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 Baby Alex
Baby Alex
Gwen-He looks lebih like anda pick.
Trent-How about....Alex?
Gwen-Thats a perfect name..
Trent-Gwen,how am I going to tell my parents!?!
Gwen-Just tell them the truth.I'm sure they'll understand.
Trent-Understand what!?!?!? They are strict!
Gwen-Really Trent.
Gwen-Trent are anda ok?
Trent-Why is life hard?
Gwen-How the hell should I know!?
Trent-*gets out his phone*
Gwen-You want me to call...
Trent-Will you?
Gwen-Fine.*starts to dial number*
Trent-I changed my mind!!!I'll call!
Gwen-I know you.You won't.
Trent-Man...*in his head:@#$%*&!!! I CAN'T DO IT!*
Gwen-Trent....I don't want to hurt your feelings anda know that right?
Trent-*sighs* Ya.
Gwen-ok.*to the phone* Hi Mrs.Schauffer? This is Gwen.

What will happen next???? Pleas coment to continue. =)
posted by tdiCat
teacher: Alright have great college education and the ungaduates come with me. Trent:*carries me and spins me around and kisses me in the forehead*. Gwen: Finally college!! Trent: come on let's go, wait a detik your wearing the gitar earrings!! Gwen: why wouldn't I I cinta them? Trent : I knew anda would. Gwen: let's go to our favorit place. Trent: anda mean the park? Gwen: exactly.* walks towards the motorcycle* what are anda waiting for, sexy? Trent: I'm just going to miss this place, alot.
Trent's POV
Alright we are at the park, I am going to take her for a ride to the pantai at night and finally...
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posted by ManoftheMoon
Trent and his best friends IIsac and Stiles were at a garasi sale looking for something of interest. Stiles spotted something and berkata "Oh shit guys! The Legend of Zelda!". Sure they liked stuff like inFamous, Cod, etc, but nothing compared like The Legend of Zelda. "This one doesn't look familiar" berkata Trent. "Should we buy it?!" asked Stiles. Before they could open their mouth to speak he berkata "I'll go buy it!". "Damn he hasn't been this excited since Skyler sucked his dick for the first time " berkata IIsac. Stiles was wondering around when he saw a truck with the words 'The SCP Foundation'....
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"Hey Courtney, how are anda doing.!"said Bridgette, in a cheery manor.
"Oh, I'm doing alright Bridge."sighed Courtney."How about you?"
"A-o.k.."She said,"So, are anda hungry for some food?"
"No, not really Bridge."Courtney said,"And to be honest with you, I just wanted to take anda up on that offer and relax in your pool. I'm sure I'll try anda ikan salmon, salmon spread later."
"Oh, o.k. then,"said Bridgette,"so anda want to go swimming right now?"
"Well yeah,"said Courtney,"so why don't we go to your room. Change into our bikini's and go swimming."
"Cool!"said Bridgette, even though she forgot that Gwen was upstairs,...
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*midnight and everyone in Trent's house is sleeping*

Gwen:*holding a car kursi with Alex in it* *climbs on the roof of Trent's house* *taps on Trent's window*

Trent:*opens the window* *whispering* hey babe.*kisses her cheek*
Gwen:*whispering* Hey.
Trent:Is he asleep?
Gwen:yep...he's been cranky though.
Trent:*quietly laughs*
Gwen:Trent,'ve never held Alex..have you?
Trent:Um...well actually-
Gwen:It's okay,you can hold him.
Trent:*nervous* Gwen,I've never held a baby before.
Gwen:Don't anda have a baby brother?
Trent:I never hold him....
Gwen:Your scared?
Gwen:It's okay to be scared....*gives Alex to Trent*
Trent:*holding Alex*
Gwen:See? Your doing great.*kisses Trent*
Trent:Yeah I guess I am doing great-
Lilly:*opens Trent's door*
Trent:Awe man.
Lilly:Your in big trouble Trent.

