucas, and Mark had arrived at Hunters original pack.

They walked up to the pack leaders ledge to find Hunter and what looked like his father to be laying down on the ledge. "Sir!" Says the tougher looking Alpha Elite. "Yes?" Asks Hunters father as he stands up.

"We found these one walking into our territory looking for him." Says the scrawny Elite pointing his paw at Hunter. "Humphrey?" Asks Hunter. "Yeah." Responds Humphrey. "What are anda doing here?" Asks Hunter suprised.

"Taking anda home." Says Humphrey. "No your not." Says Hunters father. "I am. anda can't stop me." Says Humphrey. "You wanna bet?" Asks Hunters father. Hunters father starts to growl at Humphrey.

Humphrey shows his fangs and starts to growl. "No. If he beats anda he owns you." Says Hunter. "He won't beat me." Says Humphrey. Hunters father then takes advantage of this moment and trys to attack Humphrey.

Humphrey swiftly dodges. Then counters Hunters fathers attack with a push to the ground. "Dad....Skar! Stop!" Yells Hunter. Hunter then jumps between Humphrey and Skar. "Hunter?" Asks Skar. "Just stop." Says Hunter.

Humphrey stops and calms down. Skar does the same. "What is the meaning of this?" Asks Skar to Hunter. "Well if anda would let me decide where I want to be we would be just fine." Says Hunter. "

I don't mean to intrude but even anda couldn't control his life. I let kate do as she wished. That is her mate anda were fighting just now." Says Winston. "So then. What is your decision?" Asks Skar. "I want to go back to Moone." Says Hunter.

"Very well." Says Skar. "But anda will allow us to continue our fight." Says Skar. "Don't worry. I'll be fine. Go ahead of me." Says Humphrey. Hunter looks at Humphrey then nods. "Lets go." Says Hunter.

They all leave. Humphrey continues his fight with Skar. Humphrey leaps up over an attacking Skar. "You are better then I thought." Says Skar. "I owe it all to Kate." Says Humphrey. Skar then leaps to behind Humphrey and holds him on the ground.

"Give up." Says Skar. "Nope." Says Humphrey as he rolls. He then kicks Skar in the stomach. "I don't go down that easy." Says Humphrey. Skar leaps at him recklessly. Humphrey moves to the side and kicks him.

Skar then lands on the edge of the alphas ledge. Skar is hanging oleh two paws. "Hang on!" Yells Humphrey towards Skar. Humphrey then goes to the ledge and tries to pull Skar up. But he couldn't alone.

(By the way there are small spikes under the ledge.)

Humphrey yells at the Elite Alphas to help him. They run over to him and start to help pull Skar up. They get him up but he is weakend from having to hang from the ledge. "I am in debt to you." Says Skar.

"I am not part of your pack. I will not become a slaver. I would prefer that anda all stop this slaving though." Says Humphrey. "You defeated the alpha leader. That would make anda leader." Says Skar. "I accept. But I will declare no lebih slaving. Also that these rules can not be undone oleh any other leaders. I now resign my position as alpha." Says Humphrey.

Skar looks at him then around. "I get my place as leader alpha back now?" Asks Skar. "Yes." Says Humphrey. "Thank you." Says Skar. Humphrey nods towards him then heads home. "Hope were still allies." Says Humphrey. "Yes." Says Skar.

Humphrey then starts to run but he suddenly falls. He got a hurt paw in the fight. "Ow! I think my paws broken atau spranged." Says Humphrey. Skar walks to him. "It is spranged. It should heal soon. A hari atau two." Says Skar.

"Ok. I could use some help getting back to my pack." Says Humphrey. Skar orders the Alpha Elites to help him. They grab a near oleh pohon branch that looks like a small sled. "We can carry him on this." Says The bigger Alpha Elite.

They pindah Humphrey on to the sled like branch. They then start to pull him to his pack. They make it to the middle of the forest to find Winston, Garth, and Lucas coming for him. They start to help pull him to the pack doubling there current speed.

One hari Later............

They all make it to the pack but the Alpha Elites leave at the edge of the woods. "I at least made slavery banned there for good." Says Humphrey. "Well it is intresting like that. I suppose they will learn to cope with it though." Says Winston.

They take Humphrey to his sarang, den and pull him oleh kate gets him off and removes the branch from the den. "Thanks guys." Says Humphrey. They nod and leave. Humphrey crawls oleh Kate and brushes up against her and falls asleep.

The selanjutnya Morning............

Kate awakens to find Humphrey lying in front of her brushed up against her. Kate smiles. "Humphrey." Says Kate gently. Humphrey wakes up. "Kate. I am glad to be back. Time to see if my paws healed." Responds Humphrey.

Humphrey stands up and tries to walk but he falls to his knee. "Nope. It hurts." Says Humphrey in pain. "Come. Lay down. It is a spranged paw. anda should be fine oleh tommorow as long as anda don't walk any where." Responds Kate.

"Ok. But how am I to have fun?" Asks Humphrey. "We'll find something Humphrey." Replied Kate. Kate then gave him a ciuman (Also known as a lick for wolves.) on his snout and left to go hunt for food.

