ian somerhalder dan nina dobrev icon Contest [Round 34 Nian at the Ripple effect charity makan malam !!! ] <3

willow96 posted on Nov 27, 2010 at 12:45PM
For Nina and Ian fans!!! HI!!!
According to ;link
There should be an Ian and nina icon contest.

Each week I will give you a theme and you will have to make an icon semilar with the theme.Then I will make a pick with all the icons you have made.The winner wins 3 points,the second one 2 and the third 1 point.

1.You must MAKE an icon!
2You must put only ONE icon for each theme!
3.In the pick you mustn't vote for yourself!

1.At the teenage awards 2010 [Vampire_Orchid]
2.Kisses [_Chryso_]
3.Photoshoots [123Naki456]
4.Wearing hats [Willow96 + Vampire_Orchid]
5.Damon Elena [_Chryso_]
6.Laughing [123Naki456]
7.Vampire diaries behind the scenes [Vampire_Orchid]
8.Your favourite Nian and Ina icon [Vampire_Orchid]
9.Vampire diaries promos [_chryso_]
10.Fan Art [minimew037]
11.Being intereviewed [Willow96 + maryam1311 + Vampire_orchid + minimew037 + _chryso_]
12.Nina Photoshoots [Vampire_orchid]
13.Ian Photoshoots [Vampire_orchid]
14.Black and white [_chryso_]
15.Lyrics [katherine1731]
16.Ian and Nina at Coachella [123Naki456]
17.Ian and Nina with another Vd-actor/actress [shannon9396]
18.2x22 Delena scene [_chryso_]
19.Ian and Nina in Paris [_chryso_]
20.Ian and Nina picture in Frame [_chryso_]
21.Faceless [Ledger_m]
22.Ian and Nina at the MuchMusic video awards [Ledger_m]
23.Close up [Ledger_m]
24.Comoic con [minimew037]
25.TeenChoice Awards 2011 [Ledger_m]
26.Delena Season 3 [Joy3570]
27.Internet Slang [Joy3570]
28.Hanging out [_chryso_]
29.Split screen [willow96]
30.At Emmy's [Joy3570]
31.Delena Season 3 [_chryso_]
32.Eyesex (Also ,Delena) [Joy3570]
33.Nian at the Halloween [pick in progress]
34.Ripple effect charity dinner [open now]

_Chryso_ 52 points
Vampire_Orchid 31 points
Minimew037 24 points
Willow96 24 points
Joy3570 21 points
Shannon9396 20 points
Ledger_m 16 points
123Naki456 14 points
i_heart_tvd 10 points
maryam1311 9 points
katherine1731 6 points
shankii 3 points
teo_rockeritza 3 points
painlovefaith 2 points
el0508 4 points
chuckandblairr 1 point
STEFIdi 1 point

You can now post your icons here:

Have Fun!!!
Now Ian and Nina at the Ripple effect charity dinner icon!!! Willow96
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