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The CW’s ‘Supernatural’ has spent six years defying audience expectations and gleefully leaving us on the edge of our seats with every season finale, but last season’s climactic close proved to be one of the most shocking yet.

Fan-favorite character Castiel (Misha Collins) pulled a dirty double menyeberang, salib in the last few episodes, revealing an unholy alliance with the demon Crowley for dominion over purgatory … and let’s just say that the finale didn’t leave Cas and the Winchesters on the best of terms.

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Haiti with Collins and his charity,...
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posted by HorrorFan101
Okay, so seeing as I did one for Sam, I thought I’d do one for Dean as well, seeing as he’s had some pretty weird experiences too. Dean’s been through a lot in his life, and mainly in the last six years. He’s had to face impossible choices, all the while trying to keep his family together. So it got me thinking to the experiences Dean has had, some unique to him and others not quite so unique, but still plain weird. Here we go:
1.    Dying. atau becoming a spirit. Again, and again, and again...: Well, this is the first thing that popped into my mind, and besides, Dean...
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I remember when I first started watching SPN...and I remember my reactions and thoughts, and some of my cousin's, as she watched some SPN episodes with me. So I will post them here because it's interesting...

THERE COULD BE SPOILERS, so if anda haven't seen SPN Season 1 and don't want some of the plot diberikan away, then don't read till you've seen season 1.

Of course, the first episode watched of SPN was the Pilot... I thought it was the best Pilot ever.
I knew from the detik I laid eyes on Sam and Dean, that I would watch SPN forever. If they weren't in the show, I wouldn't watch Supernatural....
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posted by tinkymel
Original Incidents:
Several people go missing in 1936. In 1982 eight people vanish and the authorities blame it on beruang attacks. Most recently two hikers went missing this past April and were never seen again. There is only one known survivor of these attacks, Mr. Shaw.

In 1959, a local boy survives a suspected grizzly attack in the Blackwater Ridge woods, in the lost Creek area. The attack claimed the lives of both of his parents. The Shaw family had been camping
in a kabin in the Blackwater Ridge area when the strange attack occurred. The small boy had been sleeping oleh the api place when...
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