Humphrey looked at the pups then closed his eyes. Mean while Kate is on a small prairie like area. She sees a small cairaibou and starts to stalk it. She gets close enough and jumps. She misses but quickly jumps again and lands on the cairaibou and takes it down.

Kate then starts to drag it back to her den. She is hoping that Humphrey is ok. Now while she is doing that Humphrey awakes to see the pups waking up. "Hey guys." Says Humphrey to Jake and Amber. "Dad!" Yells Jake and Amber.

They run over to Humphrey. Then Lucas walks in and walks over to Humphrey. "You alright? I mean from your paw?" Asks Lucas. "Yeah." Says Humphrey. Lucas then looks around. "Where's Kate?" Asks Lucas. "She's out hunting." Says Humphrey.

"Alright." Says Lucas. Lucas turns around and leaves. Shortly after Kate walks in with the cairaibou. The pups go and eat. Kate brings Humphrey his share of the food. "Thank you." Says Humphrey. "Your welcome." Says Kate.

Humphrey then eats and falls asleep shortly after. The pups go to Blaze's sarang, den to spend the night. Kate cuddles up against Humphrey and falls asleep. But before that they all say good night.

The End.............
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The screen starts at a cutscene.
showing the symbol of alpha's pack.
two serigala at sides a pisau in middle.
Col.humphrey:"there are.. there are eastern pack."
Gen.Winston:"dammit i told tony to not start a war.
Col.Kate:"But he Started."
cpl.john at radio:"WE ARE GETTIN- *STATIC*...EAVY ATTACK HERE NEED BACKU- *statics*
Gen.Winston:"CPL.JOHN. CPL.JOHN!!!"
col.kate:"he wont respond.
Gen.Winston:"Lets End With Theses ... Eastern Pack.....
camera tracks Sgt.Carlos and then blacks out. (didnt get destroyed just will start.)
Carlos start down on ground with blurring screen.
F.D.O.W = First hari On War....
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part3:the flood. while at headquarters sly and garth is on a cari and sly said:hey we will find them garth just need to find this map and we can find them!. garth:i hope we do. sly:just one sec i'm looking for them now". while in the woods kate and Lilly was walking around and all worried.kate:where are we?Lilly:i don't know where we are at!.Lilly looked confused and scared.*gunshots in the distance*sly:this is sly dog returning call over!. Garth:hey i found them sly!sly:good work garth anda found in the woods walking?we got get them out of there!Garth:ok lets go get them!. meanwhile in the...
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 Calla howling
Calla howling
    We set the three caribou down where everyone was hanging out, as usual. As the serigala started noticing, they came over to eat and I brought one caribou up to the den. Mom, Dad, and Liz were already waiting. "So I see your first hunt came out successful?" my dad asked. "Yeah. We caught three, so everyone's outside eating the other two," I boasted. "Wow, anda did pretty well. Good job, Cal," Liz said. I beamed.
    When I was finished, I went to go hang out with Amy, Keira, and Sam. We were gonna go hang out oleh the river and decide what we were gonna do with our hair at the Moonlight...
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I flipped off the cliff and headed towards the ducks.I looked backed to see Garth did the same but was on his stomach wincing I headed towards him instead.

"Are anda ok?"I asked softly.He was still wincing,I nuzzled his nose i looked if he was cut.

Garth:"Im fine."He berkata whispering.I felt so sad I helped him up and nuzzled under his snout.He rubbed my head with his snout and smiled at me.I rememberd Jasper Park and realized we werent close.

We headed over to the ducks,as they screamed I slapped the bald one.

"Would anda be quiet!"I yelled.

Winston:Sorry but dont anda eat meaT?

"Well yes...
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We went through the training rather quickly. After the training I decided to go for a walk. Ten menit into my walk I got jumped oleh three eastern pack wolves. I ran for the valley. As I made my way three other serigala joined in,I had just reached the edge of the valley when one of them sliced my right hind leg. Then I lost my temper. After the six serigala were dead,and I was massively bleeding,I limped over to Winston who was standing,shocked,outside his den,
"Can anda house me until I heal?"
"Yes-yes of coarse!"
I went in and laid down. I heard Winston say"Everyone! I want a meeting A.S.A.P.!" and after an jam Winston,Eve,and Kate came in,
"Welcome to the Alphas!"
"Wha-Oh,HA HA! Very funny! Now what was the meeting about?"
"I called a meeting and took a vote,based on the skill you've shown, if anda should become an Alpha. And everyone voted 'Yes'"
"Yes,Red,Really.Now where are your parents?"
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it was a beautiful hari in japer park and kate was getting ready for a moonlight howl with humphrey.

kate: humphrey, can u get the brush
humphrey: sure kate
humphrey got the brush and gave it to kate
humphrey: kate, i going to take a shower, k
kate: k humphrey
humphrey went to take a shower
kate: i cant wait, only 30 menit to go
kate then waited at her parents house till humphrey was there.

it was time, everyone was outside ready to howl, humphrey and kate were walking, then they saw garth and lilly.
lilly: u guys are ready
kate: yes we are
but they didnt no about the dangers tht were coming
they were ready, everyone was. they all started to howl, beautiful noise rang through all of jasper
but when they were about to finish, a big explosion came, everyone was scared
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