komentar 2 CONTINUE
Gwen's pov!
I woke up still in the corner with my eyes burning from tears. a loud roar echoed threw the hallway and everyone woke up and screamed. "quiet down!"Trent walked down the hallway. he opened my cage. "get up."he growled at me. i did as i was told. "lets go Gwen."Domovi stood at the entrance of the cage. "what do anda want?"i hissed. Malaysian walked up with a devil smile on her face holding a knife. i cowered back into the corner. "no! anything but her!"i put my arms around my stomach. Domovi snapped his fingers and two vampire walked into the cage and began dragging me out. "Trent,you...
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Gwen's pov!
I was walking down the isle with my long,beautiful white dress and bouquet of flowers. i was so happy to get married to Trent. he finally cared about me and Trenton and i really appreciate that. i looked on both sides of me,people were standing,watching me walk to the altar to get to Trent. almost all of them were crying,but all of them were smiling. i saw Bridgette,Owen,Leshawna,and Alejandro standing in the front row. why are they in the front row? because they helped to get me and Trent back together. Bridgette mouthed words to me,"i told you,love never fails." i laughed inside...
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trent gwen i need 2 talk 2 u
gwen yeah
trent gwen i'm sry i was being a jerk and i broke up with sabrina and i want 2 marry u again
gwen trent of corse i want 2 marry u
the prist do u trentin adams truner take gwen as anda beloved wife
trent i do
the prist do u gwen madison smith take trent as your beloved husbend
gwen i do
the pirst u may ciuman the brid
trent and gwen ciuman

courtney 's webcame duncan i miss u with all my hart i hope u retrun soon and p.s. trent and gwen got married and they were soposet 2 2 years ogo and i can't tell u all the detals cuz it is a very long story leterly bye duncan maww
Gwen's P.O.V.
I can't believe it, tell me it's not true? Duncan not only didn't consider calling me and telling me about how he found Trent's home. But he didn't even think about giving me the location of where he lives! Something is definitely wrong here and I want to know why? I want to know the truth right now! And if Duncan refuses to cooperate atau even change his wicked ways, then it's all over between the both of us. I don't need him if he's going to play me like that.

As Bridgette drove, Gwen gave directions to Duncan's house. It wasn't that difficult since he didn't live that far from...
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After Geoff took Harold home, he headed to Bridgette's house, to take her home. Bridgette, however, had a funny look in her eyes while Geoff was driving. Geoff began to notice it too.
"Bridgette, are anda alright?" he asked.
"Well yes, I suppose.,"she said."Why do anda ask?"
"Because you're akting funny. anda look like you've seen a ghost atau something."Geoff said,"Come on Bridgette, what's wrong?"
"Nothing Geoff, I'm alright."she said,"It's just that ummm.."
"Wait a minute,"he said, interrupting her,"did anda see something that happened over at Trent's house? That anda weren't supposed to see.?"
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Trent: babe anda feeling ok about the posioning your mom did
gwen: yea trent i kind of want to do some thing
trent: like what*they sitein their bed
trent: ok what do anda want to do
gwen:*takes off her and trent's shrit
trent: oh thats what anda want to do
(they do it)(they finsh)
gwen:that was fun
trent: yes it was
(they get dressed)
a few days later
trent: gwen whats wrongm anda look worried
gwen: i am worried
becuase my mom hated anda and we did it what is she going to do when she finds out
trent: i got a idea we don't tell her everything is going to be ok*kisses gwen*
gwen:*kises trent
*at the hospital*
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Gwen's pov!
I just got pregnant 4 weeks yang lalu and Trent is so excited. but,when his band mates berkata they had a world tour coming up the week after we found out he's been ignoring me and the baby and just focusing on his tour. today was the hari he leaves and he hasn't kissed me once. "Trent,you aren't paying any attention to me atau the baby."i said. "i`m sorry's just a big thing for me."he berkata as he packed his stuff. "sure it is."i rolled my eyes. he stopped packing and looked at me. "i`m serious,this is the biggest thing i ever had."he went back to his packing. "and what about being a...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
cris not so fast trent
trent who is that
gwen cris
ttrent ohh well
cris &punches trent*
trent u should never tanggal hrut my wife *punches cris*
trent *kills cris with a knif*
cris NO!!!!!!!!*dies*
gwen trent help
trent *cuts the wird off the boom*
gwen trent i'm so happy 2 c u
trent me 2 babe


