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Green finch, and linnet bird,
Nightingale, blackbird,
How is it anda sing?
How can anda jubilate
sitting in cages
never taking wing?
Outside the sky waits
Just beyond the bars...
How can anda remain
staring at the rain
maddened oleh the stars?
How is it anda sing
How is it anda sing?
Green finch. and linnet bird,
nightingale, blackbird
How is it anda sing?
Whence comes this melody
constantly floating?
Is it rejoicing atau merely aloaming?
Are anda discussing?
atau fussing?
atau simply dreaming?
Are anda crowing?
Are anda screaming?
Ringdove and robinet
is it for wages?
bernyanyi to be sold?
Have anda decided it's safer in cages
bernyanyi when you're told?
My cage has many rooms
damask and dark...
Nothing there sings,
not even my lark.
Larks never will, anda know,
when they're captive.
Teach me to be more
Green Finch, and Linnet Bird,
nightingale, blackbird,
teach me how to sing.
If I cannot fly...
Let me sing.
posted by claire-aka-bob

There was a barber and his wife,
And he was beautiful
A proper artist with a knife,
But they transported him for life.
And he was beautiful...

(spoken) Barker, his name was. Benjamin Barker.
TODD: What was his crime?
LOVETT: Foolishness.

He had this wife, y'see,
Pretty little thing,
Silly little nit,
Had her chance for the moon on a string.
Poor thing.
Poor thing.
There were these two, y'see,
Wanted her like mad,
One of 'em a judge, t'other one his beadle!
Every hari they'd nudge and they'd wheedle!
But she wouldn't budge from her needle!
Too bad,
Pure thing.
So they merely shipped the poor blighter...
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Anthony brings Johanna to Sweeney’s to hide her while he goes to get them a coach.

Unable to locate Sweeney in his room, Toby offers to tampil them down to the Bakehouse, where he last saw Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett. They go down the stairs, just in time to see Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett preparing to dispose of the bodies of the beggar woman, Judge Turpin, and Beadle.

Trying to stop them from running to the law, Sweeney shoves Toby into a corner, where he crumples and doesn’t get up. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lovett has attacked the unsuspecting Anthony, and has her hands around his throat.

Johanna leaps...
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Woot johnny sings!!!
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