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1:When Sweeney is giving a shave,burst in a yell 'Mr.Todd,I've seen Joanna and she berkata she'd run away with me!'

2:When walking past Sweeney say 'Hey,Skunk head!' See how he reacts

3:Ask Pirelli if anda can meet his boyfriend.

4:Take Mrs.Lovett's faviorate gin,empty it and refill it with water. See how long it takes her to figure it out.

5:Ask Sweeney how Lucy's doing.

6:Say to Mrs.Lovett that she makes the worst pies in London.

7:Ask Pirelli where he bought his mustash,and if anda could have one too.

8:Tell Johanna she has her mother's eyes.

9:Tell Judge Turpin that Johanna is pregnant and it's Anthony's....
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hey like dude I should probably not post this but y’know what I will anyway

read the facking title—
So uh yeah it’s saying I need lebih words so



the end.


we cinta Tobias here
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