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 Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Okay , so Damon . What makes him so amazing ?
It's not just his good looks , atau his snarky little komentar . It's Damon himself .

Damon has a lot of bad qualities , but he makes up for it oleh being so caring and amazing . I'm not trying to force my opnion on anyone , but I think Damon is probably the coolest and most amusing character on the Vampire Diaries .
He has a dark , sarcastic , very vampire side which attracts me and a lonley , very human side too . In the first few episodes , Damon seemed very cold and detached and basically quite nasty . But now , now Katherine has butted her nose...
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1. Gorgeous
2. Dangerous
3. Sexy
4. Bad-ass
5. Dashing
6. Funny
7. Romantic
8. Sarcastic
9. Stunning
10. Wicked
11. Adorable
12. Seductive
13. Mysterious
14. Smirky
15. Kissable
16. Witty
17. Alluring
18. Biteable
19. Dependable
20. Smokin
21. Loveable
22. Sexy Eyes
23. Smart
24. Manipulative
25. Awesome
26. Fierce
27. Hot
28. Smooth
29. Irresistible
30. Wild
31. Sensuous
32. Fearless
33. Headstrong
34. Delicious
35. Mischievious
36. Compelling
37. Lover
38. Hero
39. Obsession
40. Snarky
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damon salvatore
the vampire diaries
I know anda want me - Chuck bas, bass VS Damon Salvatore
damon salvatore
the vampire diaries
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