Gwen:here's the plan i will fall asleep and pull that asshole out of hell and bring him in the real world and me and Trent will kick his ass. Trent:o-k? but how are anda gonna pull him out of a dream? Gwen:i grab him, anda wake me up? Trent:*sighs* fine. mom:excuse me, but my daughter is NOT gonna risk her live to bring a devil into the world with that slowing her down. *points to her stomach* Gwen:oh brother! mom:i am serious! what if- Trent:can we cut the chit-chat papa Trent wants to go halaman awal and sleep!mom:fine, just be careful! *they put Gwen on the couch* Trent:be brave,alright? Gwen:i will....
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Trent: gwen i have been feeling this for a long time i
Blamly: *interups trent* hey can i see you
trent: sure
blamly: gwen berkata haveing a relationship with anda screwed things up fr her
trent: *freezes up for 10 minuts( the walks out angerly
THE selanjutnya hari AT SCHOOL
gwen: trent why ave anda not spoken ti me at all today
trent: like anda don't know
gwen: can anda tell me whats wrong
trent: just leav me alone
gwen: brighette i don't know why hes ,ad at me
vrighette: i don't know anything anda done to him
james: wha the heck is trents deal
gwen: i gotta go...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
trent how am i soppset 2 find gwen i are ready miss her
t t trent where am trent where r u *hears a nose* HES NOT HERE U THING
gwen trent stop this is scareing me
cris stute up
gwen i'm calling trent 2 c were he is *calls trent * phone rings in her pocket* plz tell me thats a maroge
gwen *brut in to tears* trent
cris your not getting out of here ever *laughts*
gwen let me out atau i well call the pollice
cris i'm not scared of u gwen
gwen how do u know my name
cris cuz i'm cris muclane
gwen y r u kid napping me
cris cuz have lebih fan than me and i can't have someone poular than me
gwen ok what r u going 2 do 2 me
cris i will kill u stupide
gwen don't call me stupide
cros bite me
Gwen's pov!
The new season of Total drama has started...and i have come across a problem. i`m in cinta with two guys. a sweet musician and a delinquent punk. "ready for the season babe?"Duncan asked. "yeah..i guess."i looked over the edge of the perahu we were forced to get on to get to the island. "lighten up,i know one of us will win this season."he put his arms behind his neck and kicked his feet up on the railing. "i cant wait.."i blew the hair out of my face boringly. we all arrived on the island and Ben and Jerry were waiting for us on the dock. "welcome back campers,hope anda had a great...
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Trent's pov!
sup! me and Gwen are going to this spring break party at Courtney's and Duncan`s house. (and yes,this is Gwen and Trent married,and they had kids,you know if anda read) we dropped the kids of at their favorit uncle Jason,then its off to go to the party.
no one's pov!
Trent:excited for the party? Gwen:yeah,Duncan berkata he invited all of the TD contestants,even Chris and Chef. Trent:wow,sounds huge. Gwen:he also invited allot of other people,but i don't know their names. Trent:probably Geoff's idea. Gwen:yeah. *they arrive at the party* Trent:wow. *they both get out* Gwen:there's allot...
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posted by noahking
after total drama world tour. a few weeks later!
gwens pov.
gwen: hey its gwen. as anda know season 3 is know over, thank god. There is no lebih drama. and as anda all know duncan and i are still goin out. i hope we can be together forever. so i am now heading to my house from where i work. well i get halaman awal and i look for duncan, but i could not find him, then i heard noises upstaires so i head up stairs. when i get upstaires and open the door, i saw duncan and courtney making out. duncan saw me and berkata this. duncan: oh hey gwen soo listen up we are over so good bye now. i started to cry and ran...
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Trent's pov!
I yawned and sat up. i was pulled back immediately. what the? i saw that i was chained to the tempat tidur oleh my hands and feet and a bantal covered my groin. i moved around and i felt something medal near the pillow. i looked down and saw a key. i reached for it,but the chains were to strong. the maid walked in with new tempat tidur sheets. she screamed and dropped the sheets. "Madam,Madam,i know this looks terribly wrong but i am a professional. if anda just lift up this pillow,it will be the key to my freedom."i smiled. she obviously didn't like the idea. she screamed in terror and ran off. "oh...
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