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Trent and his best friends IIsac and Stiles were at a garasi sale looking for something of interest. Stiles spotted something and berkata "Oh shit guys! The Legend of Zelda!". Sure they liked stuff like inFamous, Cod, etc, but nothing compared like The Legend of Zelda. "This one doesn't look familiar" berkata Trent. "Should we buy it?!" asked Stiles. Before they could open their mouth to speak he berkata "I'll go buy it!". "Damn he hasn't been this excited since Skyler sucked his dick for the first time " berkata IIsac. Stiles was wondering around when he saw a truck with the words 'The SCP Foundation'....
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"Hey Courtney, how are anda doing.!"said Bridgette, in a cheery manor.
"Oh, I'm doing alright Bridge."sighed Courtney."How about you?"
"A-o.k.."She said,"So, are anda hungry for some food?"
"No, not really Bridge."Courtney said,"And to be honest with you, I just wanted to take anda up on that offer and relax in your pool. I'm sure I'll try anda ikan salmon, salmon spread later."
"Oh, o.k. then,"said Bridgette,"so anda want to go swimming right now?"
"Well yeah,"said Courtney,"so why don't we go to your room. Change into our bikini's and go swimming."
"Cool!"said Bridgette, even though she forgot that Gwen was upstairs,...
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*midnight and everyone in Trent's house is sleeping*

Gwen:*holding a car kursi with Alex in it* *climbs on the roof of Trent's house* *taps on Trent's window*

Trent:*opens the window* *whispering* hey babe.*kisses her cheek*
Gwen:*whispering* Hey.
Trent:Is he asleep?
Gwen:yep...he's been cranky though.
Trent:*quietly laughs*
Gwen:Trent,'ve never held Alex..have you?
Trent:Um...well actually-
Gwen:It's okay,you can hold him.
Trent:*nervous* Gwen,I've never held a baby before.
Gwen:Don't anda have a baby brother?
Trent:I never hold him....
Gwen:Your scared?
Gwen:It's okay to be scared....*gives Alex to Trent*
Trent:*holding Alex*
Gwen:See? Your doing great.*kisses Trent*
Trent:Yeah I guess I am doing great-
Lilly:*opens Trent's door*
Trent:Awe man.
Lilly:Your in big trouble Trent.

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