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1. Gorgeous
2. Dangerous
3. Sexy
4. Bad-ass
5. Dashing
6. Funny
7. Romantic
8. Sarcastic
9. Stunning
10. Wicked
11. Adorable
12. Seductive
13. Mysterious
14. Smirky
15. Kissable
16. Witty
17. Alluring
18. Biteable
19. Dependable
20. Smokin
21. Loveable
22. Sexy Eyes
23. Smart
24. Manipulative
25. Awesome
26. Fierce
27. Hot
28. Smooth
29. Irresistible
30. Wild
31. Sensuous
32. Fearless
33. Headstrong
34. Delicious
35. Mischievious
36. Compelling
37. Lover
38. Hero
39. Obsession
40. Snarky
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Fair warring this artikel states FATCS that are REAL but people make excuse for it atau simply deny it, this the real Stefan Salvatore so brace yourselves.

So from S1 until S3 the writers and the fan have portrayed/ seen Stefan as the “good” brother as the “saint” the selfless brother and all that crap. But if anda really open your eyes for one detik of this picture perfect anda will see the truth. That Stefan from hari one LIED and kept secrets, hides his past and made his brother out to be the “big bad wolf” and him as the scared little boy who has done nothing wrong.

But facts proves...
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